Why Parenting Is More Important Than Schools

As my kids get older I’ve noticed (at least in our area) a spirit of competition among parents to get their kids into the “best” schools. It’s hard to argue just how important education is so I guess you can’t fault parents for wanting their kids to have the best.

But in this search for the “best” education I think it’s important to remember that there’s something even more important and influential to their lives besides the school they attend, and that’s the “parenting” they receive.

I read an interesting article the other day in Time Magazine entitled “Why Parenting Is More Important Than Schools“. The article stated…

 Given all the roiling debates about how America’s children should be taught, it may come as a surprise to learn that students spend less than 15% of their time in school. While there’s no doubt that school is important, a clutch of recent studies reminds us that parents are even more so. A study published earlier this month by researchers at North Carolina State University, Brigham Young University and the University of California-Irvine, for example, finds that parental involvement — checking homework, attending school meetings and events, discussing school activities at home — has a more powerful influence on students’ academic performance than anything about the school the students attend.

 We’re very thankful that we live in an area that has wonderful public schools, but Brandi and I realize, more than ever, that we play a key role in helping our kids along in the education process.
Your thoughts?


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  1. Hilary says:

    I 100% agree that parenting is more important. I had a big struggle last year with school – long, long story, but the gist of it is we realized that having a parent actively involved in our kids’ school lives was going to make a way bigger impact than having absentee parents working full-time to afford a supposedly “better” Christian school. So we changed plans and went with public school, so that I wouldn’t have to work full time and could be engaged at school with my kids. It is awesome. I love it. I’m at school with my kids almost as much as I’m working at church, and I feel like I’m making a huge difference in not only MY kids’ lives, but their peers and teachers’ lives as well.

  2. I agree. Parents are responsible for their children. I have three girls I need to worry about!

  3. Anita Ryan says:

    Yes this is totally true! This is why so many of the schools in economically disadvantaged schools do so poorly. The family structure is more divided or non existent or you have single parents that are just too tired to be there. You can always tell the child whose parents are invloved.My dad always said it matters more that the parents are involved than the school itself. That is why I have been striving so hard the last few years to increase parental involvement in the public schools we attend and really making an effort to understand what my children are learning. I even subbed on the side for 3 years to understand the system and what my children were experiencing in the classroom. ; )

  4. Evangelina says:

    I have two children attending a public elementary school. I know this is where God wants us, but I also know that I need to surround my kids (and everyone who influences them) in prayer. I want to encourage all moms reading this to find at least one other mom to join you in praying for your kids on a weekly basis. There is an amazing ministry called Moms in Prayer International, “a prayer ministry that brings moms together to pray for children and schools in more than 140 countries. Our vision is that every school in the world will be covered in prayer.” Find out more at http://www.momsinprayer.org/

  5. Mike Patellis says:

    I spend a ton of time with my child at school and at home. I recently
    helped form a team at my daughters school called FBI ( Fathers Become
    Involved). The idea is for the dads to meet other dads at the school
    during school. Lunch or breakfast with your child and a brief meeting of the dads. We can share anything we want concerning spending more time with our kids at school or at home or both. I have found that my daughter knows that what she is doing is important to me because she sees me more often with her. Even after the homework is done (for the third time), my daughter goes into her room to pretend to teach her
    pretend students what she just learned! On Yeah!!!

    • Pete Wilson says:

      Sounds like a great program Mike.

    • Betty says:

      I love this idea ( even though I am a single mom) there is always articles, lectures etc on how moms juggle work and children etc.. What about the dads who try to juggle work and time with their children.

  6. paulaswift says:

    Totally agree!! Since my husband is only home about half the time, we realized that I could use all the help and support in raising our son. After a lot of prayer and consideration, we decided to place him in a school that is aligned with our beliefs and values. Especially for these early years, that was so much more important to us than getting him in the best school for academics and/or sports. We’re very excited about the exponential growth in his faith – just having that reinforcement outside of our home. It’s also helped us as a family discuss and grow in our faith.

  7. Riete says:

    I’m a teacher. All I can do is shout a from-the-heart AMEN to this!

  8. ThatGuyKC says:

    In this age if rampant shirking of responsibility I think parents either fail to engage with their kids or never confronting the consequences of their actions and behavior.

    As the husband of a teacher and father of 3 kids I see children as a direct reflection on the parent. The buck stops with me, so to speak.

    Yes, I pray for my kids and trust God with them, but He has given me the honor and privilege to be their earthly father and that carries a lot of responsibility. I can’t pass that onto a teacher. No matter how tempting that might be.

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  12. Jane says:

    What is the most important thing about the home? Not the parents’ focus on the child, but the loving stability of the parents’ marriage. Parents loving and supporting each other makes a child secure, freeing him from the fear that hinders healthy development.

  13. Betty says:

    I have children 28, 22, 8 and 6. 2 are Special Needs. I have both homeschooled and did the public Schools. Both have their positive and neg. the most important thing for me at this time is what you spoke on Pastor Pete aboutyour children and their time. Using your son as example and him being offered to play on a Traveling Team and how you and Brandi decided it would take to much time away from the family. I have been trying to keep that in mind as my children are involved in activities. They could be involved in activities 7 days a week ( they are 5 days) but… There has got to be family time. The coaches are great but they come and go.. Children have to be able to have time to develop a relationship with their parents and their siblings.

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