Pete Wilson is the founding and senior pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee, a committed church community that he and his wife, Brandi, planted in 2003. Over the course of 11 years, Cross Point has grown to reach more than 5,000 people each weekend through its five campuses located around the Nashville area, and online.

Let Hope In Ad

Ended a long day by talking to Christian retailers about #LetHopeIn at @MunceGroup‘s #CPEShow event.…

We’re having a blast at this game on this beautiful Nashvlle day!!!! Go Titans.

A Letter To Pastors

A couple years ago when I released Plan B one of the most rewarding things I did was partner with churches all over the country to help them use the … Read More

Defeat and Hypocrisy

I continue to be amazed at how it always seems that religion complicates what God has made simple. I was reading in Matthew and reminded at how often Jesus tried … Read More

Join us now for week 3 of our relationship series, #sabotage, followed by a live Q&A where I answer your questions.

So accept one another in the same way the Anointed has accepted you so that God will get the praise He is due. Romans 15:7

An Addictive Illusion

Over the past few years I’ve had numerous conversations with others on the topic of fear. It seems to me that the most common of all fears is the “fear … Read More

Liar, Liar, Mullet On Fire

I’m so excited to introduce you guys today to one of my favorite people in the world. Ketric Newell is the student pastor at our Cross Point Nashville campus and … Read More

9:00 and 5:30 are your best options to avoid traffic and find a parking spot. See you tomorrow!!

Thankful for all of you who came to @crosspoint_tv tonight. Service times tomorrow are 9, 10:30, and 5:30. (part 1 of 2)