Leadership and loneliness

Wanted to let you know we just finished my latest podcast. Some of the highlights are below and I’ve embedded a player so you can listen to it right from this post.



  • Leadership and loneliness –  “But, in leadership you carry a weight and responsibility which can drive you to a very lonely place. A healthy leader will allow this loneliness to drive them to a greater dependence on God.”
  • Loneliness is unavoidable but leaders are also at fault for making assumptions that lead them into more loneliness.
  • “Your past is not really your past if it’s still impacting your present.”


2 Responses to “Leadership and loneliness”

  1. Ralph Rickenbach says:

    Hi there

    Great episode. We as leadership have gone through much hurt in the past with people abandoning. There definitively is the danger to withdraw. Still, as a very introverted person, I would like to add that God is a relational God. He is three. And he decided to work through teams as pointed out in Eph 4:11-16 and the whole church as seen in 1Pe 2:9 and 1Co 12:28 and so many more places.

    I therefore believe in relationship and relational leadership strongly and recommend to develop in this direction to all my fellow introverts – not letting go of their strenghts as they are much needed.


  2. Kris Perry says:

    Great podcast and just the right time!

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