Free Pornography Book

I’ve passionately written about the impact of pornography before.

I’ve talked about my own personal struggles.

I think it continues to be a growing  issue in our culture today. Rarely a week goes by that I don’t hear about another couple whose marriage is blowing up in our church with pornography being a primary issue.

I also talk to a ton of pastors who are secretly battling this nasty monster. They feel like they could never tell anyone they struggle with it so they choose to stay in the dark where this sin just continues to gain more and more momentum. Believe me when I say I know all about the criticism you’ll receive when you publicly talk about this stuff. But it will be the beginning of freedom for you.

With all this in mind I’m really excited about a new resource that’s available specifically for those of you in ministry called Internet Pornography: A Ministry Leader’s Handbook. In this FREE e-book from the great folks at Covenant Eyes which contains stories of pastors and counselors who dealt personally with the addiction of pornography and many who have broken free from Internet pornography addictions themselves. Please, please, please, take the time to read this. It could change your life.

And if you still don’t think this “porn” stuff is a big deal than check out this graphic which sums up some heartbreaking statistics.

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  1. Don says:

    I love your writing Pete but you may want to reconsider the title. Or, you may get a lot more hits this way :)

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks for sharing this man. Just downloaded it.

    On a side note, I love the redesign. Kyle nailed it.

  3. Marni says:

    Wow…astounding stats in that graphic above! And to think I used to be a part of those statistics a long time ago! I shudder! I am now in a position to help others through their struggles with this area – and many more; and it terrifies me beyond measure! But I know it is where I belong – as there is a peace along with the terror deep within.

    Our Pastor shared yesterday morning the meaning of rebuke – and it clarified a great amount! I never understood it meant to simply bring to light – and if we can help others bring to light their hurts, hang-ups or habits, all the more glory goes to God; for He has a great opportunity to work a healing in those hearts. So our testimonies with any struggle, even this one, is important despite the amount of judgement that can (and will) be thrown our way. Thank you for not shirking back from the light – and sharing it with others for the sake of healing in Christ for all (and yourself)!

  4. colston says:

    thanks for the resource. grace and peace

  5. Jason says:

    Pornography kills…it kills your soul, your marriage, your relationships, your friendships, your ability to look at the other sex with respect, etc.

    Did you ever watch the TV show “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”? In the first show, the producer of the show within a show stops the live broadcast and goes off about television and the way it’s declining in quality, intelligence and integrity. Then he rants on porn and says “it’s not even good porn…it’s one step away from snuff films and that’s what’s coming next.” Every time I see that scene I get chills because in the back of my mind I fear he’s right.

  6. Hey Pete:

    Do you guys teach on sex/porn yearly at Crosspoint? How do you address it? Maybe you have a link somewhere.

    Great stuff.

    Thanks man,


  7. GeraldH says:

    I’d be interested to see these statistics as applied to different careers, I’m sure that fewer ministers are dealing with this than police or firefighters. In a male dominated high stress/testosterone job I’d say it’s higher. I know that every time I deploy I see young soldiers falling into this. It may be that we need to target the higher risk groups a little more.

  8. Sobering statistics…is that graphic available anywhere for download?

  9. I wish more churches and pastors would talk about this openly. Such a huge issue. Not just pornography but so many other sins that we don’t address head on like we should. Not in a condemning way but in a “We’re here to help” sort of way. Can’t help someone come out of the darkness if we don’t try to shine a light.

    Thankful for people like you who move past the criticism because you know the issue is too important to leave it where it is.

  10. Kayla says:

    Wow. I knew this was a huge issue in our society but 70% of men visited sites in a typical month? My heart literally broke when I read that. Wow.

  11. Sherie says:

    Pete, I am so thankful for your voice on this. I am working with an organization that is trying to respond to human trafficking in Oregon. The “customers” in this tragic situation are my neighbors. Some of them attend churches in my town. My heart breaks for them. I am blessed that this is an area I have never struggled in my life, but I know many who have. There is a darkness that needs light cast into it. It only through that light that not only will the behaviors stop, but the desires for it will disappear and be replaced. Keep sharing, being transparent, and challenging others to change. It is needed.

  12. Thanks for sharing the link Pete!

    I wonder how this will show up on my covenant eyes report. :)

  13. Marni says:


    When the Church is meant as a place of healing, why do you think this topic is so taboo among the Christian community?

  14. Tal Prince says:

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks for profiling the book on your blog! It was an honor to be included in this book. I appreciate your transparency with your own struggle.

    We are launching Route 1520 in a few weeks, and hope to help families all over the country deal with this very real fight that takes place in the shadows.

    Hope to talk to you soon about what we have to offer!


  15. tam says:

    Sobering statistics.

    Great resource. Thank you for posting this, pete.

  16. Tim Hart says:

    I love the resource. I also have enjoyed Porn Again Christian by Mark Driscoll. As a student pastor, I can’t believe the impact that pornography is having on our youth and society.

  17. truefreodom says:

    Run to the Word!

    With all temptation. RUN…….TO….THE……WORD!!!!!!!

    Good New Year to ya!

  18. Jen says:

    That graphic is heartbreaking. I lived that life… both my husband and I… And we are so thankful for God’s grace, pastors who counselled us through it without judgement and people of influence like yourself who are speaking up and making it something that can be confessed. Satan works so well in the “if only they knew” and “you are the only one” departments… keeping people in the dark of their shame… Thank you for being a guiding light out of it, Pete!

  19. Stacy says:

    Thank you so much for being willing to use your voice to talk about porn and how destructive it is. If the church would address it in an even more open way than it does there may have been a way for my marriage to remain intact. Sadly my divorce was final on 11/30/2010. Porn was the root cause for the destruction of my marriage. I kept silent for so many years because my ex was in full time ministry and I felt that if I actually told any one of our pastors what was going on that he would lose his job and we would lose everything.

    Thanks for sharing the graphic. It is sobering.

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