Almost Isn’t Good Enough

I just finished a great book entitled “Almost Isn’t Good Enough” from my friend Wayne Elsey. Wayne is the founder and CEO of Soles4Souls. This amazing non profit has given away more than twelve million shoes in the past few years and has generated more than $75 million in contributions while keeping their administrative costs at two percent.

His book talks about what’s possible when one person resolves to make a measurable impact in the world after looking into the eyes of the suffering, hopeless, and forgotten. After reading the book I’m more fired up than ever to strive to make a difference in this world.

If you’re someone who desires to impact other peoples’ lives by the way you live yours then you will want to pick up a copy.

The book doesn’t actually come out until December 26th but you can pre-order it HERE. 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Soles4Souls.

And since it’s the week before Christmas and I’m feeling very generous I’m going to give you the opportunity to win a copy. I’m giving 5 of them away today.

Since we have a shoe theme going on here today just leave me your shoe size in the comments and you’ll be automatically registered to win!

141 Responses to “Almost Isn’t Good Enough”

  1. Karl says:

    Size 14 (I wear 13’s, however, because it’s really hard to find 14’s. I have a nephew who wears an 18. He has no pity for me when it comes to finding shoes.)

  2. steveharrison says:


  3. i really need that book. no pressure – but you should pick me.

    8 1/2

  4. Niki says:


    Love soles4soles!

  5. Michael says:

    11 to 11-1/2

    Depends on brand and if what type of socks I’ll wear with them.

  6. Heidi says:

    10.5 or 11 depends on the shoe :) Soles4souls = AWESOMENESS!!

  7. talitha says:

    My shoe size is 7.5 and I would LOVE a copy of this book!!

  8. karen says:

    7 1/2, but I already have it :) Super excited to start reading it this weekend.

  9. Jeff says:


    I would enjoy writing a review of this book for my blog.

  10. Jeremy Pinson says:


  11. Katie Ryckman says:

    7 :)

  12. Kiley says:

    9.5, c’mon the slipper still fits, right? I want this book!

  13. Jill Ryder says:

    this will be perfect for my teen who graduates this year!!

  14. Mark McPeak says:

    9.5 Thanks Pete!

  15. Michelle McBride says:

    Um, do we have to be truthful about our shoe size? I have big feet for a girl! Size 9

  16. Deborah says:

    7 and I love the giveaway!

  17. Joe Long says:

    10.5 Merry Christmas Pete and family!!!

  18. Diane Moody says:

    Wow! Tough competition for the give-away today! Obviously everyone wants to read Wayne’s book – including me!!! I’m a size 9, for the record. Not that you REALLY needed to know that . . .

  19. Greg says:

    size 11 1/2, except my running shoes are 12.

  20. paula says:

    oooh…can’t wait!!
    size 8

  21. 10 1/2 EEEE. And the church I pastor is collecting shoes for Soles4Souls this month. More than a thousand so far. NO idea how we’re gonna ship ’em all!

  22. Mike in Milwaukee says:

    A guy walks into a shoe store and asks, “Can I see something in a white loafer?”

    Clerk: “I’m sorry, he’s not working today.”


    Sorry, couldn’t resist. My shoe size: 10-1/2

  23. Nate says:

    Size 11. I often go to Sport’s Seasons on Whitebridge road for shoes – not ONLY do they always have a TON of stuff on sale…but they have a Soles4Souls box to donate your old shoes, and then give you an additional 10% off!!!

  24. c.m. habermehl says:

    size 9

  25. Krista Hamilton says:

    My shoe size is ladies 9! :-)

  26. Sherie says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I had not heard of the book, but it sounds like one I need to pick up, and soon. I will support Wayne by going to purchase the book since I know the first sales are important, but I just wanted to say thanks.

  27. Sara says:


    Yes I have logs for feet, but God knew I needed a firm foundation. :)

  28. Kyla says:

    7 normally, but 8 running shoes. weird.

  29. Size 12
    Blessings to all during this Advent season!

  30. Cashea A says:

    Depends on the shoes:

    Flip Flops: 6.5
    Tennis Shoes: 7.5
    Hiking Boots: 7.0
    Heels: 6.5
    FiveFingers: some crazy size!

  31. Kevin says:

    10. Depending on the brand, could be a 9. Or a 12.

  32. Robyn says:

    Size 7. Thanks for sharing Pete!

  33. 10.5 which is small for a 6’5″ man

  34. Susan says:

    6.5 or 7, depending on the shoe

  35. Nigel says:

    I’m a size 9, and I’m on the small end when it comes to the shoe sizes of most of the guys my age in this neck of the woods.

  36. Pete K says:

    Shoe size 11.5…

  37. Kat says:

    Love reaping the benefits of your blog!

  38. Kat says:

    Love reaping the benefits of your blog!

  39. Laura says:

    That sounds great! Size 7

  40. lindsay says:

    8 thanks!

  41. Cynthia L. says:

    8 1/2 :)

  42. Sondra says:

    Well, technically my right foot is an 8.5 and my left foot is a 9. I’m a strange bird.

    • Shelley says:

      Apparently “they” say that everyone has one foot that is a little bit bigger than the other one. I used to work part time in a shoe store 11 or so years ago, and my boss also used to say that too.


    9.5, Sometimes a 10.

  44. Alexis says:

    10 or 8.5 in Men’s.

  45. that would be 10.5 for me.

  46. Adam Bowman says:


  47. Shannon van says:

    6 1/2

  48. Preston Gordon says:

    Size 10.

    Merry Christmas Pete, nothin but love

  49. Jonna Watson says:


  50. 13. Can’t believe I’m in the top 5 for largest so far.

  51. Sarah Butland says:

    English size 5!

  52. Nick Horton says:

    Size 12-13 depending on the shoe.

  53. Justin says:


    Thank you Pete! :)

  54. Harold McKee says:

    I am a facebook friend of Wayne’s and am amazed at the zeal with which he approaches his passion. What a great guy who is changing to world two feet at a time.

  55. Sean Spinks says:

    Size 12

  56. Nate Haslam says:

    Size 10.5

  57. Chris says:

    I wear a size 11 1/2.

  58. Shelley says:

    Depending on the brand & how the shoe is made, I take between an 8 and a 9 (though 9 is usually a little too big).

  59. Brooke says:

    Size 9! :)

  60. Pete A. says:

    Sounds like a great book, whatever shoe size Wayne E. wears! Me? Depending on where the shoes were made, I take anywhere from a 9 1/2 to a 12.

  61. Kristil says:

    size 9

  62. Jody says:

    14-which means I have big socks too!

  63. Lynn says:

    Let’s keep this simple…. 8.5

  64. Brooke says:

    Size 7.5 & sounds like a great book!

  65. Erin says:

    Size 7! Sounds like a neat book!

  66. Brit says:

    This book is for me, I’m trying so hard to figure out how I can make a difference in the world. I’m been asking God to give me wisdom and favor on this.

    Size 8 1/2

  67. Joanna says:

    Australian womens size 9

  68. Kristyn says:

    9 and a half!

    I’d love to get a chance to read it!

  69. Gina says:

    9.5 and wiiiiiiiiide

  70. Brooke says:

    7.5 love what Soles4soles does & stands for!

  71. Susan Hart says:

    Always enjoy your blog, Pastor Pete!

  72. Tiffany says:

    Size 8

  73. denise vick says:


  74. Becca Taylor says:

    I wear an 8! :)

  75. Paige McKinney says:

    9 1/2

  76. Don’t know if this is still going but here is my shoe size – 9.

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