Glimpse: Exploring Heaven, Hell & What Might Be Next


I can’t tell you how excited I am about our next series at Cross Point. Whatever you do don’t come alone!  You can CLICK HERE if you want to send someone an Evite. You can also join us HERE for our online campus if you’re out of town.

As I told you, in Week One we’ll be talking with Todd Burpo and his son, Colton. Todd wrote the widely talked about book Heaven Is For Real . The book has been number one on the New York Times Best Seller List for 20 weeks now! Here’s a quick preview of the interview.

Burpo Interview // Trailer from Cross Point Church on Vimeo.

26 Responses to “Glimpse: Exploring Heaven, Hell & What Might Be Next”

  1. Jeff Jansen says:

    Amazing promo Pastor Pete! Can’t wait ti catch this series on line!

  2. Jill says:

    SO looking forward to this series!

  3. PJ says:

    Being a person who is suspicious of much of the Christian teaching on heaven and hell, I am both looking forward to and dreading this series. It should definitely make for some interesting discussions in our home group.

    • Pete Wilson says:

      Well I I have no idea whether it will speak to you or not Paul but I’m pretty excited about it. Appreciate your’re at least willing to be a part of it. To be honest I’ve spent very little time studying this topic and the last few weeks have been eye opening for me.

      Hope to at least get us all curious enough that will open our Bibles and try to figure out what we really believe.

  4. Jonna says:

    I’ve heard SO much about this book. I think I’m the only one left on the planet that hasn’t read this book yet. I have so much doubt/skeptism when it comes to heaven/hell. Excited for this series!

  5. judy says:

    ” I just want people to know that heaven is for real” ……….

  6. Nicole Smith says:

    I can’t wait to tune into this series! I’ll be doing the online campus since I’m about as far away as you can possibly get from Nashville (Portland, OR). But am still looking forward to joining in!!

  7. anna says:

    Will the focus of the series mostly be on heaven or do you plan on spending a Sunday really talking about Hell, and who goes there and why?

    • Pete Wilson says:

      The last week is titled, “Would a loving God send people to hell?”. I don’t expect that we’ll spend a ton of time talking about hell as much as we’ll talk about what the Bible teaches about who goes there and why.

      Hope that was helpful.

  8. Jason says:

    Wow…the production value on your videos is always fantastic. Kudo’s to you and whoever you have helping you with the content and creativity you are able to put on the screens. Great stuff.

  9. sandra park says:

    I read the book when I saw that you were doing a series on the subject. This message is timely. I think that the further we get from the Garden of Eden, time wise, mentally and spiritually, the harder it is to envision Heaven. Our children desperately need this vision, NOW. I know that our hope is in Jesus Christ, but, we need to see what heaven is like; the gospel is harder to hear, the visions are harder to see and the love is harder to feel on this earth in our current time. Thank you and let’s all pray for those whom cannot get a glimpse of Heaven.

  10. Shaun Groves says:

    Wish I didn’t have a church family of my own to be with during this series. Miss you, Pete.

  11. John Wallace says:

    Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this topic.

    I’m telling all my friends! :)

  12. SO excited for this series!! All my friends and I have read the book and have been having seriously cool conversations this week. As a still relatively new Christian, I can’t wait to dive into this.

  13. Shane S. says:

    I went on the Wheelwright trip and the adults got the option to go to the nursing home or stay at the church. I don’t feel comfortable going to places, that, quite frankly make me feel uncomfortable. Someone said, “not for me, I get sad”. I knew right then I needed to go. I knew some gratitude for my health was coming my way. The Glimpse series was coming soon. I never thought to much about heaven or hell. I truly believe I held hands with the devil a few times at my heaviest with addiction. I think about heaven all the time now in recovery. I thought to myself on the ride back to the church. How do people with mental health issues get to heaven? Except Jesus Christ as there personal savior! These people wanted cigarettes and soda money. Week 3, “Would a loving God send people to hell?” might just explain it for me. Thx Pastor Pete

  14. Ian says:

    Pete – will make sure I watch this series. Also, be keen to see the reference you used other than the Burpo’s in prepping for it. Any chance you could post it on your blog?

    Will be praying for you Pete as you deliver a tough topic.


  15. Matt says:

    I’ve been following your blog for 3, maybe 4 years. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts over this time and (as with any blog that you read for awhile) I have started to feel as if I know you … a little.

    I think that the topic that you are going to be dealing with is hugely important, but your inclusion of the Burpo book threw me off a little bit. Tim Challies, another blogger that I have grown to trust, had some serious questions about the book.

    Have you read Challies’ review? Do you have any responses to those comments? Will you deal with any of that in your first message?

    • Matt … I am so with you.

      I wasn’t planning to read the book, because I was skeptical about it, but decided I should … because people were asking whether my experience of almost dying matches any of it. After reading it I am even more skeptic of the experiences recorded in it. Oh, it’s a nice book and I’m sure that if I met the Burpo’s we’d have a connection … because I also dealt with a severe health trauma.

      After receiving horrific injuries in an accident, I spent about 48 hours hovering between life and death and 10 days in a medical coma. I have some foggy memories that I could wrap in Heaven language, but I don’t feel comfortable doing so. My body was in a traumatic situation and I was heavily medicated … so why would I trust anything I thought/saw/experienced at that time?

      Also when else in life do we get our beliefs/logic/doctrine from a 4-year old?

      I received a free copy of the book from Thomas Nelson and also wrote a review …

  16. lindy abbott says:

    I can not wait to check this out online!!! Pete, do you ever do a youth event? I would love for my children to hear you because you are so authentic! We live in the ‘boro!

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