Westboro Strikes Again

Hard to believe that even Westboro Baptist would find something to protest against at the funerals of the victims in Newtown but of course they jump at the chance to once again grab a headline.

The Washington Post did a story entitled, “Westboro Baptist Church to picket Sandy Hook funerals: 4 ways to respond about how to handle them“. Thought it was interesting that Cross Point was mentioned in the article and they even posted our video which talked about how we were going to deal with them this past summer when they showed up to protest.

You can read the entire article (and watch the video) by clicking HERE.

2 Responses to “Westboro Strikes Again”

  1. Frank says:

    Thanks for the heads up, and hopefully Westboro does not show and if they do, they will be shut out and down, by the people of Newtown. Pray that not only the families will not see or hear of this, but also be praying for Westboro as well.

    II can’t even begin to fathom what is to be accomplished by this!

  2. todd says:

    This a made up non story our thirst for anger and blog clicks thrive on.

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