Antique Cars, Lost Tooth, And A Big Dog

Here are a few completely random things from this week I thought I would update you on:

1. This week I had a chance to visit the home of an extremely wealthy individual who will go unnamed. I snapped a picture in his garage which houses his personal collection of antique cars. There had to be at least 200 cars in there and each car had the keys on the floor board. Have you ever wondered…”What do rich people do with all that money?” Well, clearly they do stuff like this. :)



2. We had a little drama in our house this week when Brewer lost his tooth while brushing his teeth. The tooth went down the drain and panic ensued. Luckily, this little letter saved the day.



3. Please welcome the newest member of the Wilson family. This is Marshall, the very large dog that showed up a few weeks ago. He was abandoned and despite his large frame is actually 30 pounds under weight. The entire family has fallen in love with him, so now he’s ours. Our other dog, Millie, did not respond to several requests for comment.


12 Responses to “Antique Cars, Lost Tooth, And A Big Dog”

  1. diane1230 says:

    Love this update. Made me smile & giggle. Have a great weekend, Pete!

  2. When you own 200 cars, do you save insurance money by just purchasing liability, or what?

    • Hilary says:

      Ha! No, you have to hire a full time staff person just to deal with the paperwork involved with that many vehicles. I know, because I used to be one. :-)

  3. paulaswift says:

    Love the new addition! Polo sometimes needs a buddy his size – if you ever need to schedule pup play dates.


  4. Diane Moody says:

    Wild guess on the rich dude with the cars – Jay Leno? Totally adorable picture of Brewer and the tooth fairy note. And whose heart doesn’t melt with a puppy face like that? Congrats to the newest member of the family! Have a great weekend, Pete.

  5. Amy says:

    Fun updates!

    I just cannot believe that garage, though. Any idea how much they are all worth?

  6. Adam says:

    Now that is a lot of cars! Cool pup. We have also taken in a dog recently. Best dog we never wanted :)

  7. Hilary says:

    I wonder which was more dramatic: Brewer’s tooth going down the sink, or me accidentally punching out my 6-year old’s front tooth AT CHURCH. I’ll bet they were about the same. :-)

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