Filling Up My Bucket


For years now I’ve pictured my heart as a bucket. As I go through life and interact with people and certain circumstances I seem to pour a little of my heart out. Over time I notice that my bucket, or my heart, seems to get a little empty.

I become….

short with people

There are various spiritual practices I’ve developed to help me fill my bucket. One of those is worship.

Some of my sweetest moments of worship are in the car. I turn up a worship song, open my heart and mind to God and allow him to fill up my heart with His truth, love and grace. It’s essential for me if I want to be the man I believe God has called me to be.

Over the years God has used Hillsong’s worship to fill my heart again and again and again. Faith+Hope+Love, Hillsong’s latest live worship album, releases NEXT TUESDAY. Every track on the album has been filling up my bucket the last few weeks and I know it will do the same for you.

As a gift to you today, here’s your chance to slow down and allow God to speak to you. Take a minute and enjoy the world premiere of “We Will See Him” off of Hillsong’s new album.

We Will See Him from Pete Wilson on Vimeo.

You can jump HERE if you want to pre-order the CD.

You can also visit Carlos, Tony, or Ben if you want to see a few other videos from the album or check out Fred’s blog tomorrow for the final release.

26 Responses to “Filling Up My Bucket”

  1. sherri says:

    This is where my heart has been lately–s l o w i n g down and watching for God and the special opportunities He presents throughout my day. Opportunities or instances I would have missed in my otherwise hurried state.

    Having a group of worshippers lead me into His presense like they do is just amazing!
    .-= sherri´s last blog ..Have you noticed….. =-.

  2. Karen says:

    Wow. Very timely message. I’ve found myself in the empty bucket stage a lot lately. I, too, am often filled while in the car, and Hillsong is very often the catlyst to get that going. It’s amazing how quickly God responds when we lift his name in praise, not expecting anything in return, and he then fills us to overflowing, ready to pour out his love on others.

    Thanks for the video. Can’t wait for the CD.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Random Active Kindness =-.

  3. Falguni says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE worship music; I listen to it on my way to work and when I’m getting ready to start my day off right. It gives me a lot of peace when I am stressing about things and God is always trying to speak to me somehow thru it.

    Yesterday, these words spoke to me when I was dealing with some things: “The Lord has PROMISED good to me, His word my hope secures…”-Amazing Grace
    .-= Falguni´s last blog ..They Are Worth Every Penny =-.

  4. Sarah says:

    thank you pete. i loved being filled by the Holy Spirit this morning from this post & Hillsong (they are incredible). it was needed today…and is still. would it be bad if i just wore my ipod all day at work?? :)

    Sarah S.

  5. pete wilson says:

    @Sarah, I think you should try. I often have their music playing in the background while I write.
    .-= pete wilson´s last blog ..Filling Up My Bucket =-.

  6. Pete, it’s a wonderful album, isn’t it! I get lost in the middle section, especially on “I Will Exalt”, “Yahweh”, etc.

    Thanks for passing the baton, I look forward to wrapping up the tour in the morning!
    .-= Fred McKinnon´s last blog ..#sundaysetlists Celebration: And Winner #2 is … =-.

  7. Jason says:

    I love to take worship music and just rock out in worship with it. I love to go walking and just be in the middle of nature & nowhere with God singing out loud to David Crowder or Lincoln Brewster songs. When LB sings “Take Me Higher” it’s like someone is literally holding my bucket under one of those old railway water towers and it’s not only filling me but overflowing on everything around me. :)

    Great vid. Hillsong is so anointed.
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..Life is like a box of Tootie and Blair =-.

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  9. Megan says:

    Thanks Pete! I can’t wait for this album. I listen to worship (mostly Hillsong) all day at work. It does wonders for my mindset, attitude and outcomes!
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Pray for Sergio =-.

  10. Julie says:

    Pete, so often in my life, worship is the only way that I find rest. Thanks so much for sharing this today.
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Peter, Paul, and Mary =-.

  11. There is really no other place I would rather be than worship. To just sing and dwell…. Hillsong is often where I go, its so quick to get in His presence. I am lovin’ this whole album, thanks for the tour this morning. I didn’t realize that my bucket was so empty and I was so encouraged. I was sitting in my cubicle worshipping, it was all I could do to stay seated…
    .-= Kristi Ottmar´s last blog you like our new signs =-.

  12. Torybee says:

    Thanks for this; I had no idea of a new release coming out. I love listening to their songs when the worship band at my church plays them, and have finally bought my first full CD to listen in the car. (I had previously purchased individual songs on my ipod)
    I have a question though: The lyrics. Sometimes i just can’t sing along with them. I agree with them, I desire that, but I often can’t honestly sing it. When it describes how wonderful or beautiful God is, yes, I can sing that part. When it describes the singer’s response, total complete abandon and surrender, living Life fully for God’s glory, I just listen. I can’t sing it because it’s not true and I look at during church service, seeing everyone around me raising their hands in praise and agreement and I just wish I could sing these songs along with them with integrity and meaning.

    Is it enough to just desire what the songs say?
    .-= Torybee´s last blog ..Not Enough =-.

  13. Tony York says:

    There are many songs that I like to listen to that help me slow down for a minute and just be filled.

    Yearn by Shane&Shane
    Come Thou Fount
    Several songs by Tenth Avenue North
    Phil Wickham’s CD “Sing Along”
    “Born Again” by Third Day

    Just to name a few… :)
    .-= Tony York´s last blog ..Don’t Pee on Me!! =-.

  14. Lorelei King says:

    I think we all have to remember that having our “tanks” filled (so to speak) is not a one time thing. We have to continually have them filled. I will always remember a lesson a former pastor of mine taught . . . saying that the Greek translation of the latter part of Eph 5:18 was ‘be being filled with the Holy Spririt’.

  15. David says:

    I recoup by listening to Rich Mullins, Jeremy Camp or Andrew Peterson. For me it is music that tells a story that gets me.

    I’ll have to try this Hillsong and see what I think.

  16. Mike in Milwaukee says:

    That was awesome Pete. Thanks for the link to the Hill Songs video. It was just what I needed!

  17. pete wilson says:

    Glad it was helpful Mike!
    .-= pete wilson´s last blog ..Filling Up My Bucket =-.

  18. Desiree says:

    Thanks for this today. I could so feel the spirit come over me just listening to that song. I LOVE worship music…it is by far my favorite and most listened to. I will have to get this new CD.
    On my blog on Saturday’s I try to highlight a song that has been ministering to me or something that fits with what is going on in my life right then and this Saturday, I’d like to link back to your blog to highlight this song.
    .-= Desiree´s last blog ..New Stuff at Summer CHA – Part 2 =-.

  19. Pearl says:

    Oh Pete, if ever there was a day when I needed my bucket filled! I won’t go into all the annoying details but this sister would appreciate your prayers. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    @Torybee, desiring is the first step. Check out Psalm 37:4. I’m praying that God fulfills your desires!
    .-= Pearl´s last blog ..What is God Preparing? =-.

  20. Jill says:

    Pete – thanks for sharing this awesome tune and all of your honesty, transparency and His truths lately!

    Not sure if you have checked out Lexi’s blog – here is the addy just in case she would love to share her heart with you and your readers!

    Blessings and love,
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..Thankful Thursday – I can see =-.

  21. Torybee says:

    @Pearl, I thank you for that.
    .-= Torybee´s last blog ..Duty or Desire? =-.

  22. pete wilson says:

    @Pearl, I’m so glad God used the post and video to speak into your life. Isn’t God just cool like that? Seems He always know what and when we need little gentle reminders like that.
    .-= pete wilson´s last blog ..Filling Up My Bucket =-.

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  24. JP says:


    It has been some time since religious music has moved me in a meaningful way deep in my heart. Thank you for sharing this and giving me a needed sacred moment.

    .-= JP´s last blog ..Love Struck and V Factory’s Openly Gay Boy Bander Nathaniel Flatt =-.

  25. Jen says:

    Being an Australian, I’ve been blessed with this album for a month now. I ordered it as soon as I came out of the recording at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. While the cd/dvd is extraordinary, there has been nothing else in my life as unbelievibly heaven breathed as the actual recording itself. Being there was the most amazing night of worship I ahve ever attended. I’m pretty sure I got an insey, bitsy look at what heaven is going to be like. My friend and I debriefed after, and we both felt the same way… there were times when you just couldn’t reach high enough with your hands, couldn’t stand on the tips of your toes enough to get as high as you felt you needed to to give Him glory. It was so much more than “yourself”… I honestly felt like my heart was on the outside of my body… Absolutely awesome.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Death in the Family =-.

  26. Robin says:

    Thanks for that Pete…loved it, we’ll be looking for the new release Tuesday.
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Cake Wrecks =-.

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