I’ve already stated that I’m on the Tebow bandwagon. How could you not love this guy? His latest comeback victory and some crazy stats have the world abuzz.

Glen Levy wrote

Tebow threw for exactly 316 yards in the 29-23 upset win, presenting an eerie allusion to the Bible’s John 3: 16 passage — whose number Tebow famously wore in the black under his eyes when he led the Florida Gators to victory in the 2009 collegiate national championship game. What’s more, that event took place exactly three years ago on the same day as his latest miracle comeback. And that wasn’t it for the coincidences: Tebow set an NFL playoff record with, you guessed it, 31.6 yards per completion and the TV rating on CBS peaked between 8.00-8.15pm ET with a rating of, say it ain’t so, 31.6.

Hey, I’m not someone who likes to over spiritualize stuff, but aren’t those numbers CRAZY. Does this mean anything? Probably not, but if God had anything to do with this he’s got one heck of a sense of humor.

So what do you say? Coincidence or not?

38 Responses to “Coincidence?”

  1. Heidi H. says:

    I think I fall into the camp of God’s got a enormously creative sense of humor. :)

    • Kim S. says:

      I think God’s hand was in this definitely! His way of letting us all know He likes football, loves Tim Tebow, and most of all loves revealing Himself through His faithful and amazing child with the whole world watching! :)

  2. Gary says:

    God does have a great sense of humor….by the way Denver head coach first name is “John” and funny stat I just read is they finished 23rd this season in overall offense with ….wait….an average of 316 yards per game (actually 316.6 but oh well, close enough)God does not win football games…he wins hearts.

  3. Tessa says:

    I agree with the other people who say it’s God’s sense of humor! I mean everyone was saying Tebow can’t throw the ball down the field. Not only does he get the 316 yds and 31.6 avg/completion, but he WON THE GAME by throwing it down the field! All I can say is go Tebow go!

  4. Sarah Mac says:

    I feel like God has to have a sense of humor! And I love little coincidences like that! There are a few of those kinds of things God does in my life every now & then and it always makes me stop, realize and appreciate how much God really pays attention to the small details of our lives.

  5. Becca Bailey says:

    God is sovereign over ALL things…so, in my mind, there is no ‘coincidence’ really. But wow! I pray every day that God will work in the hearts of men of this generation, and I pray specifically for Tim as God uses him as an instrument. I love that God can use a ‘coincidence’ such as this to turn someone’s attention to Him!

  6. Frank says:

    I am a Tebow fan, for how he carries himself on and off the football field. However I definitely fall into the coincidence camp on this one.

    However, God does have a sense of humor, so who knows.

  7. I chalk it up to God having a little fun; nothing more. Remember, the bible wasn’t written in verses or chapters. Man added those divisions later. Much later.

  8. Brit says:

    This is TOTALLY God. God showing an icredible amount of favor to one guy who will not deney his lord and savior! It’s quite simple, God for sure has a sense of humor and this is funny!

  9. Adam says:

    God letting people know He is still here with us, and he does have a great sense of humor.

  10. Wes Howard says:

    Here’s another: He threw the game winning pass to Demaryius Thomas who was born on Christmas Day.

    Also, he got a 250,000 bonus for winning a playoff game. (No spiritual significance unless he decides to tithe $63,200 which is 31.6%)

  11. Brett Buttrey says:

    Another weird fact about this game… The player he threw the game winning pass to… Born on December 25… Can’t make this stuff up.

  12. HT says:

    I love numbers, and appreciate the odds. But I think you summed it up appropriately, things like this are more likely God’s humor rather than coincidence or something to read into.
    Now, if God shaped the clouds above the stadium to form John 3:16, well it would’ve been backwards looking down from above the ozone 😉

  13. mpt says:

    How do we know that it’s a reference to JOHN 3:16? God didn’t number his passages for one thing…

    Maybe it’s referencing Genesis 3:16…

    To the woman he said,

    “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
    with painful labor you will give birth to children.
    Your desire will be for your husband,
    and he will rule over you.”


    Judges 3:16…

    Now Ehud had made a double-edged sword about a cubit[a] long, which he strapped to his right thigh under his clothing.


    Nahum 3:16…

    You have increased the number of your merchants
    till they are more numerous than the stars in the sky,
    but like locusts they strip the land
    and then fly away.


    Revelations 3:16…

    So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

    Tim’s a great player and his comebacks are exciting. And it’s nice that he prays, loves God, and seems to have a desire to showcase that love off the field… can’t we just him do that without spiritualizing his every move? It’s not culture that is turning Tim into a punch line, it’s his Christian fans.

    Because chances are, God had nothing to do with the “316,” because if it had been God, he wouldn’t have left out the colon in the middle.


  14. Karen La Mar says:

    Hey, if it makes people think more about John 3:16 and has the media talking about it more, sound great to me :)

  15. Lori Faris-Huffer says:

    Yep. No doubt about it. He’s got the funniest sense of humor on the planet….er…the galaxy…… know what I mean. He pretty much can & will do whatever he pleases to bring glory to HIS name. Whether is games OR hearts or both. I’ve seen time and time again…He’s the ultimate “dot-connector.” :)

  16. PJ says:

    It is certainly ironic. Since the 31.6 is the more often reoccurring number I choose to believe it is a reference to Gen 31:6 and choose to imagine that is how Tebow will be treated in the NFL during his career, however blessed God chooses to make him– just like Jacob who doesn’t regularly start out winning, but amazingly pulls out/steals some really blessed endings. 😉

  17. Levieta says:

    Holy Ghost Statistics!

  18. I want to say no. I know God often uses numbers to symbolize things and I know that it could be, but I just want to say no. Although, it would prove God’s sense of humor!

  19. jason says:

    pretty cool.

  20. nicole says:

    God does have an amazing sense of humor. I heard it once said that coincidences are God remaining anonymous.

  21. Kelly says:

    In the same game Roethlisberger threw a game-changing interception on 3rd and 16.

  22. Jason says:

    All I know is the sports talk station in town kept making John 3:16 references for a day. So a Scripture reference was repeated over and over.

    Sounds like God to me.

  23. Cat Moore says:

    ummm, take one look at my life and you’ll be positive God has a sense of humor. And, I totally think it was God. yes, He loves doing stuff like that. :) loved this little post.

  24. Mike in Milwaukee says:

    To demonstrate support for Tim Tebow, Wisconsin Right to Life urges those watching Saturday night’s playoff game between Denver and New England to wear a Tim Tebow mask to show their appreciation for life and strong family values.

    Have fun!

  25. Beth says:

    I think this is an amazing story. I need to watch more American football.

  26. webben says:

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