Change the Way You Approach Change

 I’m so excited to introduce you guys to Mike Ashcraft today. Mike is the senior pastor at Port City Community Church  (an amazing church) in North Carolina and co-author of My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word and he’s written a guest blog post for us today.  You can follow him on twitter @mikeashcraft or watch his sermons on

If the New Year reveals anything, it’s the fact that we know we are not who we should be.  Otherwise, there wouldn’t be all this talk of resolutions and change.

Our typical strategy for change?  We make promises for new behaviors– swearing off this, or promising forever more to do that. The outcome? We break the promises and decide there goes the possibility of change.

Realizing this annual cycle, several years ago I abandoned my sweeping list of resolutions and instead picked one word to be my focus for the year. The word would serve as a vision for what I believe God wants to do in me.  It would serve as a lens through which I could see His work in my life over the next twelve months.


Here’s what I discovered: Change is possible; but focus is required. And one word provides focus.

For the past six years, I’ve led thousands through the journey of ditching their resolutions in favor of picking just one word. We’ve found that if you pick a word and keep with that word for twelve months, it drives deep into your heart and character. And that changes your behavior and life.


So I encourage you to choose your own one word for 2013, and post it at If you want more guidance in this practice, pick up a copy of My One Word: Change Your Life with Just One Word. Let this be the year you actually do something about one thing, instead of nothing about everything.

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