Do You Need A Miracle?

There is an unmistakable correlation between the miracles God did in history and the unusual commands He gave those who obeyed him. Over and over he asked His servants to do ridonkulous things in order to release His miraculous power.

In each case obedience was desired and required. Miracles always occur on the other side of obedience. That is where David kills Goliath. It’s where there the Israelites obtain the Promiseland. When Jesus told Peter to cast his net on the other side of the boat it was not the different side of the boat that produced the miracle. It was a matter of obedience. It was doing what Jesus said as ridiculous as it may have seemed in that moment.

-Noah had to build the ark for the coming flood in order to find safety.
-Abraham had to leave his familiar surroundings to discover a new dream.
-Moses had to stretch out his hands over the red sea to experience deliverance.
-Esther had to boldly go into the King’s presence before God rescued his people.
-The ten lepers had to make their way to the priest before they were healed.
-The blind man had to go wash in the pool before Jesus gave him sight.
-The four men had to open the roof to let their sick friend down at Jesus’ feet.
-Paul and Silas had to sing and pray while they were stuck in jail so that God could shake the building and give them hope in the midst of hopelessness.

Now I’m not saying that every time you’re obedient to God there will be a miracle. Many of you have been obedient and still no miracle. I can’t promise you that. What I can promise is if you’re ever going to see a miracle it will always come on the other side of obedience.

Where do you need to be obedient?

In your finances?

In your career?

In a step of faith?

In your parenting?

In your marriage?

It may not make sense to others, it may defy conventional wisdom, it may scare you to death but I hope and pray you’ll take that step of obedience. Who knows? Your miracle might be right around the corner.

23 Responses to “Do You Need A Miracle?”

  1. Joe Pote says:

    “Now I’m not saying that every time you’re obedient to God there will be a miracle.”

    I disagree, Pete. Obedience always begets miracles. In fact, the ability to hear God and to obey is, itself, a miracle.

    Maybe not the specific miracle we were praying for and hoping to see, but a miracle, nonetheless!

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

  2. diane1230 says:

    I do need a miracle, but I am too scared to obey and get it. I have always had worries that didn’t make sense. For example, I hold onto past relationships that harm me, although I have been married to a wonderful man for 5 1/2 years. I worry about my children, my future, dying (I am TERRIFIED of death even though I know I’m going to Heaven)… you name it, it scares me and grapples me. I want to give all my worries and concerns to God, I know He is calling me to do so, but there is something final about writing it out and giving it to Him. One step at a time… I know I’ll get there.

    Thanks for the reminder, Pete!

  3. jason says:

    Good stuff.

  4. Wow…. this post didn’t speak to me. It SCREAMED at me. :-) Thanks for the very timely reminder.

  5. Rob Gillen says:

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  6. I recently wrote Live Your Why and received the initial copies this weekend. Being relatively unknown yet confident in this message that God inspired, I believe God will show up and show off in an incredible way. Getting people excited about discovering their purposes in life and then challenging them to live their purposes is something about which I am passionate. The extent to which other people join the tribe is definitely a God-thing.

  7. Jason says:

    “Now I’m not saying that every time you’re obedient to God there will be a miracle. Many of you have been obedient and still no miracle. I can’t promise you that. ”

    Pete, I love the fact you’re so honest even when it means you don’t toe the “happy Christian” line. Your desire to speak truth above popularity is inspiring.

  8. christopher says:

    i have experienced understanding my wife

    did you pray for me?

  9. Beth Coulton says:

    I’ve seen some miracles, and yes, they do follow obedience. Sometimes that obedience is simply being faithful to pray and talk to God about a situation, day after day, month after month, year after year if necessary. Including Him could be what He’s looking for in some instances.

  10. Katherine Palmer Stratton says:

    amen. (Thy will be done)
    Miracles Do Happen.
    First Miracle is that He knew me in my mother’s womb & thousands of years ago He knelt in a Garden & decided He go to hell for me (you) than to go to Heaven without me (all)
    Everyday i wake up; i get a choice on how i want to start my day & every moment that follows.
    He has carried me (daily continue to trust & ask) through more difficulties, pain and heartbreak that when i give testimonies to His Power & Grace; family, friends and stranger say “how did you ever survive that?” Really, nothing catches Him by surprise – He has already planned the Miracle before i was even aware i needed it. The gift is already here & all i His child needs is to ask, seek(ee and knock (open) – “Count it all Joy”. Thank you for letting me share all the miracles He has given me – think i’ll write a book titles ” 1,000 Miracles i received this year! Thank you, Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit, I love you! kate

  11. Adam Knutson says:

    “Miracles always occur on the other side of obedience.”

    I can’t really agree with this. Moses struck the rock and the water flowed, but the miracle occurred even though Moses was disobedient. Samson was given supernatural strength, but used it almost entirely for his own purposes. Jonah ran from God, but that didn’t stop God from achieving his mission of reaching the gentiles. The Bible is full of people being disobedient, but used by God despite that. Moses disobeyed and lost out on being part of what God had in store.

    God has one purpose and that is to glorify his name. Miracles are a part of that process so it makes sense that despite what we do, miracles occur. How many times did Paul’s obedience lead him to a place where he would need a miracle that never came? Paul was executed for his obedience and God was glorified by it. Obedience does not mean your life will be peachy and miracles are not a rescue from harm.

    Ya wanna see real miracles? Learn instead to be thankful to God for the abundance that he has already given you in Christ (the promise of an eternal life with him) and seek first His Glory and His Kingdom. Being obedient in this regard will allow you to take part in God proclaiming His glory. That’s when your in a place to see miracles happen.

  12. christopher says:

    encouraging post

  13. Joyce says:

    We’re praying for a miracle at our house. Due to unemployment, financial and marital stress issues and discharge from the service..our 5 kids are living with a couple from our church and we miss them SO VERY MUCH!!! Praying for a miracle that our family can and will be brought back together soon!

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