4 Types Of People To Be Careful Of

Proverbs 13:20. 20 One who walks with the wise becomes wise, but whoever keeps company with fools only hurts himself.

I think Andy Stanley summed this verse up best when he said, “Your friends will determine the DIRECTION and QUALITY of your life.”  So in this short clip I look at 4 types of people that Proverbs warns us against having in the inner circle of our friendships. Now let me be clear: I think you should love these people, serve these people, be kind to these people, point these people toward Jesus… but you better be careful of letting them into the center of your life.

Here’s why…

LET HOPE IN by Pete Wilson


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  1. Marni Arnold says:

    Thank you for this, Pete! This is such an amazing confirmation of the boundaries He is guiding me to consistently live within.

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