Why I Stink At Prayer

Do you ever wonder why we’re so inconsistent with prayer? While I won’t speak for you I’ll admit one of the main reasons I don’t pray more consistently is in a word: pride.

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g”>Matt Chandler’s messages. He said,

“Prayer, more than any other spiritual discipline, reveals what’s really in your heart and how much pride you operate in. Prayer, more than any other discipline, reveals what you really believe about you, what you really believe about God, and how much pride is in the tank of your soul.”

Why do I stink at prayer? Because I’m so good at pride!

I believe one of the greatest reasons so many of us struggle with prayer is because we live under a prideful illusion that we’re in control. And control is this addictive illusion that will permeate your consciousness over time and make you begin to believe you really don’t need to pursue God.

What do you think? Why don’t you pray more consistently?