Go Van Or Go Home

Four years ago my life changed forever. I still remember the conversation like it was yesterday. Brandi came to me and said, “Pete, I think we need a minivan.” “We need a what?” I responded.

At the time we’d just had our 3rd boy in a 5 year span and she was convinced the minivan was an absolute necessity. I fought it for weeks but eventually, with my tail tucked between my legs, I reluctantly agreed to a minivan. There was just one condition. I was NEVER going to drive it.

So here we are 4 years later. I still have my truck (which I love) but I have a huge confession to make. I actually like the minivan. It’s comfortable, roomy and the smoothest ride we’ve ever had. I still feel like a total goofball when driving it, but I’m over that. I no longer slouch down or hide my face when driving down the road.

So this video is for all you proud minivan owners out there. Let’s bond together today and leave me a comment if you roll with the van.

123 Responses to “Go Van Or Go Home”

  1. Chris Hardy says:

    I’ve driven a mini-van proudly Pete. I’ve now moved on to a type of hybrid – half minivan / half suv – and I love it. I feel a bit more “manly” in it! Just remember – “Real men DO drive mini-vans!”

  2. Stephanie Nichols says:

    Thanks to my husband we now own a mini-van. I made a comment on my FB page about how Chris surprised me by buying me a van instead of a car for him. It became quite the discussion on FB. Friends made fun of me while others (whom have vans) raved about how wonderful they are. There comes a time in life where you have to realize this makes the most sense for our family. I LOVE our minivan and so does Chris.

  3. Aundrea says:

    We totally have a swagger wagon!! Used to have an SUV, but with 4 kiddos the van is sooooo much easier (and cheaper)!! My hubby has a big SUV, so when the mood hits for a little “cool”, I just hop in for a ride. :)
    .-= Aundrea´s last blog ..Back to normal? =-.

  4. Amy Nabors says:

    I LOVE my mini-van. It’s a Toyota Sienna and we’ve had it for almost 7 years and it will roll over 100,000 miles something this summer. It’s been awesome, is still in great shape and I plan to drive it until it becomes too expensive to fix. Enough space to hold almost anything and enough room to haul the kiddo and friends wherever. And when he was little getting him in and out of the carseat was so much easier than bending down in a car or lifting up in an SUV.
    .-= Amy Nabors´s last blog ..Project Life: May 10 – 16, 2010 =-.

  5. Jennifer says:

    We only have one child (with no plans for more), but after watching that video I totally want a “swagger wagon.” Great marketing by Toyota!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Kids Say the Funniest Things – Part 2 =-.

  6. cshell says:

    Gotta say I’m a tad disappointed in you Pete. 4 kids here and still we have not given in to the temptations of evil.

    I just recently got myself a Jeep Wrangler (have always wanted one and now that i’m in my mid-life crisis) it was a no-brainer :)

    My wife took it for a spin and this was her reaction, “we could trade the expedition in for another Jeep and just drive two cars everywhere we go”! :)

    Now that is a woman right there!

  7. Tom Raines says:

    loved our minivan! My wife struggled with the image more than I. Of course, I also used to drive an old Volvo station wagon, yes that one! Ha
    .-= Tom Raines´s last blog ..Today’s Affirmation: By the Grace of God I am what I am =-.

  8. Dave Wilson says:

    This totally validates my nicknaming the family van the “crunkmobile.”

    That said, having all that bling up in my grill can cause problems at the church picnic.

    Just sayin’.
    .-= Dave Wilson´s last blog ..I really want to grow in godliness. Or do I? =-.

  9. Oh my heavens, that video is hysterical. i laughed out loud and had tears streaming down my face over her cupcake skills. I have been wanting a minivan for about 6 months now. Unfortunately, Pete, you’ve just encouraged me in my earthly wants. Brilliant marketing by Toyota. I am totally convinced now that I will be cooler if I get one of their Siennas. :)

  10. Amy says:

    I’ve seen this video and love it. We now call our van a Swagger Wagon occasionally. Funny enough, my husband was into and likes our van more than I do. The space and convenience just can’t be beat though!

  11. Re. your truck: It’s not a black truck is it? Is it a pickup? I’m not sure you can be a Christian and drive a black pickup. I’ll try to find the chapter and verse.

    • Pete Wilson says:

      Ha! No it’s a silver 2001 Nissan Frontier. The only downside is the air conditioner went out. It’s a bit warm in there these days.

      • IT might be time for a jeep, Pete. Joe has been driving a jeep wrangler for almost 9 years. We bought it pre-owned at the time. Other than the fact it doesn’t fit our whole family, it has been a GREAT vehicle. It has never broken down and only requires regular maintenance. He finally had some belts replaced this year, but seriously…..a reliable vehicle. We have a soft and a hard top….it is loud though. Hard to have a phone conversation while driving.
        .-= Melissa Irwin´s last blog ..Summer (& a truck update) =-.

  12. bluegoose says:

    HeeHee!!! We bought our first minivan in 1995 simply so the move from Army life to civilian life would be easier – we started off in military life with just the two of us and added 2 children, 1 dog and 1 cat in 7 yrs…and we couldn’t fit ’em all in our car!!! Now, I’m on my 3rd minivan and would NOT trade ya for it!!! And our oldest has no problem driving the van, she prefers it over her Dad’s 20 yr old Buick!!!
    .-= bluegoose´s last blog ..Alone….Really Alone =-.

  13. My wife has tried the “I need a minivan” argument twice.

    1st time she got a Hummer H3 and the 2nd time she got a Ford Flex. Hopefully the third time won’t work out for her either.
    .-= Travis Williams´s last blog ..Maggie’s Photo Shoot =-.

  14. herb says:

    I have to admit, I like our minivan too – we tried the whole SUV thing, but it just just not have the same kind of room you get in a minivan – especially for traveling.

  15. Kevin says:

    We enjoy our minivan…..wore out our first one, now we are on our second. Honestly, it never was a problem with me to have one, once Erin was expecting our third child, we new it would probably become a “must”. Now with 4, there is NO GOING BACK! When you buy one, you better get one with a lot of STORAGE….that will be a must. Now if I had to drive with the storage container on top…well, I may let Erin drive, and I would lay the front seat back!

    • Erin says:

      Scary, my name’s Erin; hubby is Kevin . . . and he, too, has a phobia about the sorage container thing!! Don’t understand it . . . maybe it’s a “Kevin” thing??!

  16. Hello min van owners non-anonymous, my name is Chris……I caved about 4 years ago. At the time we had a 2-door Cavalier and a Pontiac Vibe. With a child #2 on the way and our frequent trips out of town, we needed more vehicle. We didn’t so much need it for our stuff, but for what grandparents sent home with us at Christmas. I wanted a big black Suburban or something that made me feel like I was Jack Bauer. We looked at Envoys, but the price tag was more than we could handle. At roughly half the price we settled on our Chevy Uplander. Not very Jack Bauer, but it does have a DVD player and I can hook up a gaming system in it. It also will hold 4X8 sheets of plywood with all of the seats down. It is not my primary vehicle, but I admit that I like it for our road trips.
    .-= ChrisW(Churchpunk)´s last blog ..An Unplugged Weekend =-.

  17. Aaron J says:

    …and THAT is EXACTLY why my wife and I stopped having kids at 2. No mini-van for me, thank you very much. I’m not judging anybody, I just have a very deep-rooted hatred for all things minivan. I probably should pray about it…

  18. Rodney says:

    Eight years ago I gave up my truck for the minivan. My truck was the first vehicle that I’ve own that got so many compliments on but we just had one of those kiddos and needed more room. I took one for the team. The minivan was not my truck but it wasn’t bad. The minivan is no longer with us it has moved on to a better place but I would get another one.
    .-= Rodney´s last blog ..Wednesday 9-2-09 Day Nine =-.

  19. holly says:

    Hysterical video!

    I remember driving down to Florida with you and Brandi in my minivan and you actually admitting that it wasn’t so bad – considering we had 3 adults, 3 kids (in car seats) and luggage for a week – all quite comfortably.

    Love our minivan – currently looking to get a new one in the next year or two. You really just can’t beat the space and the maneuverability with young kids and car seats. I’m looking forward to one day having a nice sporty crossover, but while the kids are young, the minivan is for me. Actually, this is my third minivan – I had one in college – it was the “funbus” then and, man, we had a lot of fun! :)
    .-= holly´s last blog ..Leaps and Bounds =-.

  20. woody says:

    Genius, Pete!

    I totally get what you’re doing. You’re goin along with all that swagger wagon junk, claiming to love the minivan, trying to be dad/husband of the year. And then BAM! “Brandi, honey, I dug the van for 15 years, my kids are older, I’m losin my cool hair, I’m gettin the Harley.”


    • bluegoose says:

      That’s the way my hub sees it, too!! And, we are pretty darn close to that Harley about now! I’m excited to one day not cart around so many teenagers…seems half the neighborhood teens ride with my kids somewhere!!!
      .-= bluegoose´s last blog ..Alone….Really Alone =-.

  21. jon says:

    Hey Pete, we started our family with an old man car, a big old full size Ford Taurus… so when we got the mini van it wasn’t as bad. After 5 years of mini van, it’s not too bad now.

  22. B Stone says:

    Saw this last week and laughed til I cried. My husband still insists we will NEVER.
    .-= B Stone´s last blog ..March & April, where have you gone? =-.

  23. Jonathan says:

    I’ll have to admit…I want one. Ironically, my wife doesn’t. What does that say about me?

  24. Michael says:

    lol. that is awesome. we just had the minivan discussion the other night.
    .-= Michael´s last blog ..Putting God Off Until Later For Our Incredible Hulk’s =-.

  25. nate says:

    I’ve had five kids in 7 years. I think I need to upgrade to the “creepy full size van” club now.
    .-= nate´s last blog ..Is It Legal To Let My Kids Sample My Beer? =-.

  26. Becky says:

    I had to drive a minivan for about a year when I was in college… it was a Dodge Grand Caravan. I couldn’t drive my dad’s car so I had to drive the minivan!
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..Biltmore House =-.

  27. Chilly says:

    Well, we have 5 kids, so I’ve been rollin’ minivan for years! I remember trading in my sports car for a mini-minivan (think it was called a colt vista) with our first kid – I cried!

    Last year, we finally moved beyond the minivan to a suburban! It looks a lot tougher rollin’ through Detroit (all we need are some spinners on the wheels)!

    Life is funny. God’s used my kids to break my pride in many, MANY areas – it’s a good thing!
    .-= Chilly´s last blog ..Road Inspection =-.

  28. Tony says:

    I deffinitly roll with the mini van. It’s way more manly than the little ’97 corolla anyway (until I trade that in for a truck).

    Got a swing in the front, a tree house in the back
    My #1 dad mug say “yeah, I’m the mac”
    .-= Tony´s last blog ..WordPress 3.0, Beta 2 =-.

  29. mandie says:

    i have four kids.

    i *have* to be rollin’ in this club.
    .-= mandie´s last blog ..Sometimes the lies are deafening… =-.

  30. I WANT A MINIVAN. Can you talk Matthew into one?
    .-= Jessica Turner´s last blog ..Project Life Tuesday =-.

  31. @jmillerjr says:


    I have been very blessed to have NEVER succomb to the minivan craze, and now that my 3 kids are all teens it doesn’t appear I will ever have this distinct pleasure to be in this “one of kind” elite “swagger wagon” club. LOL

    I am proud to see you have “NO SHAME IN YOUR GAME” though bro. Go rock that minivan yo? BTW, I wonder what is going to happen when my grand kids come around? That’s still quite a few years off. Maybe they will have a hover version of the mini-“swagger wagon”-van.

    .-= @jmillerjr´s last blog ..It Begins =-.

  32. Love the video…Hubby would say “She’s got skilz rollin in the swagger wagon.” We have 3 kids and sometimes up to 6 if we have foster kids in the home!!

  33. Dave says:

    minivan=vasectomy on wheels. jand yes, I have one.
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..Going Into Hiding =-.

  34. Kevin Dunlap says:

    I love my (van) too, took a lot of therapy to admit that !!!

  35. Anna says:

    Werk that van, Pete!

    Just stopping by to say hi because I REALLY want to win your book from MPT 😉

  36. As a mother of 2, considering more, I am so afraid that it will come to this. We have a Chevy Trailblazer right now, and it doesn’t have 3rd row seating. It works great for the 4 of us right now, but I know that if baby #3 becomes a reality, then we will have to get something else. It will either have to be a *deep breath, gulp* mini-van, or an SUV with third row seating, which I’m not sure we can afford. Did I mention that I am kindof afraid of mini-vans? Maybe all those vacations I spent in one with my family really scared me. Ha!
    .-= Leslie Barton´s last blog ..I promise I’m still alive! =-.

  37. Angus Nelson says:

    This entire Swagger series is amazing!

    BTW, MPTurners’ pimping your book – nice!
    .-= Angus Nelson´s last blog ..Pastors Are People Too =-.

  38. Laurabo says:

    I have started reading Plan B and have registered for a free copy on Carlos Whittaker’s page. What I have read so far is already helping me rethink things.
    .-= Laurabo´s last blog ..Twisted Path of LIfe =-.

  39. MIcah Hasty says:

    I’ll be honest. I’m commenting to try and win your book from Jesus Needs New PR. You’re a beast! Really want the booK!
    .-= MIcah Hasty´s last blog ..hcolin:Seagulls =-.

  40. kristi o says:

    Yes we sport a minivan. My problem is the whole “I never” bite me in the hinny. I always commented as a single girl that I wouldn’t own a minivan. Two tall kids later a minivan won hands down. Now the kids are in college and we still rock the minivan. Of course it has full tint, a kickin’ stereo and cool parents driving it. I have friends who hate on us all the time.. but when it comes to a road trip they always ask me to drive. ha!

  41. Dan Gross says:

    We’ve recently made the move from minivan to SUV. We’ve always had one “mileage” vehicle (to help w/ that 35 mile drive to work) and one hauling vehicle (at first my drums & friends, etc but now kids). Now our hauling vehicle needs to tow too so thus the move. Generally loved the minivan…lots of storage room inside. Last one would fit 4×8 sheets of plywood flat with all the back seats removed. That’s one thing we’ll miss w/ the SUV.

  42. Jim F. says:

    I let my wife drive the mini van but every so often I have to roll in it. I feel like I should turn in my man card every time I do!
    .-= Jim F.´s last blog ..Promises, Promises =-.

  43. Billy Wilson says:

    I’m right there with ya dude. Got the goober mobile 3 months ago. Sometimes I ditch my car to drive her van. I use the excuse, “I use it for ministry purposes”. We loaded it up and went to unleash this year. Yet you are right, most comfortable ride ever and I’m like a little kid with all the buttons to play with.
    .-= Billy Wilson´s last blog ..New Passion Flood Relief Efforts in the News =-.

  44. caleb hayworth says:

    believe it or not this makes me excited to be a parent haha

  45. I almost wept the day I pulled out of the car lot with our new van. Not because we were driving a brand new fully loaded one…but because we were leaving behind my beloved Nissan Xterra.

    I’ve come to accept the fact that now with four kids, I need the mini-van. Something in me stirs though when I’m driving down the road and pass an Xterra. sniff…sniff…
    .-= matt bortmess´s last blog ..repost: Story of Zac Smith =-.

  46. Jeff says:

    Yeah, we’ve got a minivan. I was the one that pulled for it when we realized the difference in MPG between an SUV and a minivan. And I dealt with the manliness thing when I was dying my hair pink a couple years ago, so I’m over it.

  47. Valerie says:

    LOVE THE SWAGGER WAGON! Mine’s kind of old (2001) so all the hype in the world won’t bring its swagger back (if it ever had any!) But hey- we can all fit, with all our stuff, and best of all, IT’S PAID FOR!! :-) Wow, just writing that made realize that I am REALLY a grown up!

  48. Jennifer says:

    I am not married and have no kids, but I WILL NOT ever buy a minivan. Ever. I mean it.

    But, you know, have fun with yours! 😉

  49. lacey says:

    I have told my boyfriend that I’ll marry (:)) I will NEVER drive a minivan. We’ll see. :)

    (Also here from MPT but longtime reader of your blog!)

  50. Sandy Lavender says:

    I wanted a truck so my darling husband got me a Chevy trail Blazer. May not be a mini van, but works like one. Back seats down it has carted every thing from lumber to sod for the lawn, plants and helped move us into our home. I now have my second trailblazer and it is awesome. It has a corvette V8 in it and this hip grandma loves how it sounds when I reave it up. I feel totally safe driving it and know that when I carry precious cargo, like my granddaughter I am safe and secure. Besides I like be higher up than everyone else, you know those people in those low little cars. :)

  51. kennyd says:

    A real man (or woman) drives whatever they want. (Take that Mike Rowe…you tough guy)

  52. shellie (baylormum) says:

    I am only here because MPT said I had to!! Not really, but sort of….

    We only have 1 child (23), but we traveled A LOT. No mini-van but a Tahoe. Said I’d never drive anything else. I’m on year 5 of a Toyota Avalon. Now, I have trouble driving the Tahoe when I have to. It’s so BIG. And the a/c is out on it! It’s ok to be a mini-van dad. Esp with 3 active boys. Gotta be able to fit them & whatever team they are on in there!

  53. Kristi schutter says:

    I’m not here yet and sometimes poke at the moms my age. I have a huge fear of big cars and the thought of a van that nightmare mode due to size alone.
    My desire of overcoming this fear seems sometimes far to slim as for i’m still in olny child on earth mode but, I keep this dream alive and hope of even oneday hauling muliple foster kids or troubled teens here and there and it rekindles this idea for me and puts my husband who too is 35 at ease

  54. Lori says:

    You know … Brandi and I have the exact same van. Because all of the ultra-cool moms are mini-van moms. :)

    Although, on our way to buy it, I was much more like you. I had a majorly bad attitude that Jud was making me get it. But he was totally right … it is pretty amazing with kids.

    But it is my first … and my last mini-van.
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..A Season Of Change… =-.

  55. David Parker says:

    YUP. I sport the mini-van!

  56. Brandi says:

    I was embarrased to drive a mini van also. I actuallygot one and still remained embarrassed and decided to trade it in for a 3rd row SUV. I have to admit now I MISS THE MINI VAN!

  57. Chris says:

    This “stop-by” is, in part, thanks to MPT pimping your book. Also, we address the space issue and avoid the “minivan” issue by simply driving a Suburban (we are, afterall, from TX :D).

  58. brookjames says:

    Just saying hi!
    .-= brookjames´s last blog ..Vacationing With An Infant =-.

  59. Torybee says:

    About 5 years ago we got a minivan. My husband seemed quite fine with the purchase, but he had a truck then.

    When we sold the truck he “inherited” my old car, a subaru wagon, which I guess wasn’t much better than the minivan because within 2 years he went out and bought the most frivolous car ever: A Lotus Elise. No back seat, no glove compartment, no cup holders…. and not even enough trunk space to fit in golf clubs, let alone a diaper bag and pack and play.

    I’m pretty sure the two were related.

  60. This video is great. My wife was actually the one that said we would never own a mini-van. After our son was born things changed and she drove the purchase.

  61. Jan Owen says:

    I was THRILLED to get a mini-van when we got our first one. No, they are not cool, but there were enough seats for all of us and it kept the peace! While I no longer drive one – our kids are grown – it never bothered me to do so. We had two different ones and I was just thankful. Never seemed to bother my husband either.

    And I drove one when they didn’t have DVD players and the like. I even drove one when only one side opened. Yeah, bet you don’t remember those days! :)
    .-= Jan Owen´s last blog ..Lessons From the Beach =-.

  62. John says:

    Used to roll with a van til it was totaled out in an accident. Loved it, was comfy and roomy. Plan on getting another when we can.
    .-= John´s last blog ..Your Faith Don’t Mean Squat =-.

  63. bryan a says:

    the Allains roll in a Honda Odyssey and we love it….for now.

    Thinking about exchanging our swagger wagon for something less-swaggery next year, but for now it’s how we roll.
    .-= bryan a´s last blog ..LOST Thoughts: Season 6, Episode 15 =-.

  64. jessica says:

    Proud owner of a minivan…who said I’d never own one until the dog started riding in my seat for long trips and I got stuck in the back with the carseats.
    Four kids later, one 90lb dog, one fire-belly toad and I can’t imagine our life without it.
    .-= jessica´s last blog ..Mom Date =-.

  65. CFloyd says:

    You don’t even know, Pete! I had to succome to a TWELVE PASSANGER VAN! I had the mini van denial too, and the epiphany of it’s smooth ride and roominess. But I have not such love for the 12P. I totally refused the free jean jumper though, I will not yield!
    (We have seven children BTW)
    .-= CFloyd´s last blog ..Fruitless is Pointless =-.

  66. Nigel says:

    Haha, we used to have a van… A 1995 Ford Aerostar. Granted, this was back when a drivers airbag was considered to be ‘advanced technology’, but still. I’d have no problem drivin one today with all the gizmos vans have nowadays.

  67. britt says:

    My husband calls his mini van his “truck”. He has an old pick up truck so I’ve spent the last year or so being confused every time he says he’s loading his drums into the truck…and then seeing him loading them into the green minivan thing he bought off his mother.

    I just recently figured out that he just doesn’t want to say the word minivan.

  68. Kecia says:

    I’m trying to win your book Ina third give away… So hello! And wish me luck!

  69. Ryan Tate says:

    We’ve had our minivan for 2 months now. We absolutely love it. Especially me. When we went on a date night last week without the kids, I asked my wife if I could drive the minivan. I’m not ashamed.

  70. patricia says:

    bahahahahaha!!! heeeelarious!

  71. Kathy says:

    Traded in my expedition for a VW bug. I’m now on my second one. I figured someone had to stop the madness. Sorry : / I do love what you do and entered the contest to win “Plan B,” though. Does that count for anything? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? 😉

  72. Rick Nier says:

    Not only do I drive the minivan, we’re making plans to get a second one, because they are just so cool.

  73. adam says:

    the man in the van can…..

    do anything. keep rolling.

    enjoyed your podcast this week.

  74. Patty says:

    We only have 2 kids but actually traded in our SUV for a minivan when our chocolate lab Daisy developed hip problems. And you sure can’t beat it for camping! I just don’t understand why we only use my husband’s H3 on the weekends. No one likes my sexy mini van…choke, choke.

  75. Eric says:

    Pete all I can say is listen to the song by Go Fish “It’s Hard To Be Cool (in a minivan).”

  76. At my old job, I used to travel with my coworkers to Vegas a few times a year for trade shows. And because of the “coordinator” role I played in the company, I normally was the one that got stuck renting the mini-van that carted all of us around. Nothing is sexy about a mini-van in Vegas. Nothing. But I do admit…I loved driving that thing! Because they were rentals, it was the latest, greatest model, and always had fun gadgets. And I’m short, so it put me in the Captain’s chair so I could see over the wheel. Right now I’m single, but someday, I’m probably going to be begging my husband for a mini-van too.

  77. carlybingh says:

    rock out with the van :o)

  78. Erin says:

    Better not run the video at work–I’ll check it out at home, but just had to say, we, too, did the mini-van thing (at my suggestion, but hubby came around) until it was totalled in a highway v. 1-too-many-deer-on-road incident. Kept everyone safe (except the deer), but unfortunately we were talked into one of those “cross-over” type things so we could finish our summer holidays. It’s great for the city (the van was definitely a gas guzzler), but oh, I miss the space on long trips! And as we’re 3,000 km from anywhere remotely resembling a real City, our trips are LONG, believe me!!

  79. bryan says:

    Oh yeah, We are on our second Swagger Wagon.
    I remember the day the world stood still, that was the day I realized I needed a mini van…oh, I mean Swagger Wagon.
    I love the video, Pete.
    .-= bryan´s last blog ..Project 365: 138 – One Baby Bird =-.

  80. gitz says:

    That was some seriously brilliant marketing. I’m never going to get that out of my head now.
    .-= gitz´s last blog ..Gitz Bits 2010: Week 19 =-.

  81. Marlen says:

    We have had a minivan for 9 years. Same one. It is paid for and starting to fall apart, but when we are ready to replace it, I want another minivan.

    That’s how we roll!!
    .-= Marlen´s last blog ..Announcing….. =-.

  82. Lisa Stephenson says:

    That video is hilarious! We have 5 children, 4 boys & 1 girl, so we have given into the minivan sensation a long time ago! My three younger sisters have always made fun of us! We don’t care! It’s roomy, great for loading things like baseball stuff, lawn chairs (for baseball games, of course), & taking church kids to camp! Our 2 oldest are now out of the house, but we still have one because the younger 3 can always bring a friend along!

  83. Kim Harr says:

    Oh man! So true. I broke my “no mini van” motto and will confess although it is definitely not cool, it is practical with 3 kids.
    When we got ours, my younger brother made me a shirt that says “MINI VAN, MEGA FUN” He’s still too cool for the mini van :)
    .-= Kim Harr´s last blog ..Water Day =-.

  84. David Widmer says:

    Please call me! I need your help with this. Seriously…

  85. Pokinatcha says:

    With 7 kids you better believe I have a mini-van. Even on my 2nd one. After watching that video I’m said it’s not a swagger wagon.
    I’m looking forward to the day i’m driving a 2 seater!

  86. Hello Pete. I loved my minivan and hubby did not

  87. @Amart62 (Andrew) says:

    Hey Pete – I too have a truck (Love it). But my vehicle of choice is what my boys and I refer to as the “Manny Van”. Roomy, comfortable and drives like a sports car (well sorta). Over the years several friends have indicated that I should turn in my “Man Card” for driving this vehicle. But we have embraced it and have not conformed! Thanks for sharing about this touchy subject! :)

  88. ryan says:

    ouch ouch too soon…just bought a sienna this last week.

  89. katdish says:

    Bought one. Traded it in after a year. Just couldn’t deal with the stigma.

    You’re a better person than I. Just couldn’t do it. I now proudly drive a gas guzzling, Jeep Commander. And I dig it the most.
    .-= katdish´s last blog ..Sufficient Grace =-.

  90. Buddy Knight says:

    Our first mini-van was a Ford Aerostar XL (long bed version). We LOVED that van until it died! We only had two kids when we bought it and “THOUGHT” that separate aisles would solve problems. Until we heard Liz (8) tell us: “MOOOMMMY!! DAADDDYYY!!!! Benjamin (5) is looking out MY window!!!!” Oh well.

    Now we have a Grand Caravan and 2.5 kids still at home and we still love da minivan. It is great for my ministry trips as it holds EVERYTHING in a secure, weather-proof manner. My truck, alas, does not!

    I’ve never been embarrassed about driving one. My car does not reflect my “macho”.

    GREAT VIDEO, Pete! I had to put it on FB for all my friends! (linked, with credit to you).

    Check six!
    .-= Buddy Knight´s last blog ..Staying Pure In An Impure World:What Is Purity? =-.

  91. Dee says:

    When I see the creative ways church is conducted now, I think boy I was born just a tad too late. I believe I would still be in church if it didn’t come across so stuffy. My son says the church we took them to was too uptight. Why do I make this kind of comment? You didn’t say anything about church, but you represent a church; and at my age, I should like traditional church–should connect with traditional church, but I don’t. Where were you when I was raising my children trying desparately to hang onto my faith amidst so MUCH going on in my life. The people I went to church with seemed to look down on me and I felt like a child in their super adult atmosphere–cool and sophisticated–yech. BTW…I drove a van…wore the right clothes…tried to act ladylike and felt like I was caught in the church web that sucked the creative life out of me. Love the clip…love its message…love God’s creative spirit and pushing with all my might against the shoulds and trying to let it out–somewhere. Merci!

  92. I was a swagger wagon parent for many years…but once we had child number 6…I had to go to the Harden Church Van!! Or I should I say we opted to go for the 12 passenger van as opposed to the 8 or 9 passenger SUV. We wanted a van that I could still take friends! Haha! Fortunately…I was also able to really be cool and get a RED MINI COOPER just for me!! So when Mommy needs to run errands or just take 1 or 2 kids…I am VERY cool! Mini’s my fav…
    .-= Lorrie Harden´s last blog ..Feeling a little out of the loop…of life. Time to catch up. =-.

  93. Lauren Kelly says:

    I saw this on another blog. Sooooooo funny!!! :)

  94. Kevin M. says:

    We’ve been a mini-van family for about 9 years now!
    .-= Kevin M.´s last blog ..Book giveaway: Transforming Church in Rural America =-.

  95. ComfyDenim says:

    I’m a mini-van mom -since, I’ll never buy another Chevy, I may have to buy a Toyota after this commercial though. 😉 It rocked.

  96. Betsy Madison says:

    Proud to say that just this Monday, I graduated OUT of the minivan! My boys are 20 and 17 and Mama’s got a new ride! I couldn’t quite go all the way to a car type vehicle and still made sure to check out the legroom in the back, but the mini SUV is wonderful! Pete–you will be cool again someday!! Looking forward to seeing you at MCC in a couple of weeks—really enjoying Plan B!

  97. Julie R. says:

    I totally roll with the MV…. lol…My kids tell me it is uncool to cruise with my 70s and 80s music thumpin in my speakers… but what do they know…right? The video proves, white suburban middle class people should NOT rap… but boy was it funny…LOL
    .-= Julie R.´s last blog ..My God Box =-.

  98. Brody says:

    It’s a Sport Wagon. I refuse to call ours a minivan.
    .-= Brody´s last blog ..Kobe Bryant =-.

  99. alece says:

    i almost lost my stuff when he squeezed the bottle nipple in that video!
    .-= alece´s last blog ..fajitas with my friend =-.

  100. Janet says:

    A friend posted this video on Facebook – made me think of this blog:
    SWAGGER WAGON Official Toyota Music Video HD

  101. […] Fun by youthpastoradam — Leave a comment May 21, 2010 I saw this earlier this week over here, but I had to share it for anyone that hasn’t seen it […]

  102. Robyn says:

    I just cant seem to rock a mini-van …jus sain

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