A Love That Creates Value



Some kids favor a pacifier.

Some enjoy a blanket.

Others prefer a stuffed animal.

When my middle son, Gage, was a baby he had a “Lovey.” You may have hard time telling from the picture above, but Lovey was a combination of all three. It was a blanket with an elephant head attached to it that Gage used as a pacifier.

Over time “Lovey” became a mutilated, filthy, elephant that he carried everywhere he went. You would be surprised how much our family life revolved around “Lovey” for several years. We have made trips back to restaurants because we left “Lovey.” We have had late night search parties looking for “Lovey.”  We once made a trip back to a hotel where we had left “Lovey.” “Lovey” got to go on family vacations, sit at the dinner table, and had full voting rights as a member of the Wilson family.

But looking back Gage’s love for “Lovey” taught me an important lesson.

There are two kinds of love in this world. A love you express because something brings you value, and a love that can actually create value in something. A love that creates value is a powerful thing. My son, Gage, loved that raggedy old elephant in such a way that it created value. We still have “Lovey.” We wouldn’t be able to sell that thing at a yard sale for 5 cents but you couldn’t buy it from me for $500.

I’m reminded today that God loves me not necessarily for what value I add to His universe. I’m quite confident there are days that I add nothing.  In fact, I often do more damage than good to what God is trying to accomplish. There are days that emotionally and spiritually I look a lot like “Lovey.” But God loves me in such a way that He gives me value. And for that I am very grateful.

Ephesians 5:1-2

Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

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  1. Morgan M. says:


    1.) My brother has a box in storage containing about 20 “Doggies” for my 6 year old nephew. Doggie has been around since the day Nathan was born and my brother has made sure he will continue to be around until my nephew is ready for Doggie to stay home.

    2.) Your message yesterday was like God sitting down and saying, “Hey, let’s chat about all of this.” Extremely thankful for the timeliness of it and how you broke down value, and the difference between redemption and restoration. It wasn’t until last night that I could actually see Gods “purchase” a few weeks ago that He had been planning for months. To have that kind of value really is the most unfamiliar kind of love and hard to wrap my mind around it. To be one of Gods “Loveys” is possibly one of the most comforting thoughts as of late.

    So thank you…

  2. Cindy says:

    Aww. My son is now almost 14 but he still has his “Beagle”, a blanket I got at the baby shower for him. Beagle was ever present for many years but finally got retired to the closet. We even had “Mrs. Beagle”, a similar but not exactly the same blanket that he would begrudgingly use when Beagle was “taking a bath”, aka, run through the washing machine. My boy will still get Beagle down from his closet shelf when he is going through something difficult. It sounds a little crazy but I think it does truly help. Beagle was a familiar and comforting presence to sleep with last year when my kid’s dad passed away.

  3. Wow…

    Pete, you made my day and brought a tear… Thank you.

    At 10 weeks old, my oldest son Jonathan was diagnosed with a rare, incurable and very dangerous blood disease called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) which threatened to take him from us… The oncologists gave us an estimated 10% chance of his survival. Those were tiring, painful days where we lived in the Oncology ward at A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children, not knowing what each new day would bring. On one of the few times where I was able to get my wife Shannon out of the ward for a lunch away while the wonderful nursing staff kept our sick little miracle company, we came across a kiosk selling “Lovies”…


    That wonderful blue elephant lived by his side in that hospital, and followed him home when he was discharged. He’s 13 now, in remission and swimming in God’s grace for 11 years… and Lovie still has a place of honor in his room… And in our hearts.

    Thanks for the post Pete… I get it.


  4. Pete, absolutely love that verse!

  5. Enjoyed this post. My now two year old daughter has a pink elephant like this named Elle. Elle is her favorite buddy in the world. She is at a stage right now where she just sleep with her or snuggles when not feeling well. We have had our share of late night search parties and trips back to wherever our daily travels took us.

    At one point we happened upon Elle’s identical twin sister. Now we keep a spare around the house. It is sometimes funny to sometimes find both of them hanging out in my daughters bed and watching as she chooses one to sleep with.

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