31 Day Challenge

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I think one of my favorite seasons on Without Wax last year was the 28 day challenge we did leading up to Easter where hundreds of you joined me in reading through the book of Matthew.

With that in mind I want to extend an invitation for you guys to join me for the 31 Day Challenge.

It’s simple. There are 31 days in January and 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs. I want to challenge you to read a chapter a day from Proverbs through the month of January. We’ll start with Proverbs 1 this Friday, January 1.

I’m doing this challenge in conjunction with a new series we’re launching next week at Cross Point entitled Pursuit, The Search for More, where we’re going to go through the book of Proverbs. Whether you’re at Cross Point or not I would love to challenge you to be a part. We’ve even set up a separate blog RIGHT HERE so you can discuss with others what you’re reading. You can also track each others observations by using the twitter hash tag #cp31days.

Do me a favor and leave me a comment if you want to join us.  Then RT this post and let’s see how many people we can get to join!

Are you in?

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  1. Ryan says:

    Hey, I stumbled into your blog from a friends blog and was excited to see your church is doing this. I did this a lot growing up and am planning to do it again while posting my thoughts on my blog. Thanks!
    .-= Ryan´s last blog ..Proverbs 1 =-.

  2. Nicole says:

    Definitely in for this study on Proverbs! :)

  3. Count me in. I love the book of Proverbs and this pretty much lines up with my main goal for 2010.
    .-= missional girl´s last blog ..One Thing: The Word of God =-.

  4. Aundrea says:

    I am in!! I know this comment is late, but I have already been reading. I am also using this goal with my kids as part of their homeschool!! My older 2 will read the chapters themselves and I will read to the younger ones. :)
    .-= Aundrea´s last blog ..Christmas =-.

  5. Wes Little says:


    Awesome idea. I’m in. I started reading the bible each day last year, but I started with the New Testament and completed that, and then started with the Old Testament. I did kinda lose steam in the books of history, and stopped after Ezra. But, with this, I can kick start it back into the new year! Thanks!

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  7. A little late, but willing to join. Thanks for the invite. Now I’m off to read. In God’s Love, sheila
    .-= sheila harris´s last blog ..A Hurting Heart =-.

  8. Annabelle says:

    Ok, so I’m a few days behind, but I’m in! Now I gotta catch up with you all! 😉
    .-= Annabelle´s last blog ..My year in Review =-.

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  10. Mary West says:

    Proverbs 4-Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life. It is the path of righteousness that we need to walk in provided by God, Himself. He says keep my commands and you will live and guard your heart so that you dont stray from Him. This is what I gleened from today’s reading.

  11. Hey Pete- I’m so in! :)
    .-= Christina Ludwick´s last blog ..PURSUIT of wisdom. 31 Day Challenge =-.

  12. jessica says:

    I’m a sucker for peer pressure! I’m in :)
    .-= jessica´s last blog ..The Sword =-.

  13. Ruth Collins says:

    So excited about this! Just caught up this morning. I’m new to crosspoint and am loving it so far! This is a great challenge!

  14. Amanda says:

    4 days late but I’m in :]
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Another one =-.

  15. I’m a tad late but I’m whole-heartedly here now!

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  17. zalyndia says:

    i’m in down here in TEXAS

  18. […] TN.  I read Pete’s blog regularly and was intrigued and challenged by something I read over here.  Seemed simple enough to me.  In fact it seemed like just the thing I was looking for to kick […]

  19. Megan says:

    I’m in!
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Thanksgiving in Oahu =-.

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