Gather Then Scatter

I’m in India this week for a few days and it has my mind spinning as usual.

Missions, like just about any topic, is something Christians love to argue about.

Everyone is convinced they know exactly how to do it and that they’re doing something that has NEVER been done before. Instead of celebrating the things that are working well for all of us, we love to shoot holes in each others strategies.

I”ll be honest. I don’t know what works best when it comes to international missions but I’m so proud to have friends doing missions in different, and effective ways.

On a fairly regular basis, people want to argue with me about the effectiveness of short term missions. If you’re interested in what I’ve written before on this topic then you can read more HERE.

But, here’s another compelling reason I think it works:


This is my friend Andy. Andy took his first missions trip ever just two years ago when he went along with me on a Cross Point missions trip to India.

Now, Andy heads up One Life International, the non profit Cross Point does all of it’s India mission through.

I LOVE it when the church gathers and then scatters.


3 Responses to “Gather Then Scatter”

  1. Brent Dumler says:

    Love it! We’ve been seeing the ‘Gather then Scatter’ effect for years at Christ Community Church. It’s hard sometimes….to grow relationships with amazing, selfless, next-level leaders in our churches and then watch them leave to do mission work elsewhere. Selfishly we want them to stay in our church, but we now support roughly 12 full-time missionaries who all ‘gathered’ at CCC before they ‘scattered.’ It’s beautiful.

  2. jon says:

    gather and scatter is what happened in the book of acts. they were gathered in the upper room for the outpour of the Holy Spirit to receive strength. And then later dispersed by persecution, so that the gospel may be preached in all the world.

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