Pete Wilson is the founding and senior pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee, a committed church community that he and his wife, Brandi, planted in 2003. As one of the fastest growing churches in America, Cross Point has grown to reach more than 7,000 people each weekend through its seven campuses located around the Nashville area, and online.

Up At Night On Sale

Odds against you? Good news: God is into the unexpected.

Perfect day for a little writing. #cold #fire #coffee

Does God Hate ALL The Same People You Do?

In Luke 18 Jesus tells the following parable. 9 To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everybody else, Jesus told this parable: 10″Two men … Read More

A Step Towards Influence

Remember when Jesus said… Matt 5:43-44 43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for … Read More

It’s always scary to expose yourself in a way where you could be hurt, but love is always worth the risk. #ScaryClose


Relationships take work. Can you name any other area of your life where you can neglect and see improvement?

Believer’s role in government and excelling in work and family- Latest Podcast

Hope you guys are having a great week. Got in Monday night from England and I’ve got some crazy jet lag going on right now. Flying out to Dallas this … Read More

Utter Abandonment

“The essence of spirituality is contained in this phrase: complete and utter abandonment to the will of God.” Jean-Pierre De Caussade Can I be honest with you today? I’m not … Read More

Why walk through the house when you can roller skate? Right?

Yes, I’m tired of it. But it sure is pretty. We have officially stopped praying for snow and started…