Worry Isn’t The Result Of Your Problems

There are few words of Jesus more profound and yet more difficult to live out than when he said,

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Do you ever wonder where worry comes from? I bet if we were to sit down over a cup of coffee and I asked you where your worry was coming from you would probably tell me about the problems of your life. You might say, Worry comes from…

-My finances

-My relational troubles

-My kids

-My career

But I think this is an illusion. Worry isn’t the result of your problems. Worry is the result of you thinking you can control your problems.

I know it’s easier said than done, but Jesus is in essence saying “I want you to stop obsessing about the future and trust that I hold the future.”

Can you do that? Will you do that?

13 Responses to “Worry Isn’t The Result Of Your Problems”

  1. vanilla says:

    That, my friend, is a succinct sermon and one seriously to be applied.

  2. Matt Parsons says:

    dang…this killed me today! thanks!

  3. diane1230 says:

    Hard words to chew on today… but thanks…

  4. Frank says:

    If my history is indication, I cannot and will not stop worrying about the future. In some of the larger problems, I do that, but amongst the ones that I think I can still control, I am an abysmal failure!

  5. Joe Sewell says:

    I see your point, Pete, but it brings up a question I have yet to hear answered well.

    There are some things, or so it seems, that God still puts in our hands. Things like dealing with a car that breaks down on a road trip, dealing with the immediate needs of your parents who are both having serious medical problems (while you are, too!), coping with the day-to-day “stuff” that God rarely takes care of without us doing something.

    I assume some parents prepare their children to deal with this kind of stuff.

    Mine didn’t. My father “prepared” me by ensuring that I felt I was hopeless and worthless on my own.

    So what does someone like this do when you’re faced with the daily bumps in the road of life, or even the more serious “seasons” or “journeys” in life that simply require coping skills that you don’t seem to have?

    • Pete Wilson says:

      Great question Joe.

      I don’t think don’t worry + don’t take action.

      I think the point is that worry doesn’t change a thing. Act on the things you should act on. In fact in this very passage Jesus says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God”. There’s action in that statement.

      Just don’t sit around spinning off worst case scenarios.

  6. Alexis Ridgway says:

    Ouch!!! Thank you for the reminder!!

  7. christopher says:

    driving a machine, (car) has alot of parts, your responsible for the function,
    I dont think the car industry going down is an accident (when the rain comes)
    I dont think the economy going down is an accident

    I heard about that the united states wasnt mentioned in the bible, anyone know contrary?

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