Where Was God?

Like many of you, I’ve struggled with how we should respond to the tragedy in Newton, Connecticut. How do we make sure nothing like this happens again?

Should we pass new laws? Is it even possible to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

I have watched an interesting dynamic the past few days.

In times of crisis everyone wants God. We quote Him, pray to Him, talk about Him, and question Him.
Interestingly enough, when things go really well (such as winning an oscar, or an election, or the lottery) everyone wants to thank Him.

But the majority of us don’t have a clue what to do with Him the rest of the time.

A friend of mine sent me this video of Mike Huckabee discussing his thoughts on the recent tragedy and while I don’t agree with everything he said I have to agree that he asks some really important questions.

6 Responses to “Where Was God?”

  1. Frank says:

    Not sure what Gov Huckabee said that you don’t agree with, he was able to verbalize my point of view in a way that I am not talented enough to do.

    Newton,CT and every other shooting is a tragedy, and yet every time we turn to our own devices to solve the problems. We turn to God to answer “Why did this happen?” Yet we do not ask Him the “What needs to be done to prevent this from happening over and over again?”

    Debate over guns laws, overhauling and fixing the mental health care system, and how we stop a man form repeating this, will continue and it should. However if we do not include in that discussion God and teach His moral values, then we are most assuredly doomed to fail.

    BTW, an equally devastating event happen in China the same day. A man went into an elementary school there and stabbed 20+ school children. My point being that it is a worldwide phenomenon and just local to the USA. Maybe it is time to become the world leader in preventing this!

  2. Matt says:

    I’m sorry Pete, but that video really bothered me. I understand the point, but imagine being one of the parents watching that and hearing someone say basically “if we had more God in our schools, your child wouldnt be dead.”

    This Christian mom wrote a response to the video, which I think is more loving and caring than anything Mike Huckabee would ever say.

    This is certainly not the time for politics, especially for those who claim to be Christians. I have a hard time reconciling that God was in the lions den, the furnace, and all the biblical stories where He protected people from evil, but for some reason, since we dont read the Bible in public schools, that God decides to turn away from 20 defenseless children?

    People can agree with Huckabee all they want, I know i’ve seen it all over FB this week. But things like that provide a better explanation of why the evangelical church in on the decline in the US over the last 10 years.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love the blog.

  3. Gil Gatch says:

    I agree with Huckabee. It’s ironic to get rid of God on a large scale in America and then expect Him to be here too.

  4. diane1230 says:

    My problem with Huckabee and other persons with his attitude is they’re making my God a really small God. Personally, I am a liberal Christian (which lots of people in the South think can’t happen) who happens to believe in separation of church and state. I respect other religions and their beliefs. I don’t think their should be a Christian mass led prayer at school. Christian groups and such are fine by me. ANYWAY… my biggest problem is that God is everywhere. We haven’t “shut God out” by not allowing prayer in school. You can’t shut God out unless you don’t allow Him into your life. I carry Christ everywhere with me, I pray at work, I pray for my boys on the way to school. My God is with me everywhere I go. So, Huck, I’m sorry your God doesn’t hang out with you just because we shut God out of public schools. My God is with me wherever and whenever I do anything.

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