Hanging On


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one might be worth a million to me right now.

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I take sinful pride in my ability to handle a lot at one time. I like the pressure, the challenge, the risk. While others run from it, it get’s my heart beating fast.

But this week God is humbling me and I’m leaning on him for every ounce of strength.

Between jet lag, utter exhaustion, emotional turmoil from India, trying to write a message, keeping up with meetings, trying to reengage with my family, small group, friends from Atlanta spending the night tonight, friends from Indianapolis coming in this weekend, grandparents visiting from Ohio, the boys’ birthday parties, baseball games, preaching 4 services this weekend, and prepping to go out of the country again next week… I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I feel like I’m about to be swallowed.

Don’t panic on me. I’m not standing on a bridge or anything. :)  I even hesitate to write this because I’m not looking for your self-pity.  I just know sometimes I (we) have the tendency to project we have it all together.

In case you haven’t already noticed this about my life: I don’t.  I think I need to be honest with you and say everything is not “fine” all the time. The charts of my life are not constantly going up and to the right.

Henri Nouwen said…

“When we become aware that we do not have to escape our pains, but that we can mobilize them into a common search for life, those very pains are transformed from expressions of despair into signs of hope”

I apologize in advance, but I’m going to be scarce around here for a few days while I allow God to help me pull my life and emotions back together. I know he’ll help me transform them from expressions of despair to signs of hope.

So that’s how you can pray for me.

Now, how can we pray for YOU?

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  1. Jan C. says:

    I’ll be praying for you, Pete. And for Brandi, because if all that stuff is on your plate, it’s on hers too! Sounds like you all need a little of the peace of Christ, which surpasses all understanding, etc., to descend upon you ASAP.

    Jan C.’s last blog post..This is the song that never ends . . .

  2. Marla P says:

    Pete, if you need help with your message I am always here! You know I am a wealth of knowledge. Kidding aside, I will be praying-

  3. Falguni says:

    Praying for you, Brandi, the boys, and the church! You and Brandi need a day at the spa! I’ll watch your kids for you anytime :)

  4. Pete Wilson says:

    @Marla P, I’m calling you out of the bullpen this weekend. You’re up! :)

  5. Sean says:

    Pete, will be praying for you! And Brandi and the boys. You have all gone through a lot recently, no matter that you were the only one that went away. Just keep in mind that through all of this God wants you to lean on Him to come through the other side!

    To pray for me? My wife, that she would come to know the Lord and that I would have the strength to follow through with the exact advice I gave you… To lean on Him daily, no matter what comes along!

    Love you guys!

    Sean’s last blog post..Crazy Times!

  6. Tommy Sircy says:

    He giveth power to the faint;
    and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.
    Isaiah 40:29

    Praying for you, bro.

    Pray that I will remember that same truth.

    Tommy Sircy’s last blog post..A Patch of Weeds

  7. Steven says:

    Enjoy that peace and quiet.

    We all need it from time to time. Especially with all the noise we place around us on a daily basis.

  8. Friend. The only other person I know who has that much going on right now is my Mom and I’ve been thinking about her non-stop. You have a lot going on. In praying and thinking about my Mom’s psycho schedule this week I’ve had to remember that it is during times like these that God accomplishes His greatest work. There is no illusion of relying on your own strength because there just simply isn’t any left to be exerted. I really will be praying for you. And for your entire family.

    Melissa Fitzpatrick’s last blog post..Time, Please don’t have your way with me.

  9. I will be praying. You will get through this CRAZY season and hopefully you will find rest.

    Lindsey Nobles’s last blog post..Meet Deva

  10. katdish says:

    Just be still, Pete.

    Peace be still. And not to shamelessly plug my own blog (again), but you should check out the short video Jeff made a couple of years ago. It’s about a minute long.

    You know I’m not a suck-up, but I think you’re pretty awesome.

    katdish’s last blog post..The One Thing

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  12. Sarah says:

    hey pete, thanks for this truth. definitely be on my knees for that one. you can pray for my extended family. Lots is going on with them – some good things, several facing tough times though. Thank you for caring enough to ask

  13. Angie says:

    Thanks for your honesty and transparency.

    Angie’s last blog post..Equipping. Excellence. Standards. Criteria.

  14. sherri says:

    Hey Pete. Even Jesus went off a boat by himself.


    sherri’s last blog post..Big Al’s UNEDITED views on Lil’ Sher

  15. Praying for you. I have a WEEKEND ahead of me, too. End of the school year, birthdays, softball tournaments, All-Star practice, school parties, VBS meetings….
    It’s hitting hard. Praying for you – pray for me.

    Robyn (3GirlsMom)’s last blog post..The Last Day

  16. Praying for you Pete, that’s an amazing amount on your plate right now… hang in and hang on

    Scott Fillmer’s last blog post..LOVE > KNOWLEDGE

  17. Pete Wilson says:

    @Melissa, I woke up this morning thinking about and praying for your mom.

    **IF everyone would take a second today to remember Beth Moore as she hosts the National Day of prayer in D.C.**

    @Sean, I’m praying for your wife. I pray she will see the love and grace of Jesus today!! Your humble request made me cry. Then again, that’s happening a lot lately. :)

  18. Wendy Ingram says:

    Praying right now for you Pete, that God in his grace, would fill you up. My husband and I are learning that often times we just don’t humanly have enough to offer and that is fine to just that place of surrender and rest in our Father. Praying for you in the midst of all you have on you plate to continue to fix your eyes on him and draw from his enoughness during these times of exhaustion, overload, and busyness. Praying for both you and Brandi!
    Wendy Ingram

    Wendy Ingram’s last blog post..Luke Commission update

  19. April Lyon says:

    “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31


    As long as we are not too BUSY:
    B —Being

    “I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now being in confident of that HE who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1 : 3-6

    In HIS Joy,
    April Lyon

    April Lyon’s last blog post..Teaching (and as always learning) as I go…MY MISSION FIELD

  20. Christi R says:

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers, Pete!

  21. Kelly says:

    Praying for you!

  22. Tony York says:

    So let me get this straight… you are the bird or the lizard thing in its mouth? 😉

    I will be praying that you either:

    A) Become the bird; OR
    B) The bird chokes on you


    Tony York’s last blog post..Hey, Short Stuff, look at this!

  23. Robin Pippin says:

    Bless you, Pete.

  24. ShannieLu says:


    Thank you for your honesty, and for sharing those wonderful words of wisdom from Henri Nouwen. Every time I read something that he wrote or said, it hits another part of my heart and allows me to open up just a tiny bit more. So thank you for sharing that.

    I have loved reading your blog, which just started since your compassion trip. (Also love reading your Tweets!)

    You can pray that I continue to take Henri’s words above to heart and that I will find hope in my pain. I will be praying for you as well…

    ShannieLu’s last blog post..Easter 2009

  25. Rachel Way says:

    I am so thankful for your blog. God is using you to do great things in His name. I totally agree with you that we all need time to just soak in God’s glory and we all feel like that sometimes the picture you posted. May God bring peace to you!!! That is my pray for you!!

    Rachel Way’s last blog post..PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Vanessa says:

    New commenter here, but I just wanted to say that I am praying for you and Brandi. I really appreciate both your blogs – your openness and honesty. Thank you for that.

    I would like prayer for a sweet friend’s marriage – they are really having a hard time right now. I am praying that they will hold strong and not give up.

    Vanessa’s last blog post..A little perspective and a little gratitude

  27. Pete Wilson says:

    @Tony York, if the bird chokes on me he wills spit me out….right????

  28. Katy says:

    Prayers and blessings for you, the family, the church, and the lives you touch.

    Have been wanting to ask you to do a post explaining to us about being a Compassion blogger – so praying that when the waters settle you can share that with us all.


    Katy’s last blog post..Take me out to the ball game

  29. Michelle says:

    Pete, thank you so much for your transparency and authenticity. May the Lord raise up people to whom you can delegate and give you the grace to carry all that He says you should, and the grace to let go of the rest. :-)

    Prayer for me? Well, I feel like I’m about to go “BOOM!!” It feels like a God-thing. But scary, too…

  30. Laura Davis says:

    Love your honesty!! I’ve felt like this for a while now,but today I’m feeling like Jonah must’ve felt after being spit out of the whale…glad to be free, thankful that God didn’t let me stay where I was :)

    Really amazed at the transformation already beginning in my marriage after a meeting with Blake last night(amazing honesty)- praying the good I am feeling is just the tip of what God has in store for us! New beginnings through Gods grace…is all I can say!

  31. Brittany says:

    wow, busy, busy, busy – my life gets that way sometimes between full time job, full time law school, church, working in the nursery at church, small group, friends, family, study, and at times like that I have to “be still, and know that he is God” and just take small moments of stillness to get me through… Praying for you and Brandi with your full plates… I actually posted a few things I would like prayer for on my blog… if anyone has time to read it.

  32. Brittany says:


    Brittany’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  33. Tony York says:


    Well, honestly, I hadn’t thought that far down the metaphor. I guess you could get stuck in there while it choked to death (eww). Freedom on one side and its gorge on the other… man, that sounds like some type of hell. Huh… funny how being stuck in a rut looks much the same way – God is there waving us to His easy yoke while we are putting our faces into the vomit that we have caused because its been about what ‘we’ can accomplish or ‘have’ to accomplish.

    I think I would like to be the bird … but I don’t want to eat lizards that can choke me.

    Isaiah 40:31 has something to say about birds. Another interesting observation is that the word translated “wait” can also be translated to “hope”… I think you were preaching on that recently.

    By the way, we are planning on being in Nashville the weekend of June 13-14. We hope to get a chance to visit y’all.

    Tony York’s last blog post..Hey, Short Stuff, look at this!

  34. Pete Wilson says:

    @Katy, I’m really not the guy to ask about that but I can point you in the right direction.

    Check out Shaun Groves at http://www.shaungroves.com/shlog. He’s the main blogging Compassion dude that can set you up!

    If you ever get the chance you should go! Life changing.

  35. Will be praying for your entire family- that’s a lot going on. Thanks for your transparency! Helps give a little perspective to things going on in my life. :)

  36. Diane Moody says:

    Hey Pete. I’m guessing the culture shock when you arrived in India was overwhelming. I’m also guessing the culture shock when you returned was even greater. Good for you, taking a step back to process it all and allow God to help you put it in perspective. Praying for you! And for your family too. Hangeth thou in there, pastor.

  37. Yes praying for you. Pray our preschool building/new mission will finish on time. No roof yet, opening July 27, 75 children already enrolled. Director just started Monday. Next two months critical.

    Melissa Salomon’s last blog post..…..

  38. Kels says:

    Ok, Pete. Here goes…
    Father in Heaven, right now, I ask for you to bring calm to Pete’s emotions and peace to his heart and to his mind. Clarify his thoughts as he prepares for the messages he needs to bring forth and strength for all the tasks he needs to get done. I pray that you would give him REST, REFRESHING and RENEWAL. Most importantly, I pray, Lord, that your name would be glorified through Him. I ask that praise would be in his heart to you as an offering. Bring it all together in Jesus name, amen.
    Pete, I am new to your blog by only a few days. NOTHING happens by accident. I know that I am supposed to be here to lift you before the throne. That is my calling.

  39. Vicki says:

    We appreciate your authentic, real way you convey what is going on in your life, both publicly and privately, and ask for prayer. Pete, confusion is Satan’s way to cut in on what God purposed in your life. I pray for clarity and intentional focus on what He has placed on your heart. Take each day as it comes -His agenda, not yours. Draw near to Him, listen intently, dismissing the daily noise that distracts and confuses.

  40. Praying for you guys…thank you for all that you do !

    lisa gardiner’s last blog post..Community

  41. steve jones says:

    Mr Pete,
    Thanks for sharing this. I teared up as I read your post today because I have struggled coming back from India too. The jetlag, life, ministry, family and I was hit with some stuff I did not expect. I will be praying for you. Hey, I miss laughing with you (and at you). Blessings,

    steve jones’s last blog post..Cracked Pots

  42. Peggy Reeves says:

    Thanks for your honesty and just being real. I love that about you…a pastor who is REAL!!! Embrace your life…embrace your feelings…embrace your chaos…knowing that it is a blessing from God and He is manning your ship.
    You are in my prayers!

  43. Kevin Cook says:

    Pete……I sense that you need someone to hold up your arms (Ex. 17:11). I know that the people that you lead (CrossPoint) are not in a physical battle as were the children of Isreal, but I am sure that Satan is very strong at work wanting to defeat you. So, I am holding up your arms. I am praying for you. I am ready to help and feel free to allow me to when I get there. Satan was defeated over 2000 years ago, and we can remind him of that. Rest in Him today….if you feel like you are a broken vessel today, give it to Jesus….He can take care of it all. I love you brother…Have a blessed day.

  44. Josh Surratt says:

    Thanks for your honesty dude. I’m in the ATL airport getting ready to embark on a similar journey…to South Africa. It’s been awesome to watch you process your experience with us. Your prayers will be appreciated!

  45. Tracey Smith says:

    Great to hear you are retreating! Thanks for being honest and open with yourself! I think many of us are guilty of not resting! I have a close friend in ministry who kept going and did not stop for a break…here is his story…


    Thought your readers might like to hear from experience! Enjoy some rest bro! Praying for you!

    Tracey Smith’s last blog post..Andy Stanley: Thoughts on Leadership

  46. Donna says:

    So it is almost funny that you wrote this as I have been wondering how you have been doing all this! After watching my husband return from Africa after a 2 week missions trip and take 2 weeks to function in this time zone….well as I said I have been wondering…especially when you stayed up till the wee hours putting that basketball hoop together! I will be praying that God allows you to rest [even though you may not want to] and to bring you comfort through rest….some down time with friends and family….and lots of naps!
    Blessings to you!

  47. Peter P says:

    One of the things that crushes us most is not having the ability, space and freedom to say “I’m not OK”.

    I’m glad you posted this, most people not in ministry never realize how taxing, demanding and exhausting it can be.

    I pray that God gives you supernatural strength and stamina to get through this time… Oh and that he clears up your schedule a little!

  48. Greg MacMillan says:

    Prayin for ya Pete, as always.

    Keeping the “Vision” alive is difficult sometimes. I know you aren’t necessarily thinking about it this way, but sometimes we get so consumed by everything and those good ole’ emotional drains, it makes you think about crawling in a hole, hibernating and calling it quits. However sometimes crawling in a hole for a day or two can be theraputic. For me sometimes taking a day or two I usually find myself missing everything I had going on and I find that zeal to sustain me. Hey and a glass of ovaltine never hurt!! =-)

    As always your honesty is comforting for myself, actually helps me remember that God can use me even when I feel like I am unworthy of His call.

    Keep it real Pete, as usual.

  49. Laurie D says:

    Thank you for sharing!!! I know that it is always hard to admit that you dont have everything together all the time especially when you are in a leadership role. I will be praying for you!
    I feel weird posting my prayer request in such a public forum, but you asked so I will share. I need an MRI to locate a leak in my brain. I have had this leak (which is very painful) since October 17th and I am tired of laying in bed and waiting… it was finally diagnosed as a CSF leak 3 weeks ago and now I need another MRI to locate the leak so that I can have the surgery to fix it. My scheduled date is November 13…please pray that this is moved up….I know God has been teaching my patience, but…I am a single mom of an 11 year old and she needs her mom back.

  50. Barb says:

    I am exhausted just reading your list and you are asking us if you can pray for us…amazing.I think I”ll pray for you and everyone

  51. Lorrie Harden says:

    Whew…I am exhausted reading that! And I am busy with life! Praying for supernatural peace and rest, rejuvination, and clarity…
    Thanks for your constant transparency…

  52. Gina says:

    Praying for you Master Pete…I mean Pastor Pete.

    I am also praying over the others here very slowly today….

  53. Julie says:

    Wow Pete, I will pray and pray and pray some more. Pray for me? Like you need one more thing on your mind or to do list. But, I will throw it out here. Pray that I win the battle for my mind. I feel like I’m losing.

    Julie’s last blog post..Oh how God must hurt

  54. Susan says:

    I know how you feel, to an extent. Seeing God at work in such a real and powerful way and coming back to the “real world” is always a hard, overwhelming experience. It also is something that doesn’t “go away” quickly….or in fact ever. Yes, over time these feelings become less intense, but that is only until you are placed in a similar situation again. I still feel this from Exuma, and we went in March. I also feel this in regards to how my friends and I have been serving. God is doing SO much and it is so hard to even see it all, let alone comprehend it. Add in “normal life” to the mix, and it is hard to NOT be overwhelmed!

    Question for you Pete: You said that you are going out of the country again next week. What is that trip for?

    As for prayer requests: This is my cousin’s new son, and he needs prayer, along with the rest of the family:

    Susan’s last blog post..Today’s update on Baby Jack

  55. Paula says:

    Yup – I’m SO THERE with you on this Pete! Like you, I don’t like to invite pity parties and am therefore more prompted to say everthing is fine or good… even when it isn’t. I always think that no matter how difficult my day(s)is, someone else is having it a lot worse!

    Bottom line, I forget that God can do great things through my own petty struggles…

    Praying for you and the family!

  56. gitz says:

    That is a perfect photo…

    It’s moments like you’re in now that I remind myself that God gives me what I need when I need it… He doesn’t give it to me ahead of time, and I can’t get what I need on my own. I’ll be praying for you that you find moments to decompress a bit and that you’re able to find, in those crazy moments, that you have to do nothing more than take what He has ready to give you.

    And if nothing else, you can be thankful you’re not stuck in the throat of the bird! [so funny, Tony]

  57. Jessica says:

    Pete it is difficult to come back from a trip and automatically go back to “normal life.” Your “normal” probably doesn’t feel right anymore. Everyone will understand if you need a few hours or a few days to figure it all out! We would hate for you to have such an extraordinary experience and then not have time to integrate it into your life. You don’t have to put the superman costume on for us!

  58. Brandon says:

    I’m about to head off to Colorado for three months next week for a spiritual leadership program, which means a 1,145 mile drive and lots of emotional ups and downs. I have no idea what to expect.

    At the same time, I’ve been applying for Seminary in D.C., and because of my overt honesty on my application, there is an issue which I’m having to rent a car, drive 10 hours this weekend and meet with the admissions folks face to face. That means a 650 mile drive and lots of unneeded pressure a week before I take off for CO.

    I need prayer for the 1800 miles I have to drive in one week, the clarity to walk through it all with a bigger picture and the emotional discipline to be able to step back and make decisions and choices from a detached emotional place instead
    of from fear or pressure to put on a face to make this work.

    Also, for God to make it rain caffiene while I’m driving.

  59. Candy says:

    It’s good you know when to step back and seek the support that the unconditional love in your life can give you. Some of us just aren’t that wise. Or transparent. Be with God, Brandi, friends – you need to chill with all of them and tune out the noise in your head. But leave it to you to still want to pray for us. BE STILL!! Will certainly be praying for you.

    Candy’s last blog post..The Pit

  60. Tricia says:

    Its really refreshing to have a pastor that is not perfect, nor pretends to be. So many times in my life, I feel the same as u (this morning…) I will pray the same verses for u that I do for myself: That Pete has the mind of Jesus Christ; that Pete commits his works to the Lord & his thoughts are established for God’s Kingdom; that Pete can do all things through Christ who strengthens him; that the Peace of God that surpasses ALL understanding, guard Pete’s heart & mind through Jesus Christ, our Lord. You’re in our prayers!

  61. Bridget says:

    I will no longer complain of my busy week lol…Praying for you!

    Bridget’s last blog post..Mission….

  62. Chere says:

    I can completely relate to that picture at the moment…I’m smack in the midst of my final round of finals for my first year of law school. It’s just an intense experience all around, intellectually, spiritually, physically…there’s a lot of drama and angst, as well as the pressure to live up to some weird artificial expectation set by the world about what success as a law student (and a lawyer) means.
    Also, given the state of the legal industry at the moment thanks to the economy, concerns about grades are invading a little more persistently than usual.
    So, that’s mine I guess – peace of mind and resting in the knowledge that God has me here for a reason, so whatever happens happens and none of it is outside his will for my life. It’s hard knowing that God has called me here, but I have no idea what the NEXT step is…I like to plan my life so much that it kills me not knowing what I’ll be doing in 2 years. Ridiculous! :)
    Praying for you…sounds like all of those “big life event” stressors hitting you at once!

    Chere’s last blog post..R is for Restitution Damages, Reliance….oh heck, it’s *really* for Reese

  63. ransom33 says:

    Hi Pete,

    Forgive me if I am way off the mark here as I don’t know you personally, although having followed your blog for a while I do feel as if I know you a little.

    By your own admission it sounds like you are on the verge of “drowning” or better put “just keeping your head above the water”. I think it is fantastic that you love a challenge and thrive under pressure, but I think we can all say that it is true for most of us that when we juggle too many plates all at once, chances are we will drop one or two and they will get broken, not to mention the fact that the quality of the juggling overall will not be as good and God-honouring as if we were just juggling a couple of things.

    Only today I was listening to a sermon by Paul Washer entitled “Biblical Headship”, which I found incredibly timely and sobering. Paul talked about how many in ministry come home exhausted from the day’s work and whilst the world gets the best of them, the family waiting at home tends to just get the crumbs that fall off the table. When that happens we are failing as witnesses of the faith we profess. You can find this sermon on sermonaudio.com.

    I am not saying that is the case with you, but when we do too much and try to be superman or superwoman, important things, important people get put on the back burner and we neglect the very things that God has primarily entrusted us with.

    I have fallen prey to busyness many a time and every time I heard the Lord saying to me: “Be a person of ONE THING. Give all you’ve got, all your efforts, gifts, resources to one thing and do it to the best of your ability”. The role of the pastor, leader, teacher is to enpower others to go and do all the things that you are trying to do right now. We are all called to do things in Christ’s name and for His glory and you need to delegate the responsiblity and allow others to respond to their calling and not expect you as a leader to be everywhere, every time.

    Spread yourself too thinly, and eventually you will go up in smoke. You will go into burnout and be of no use to anyone, least of all those closest to you, the ones that really need you.

    What is God calling you to do above all else? Of all the things that you give your time, love and energy to, what are the ones that in your heart you know bring most glory and delight to God? Saying no to things is one of the hardest things but also one of the most courageous, in my opinion, because often we can hide behind the busyness to avoid facing our God-given immediate responsibilities. We look great to the world outside but our personal lives are in dire need of some readjusting and retuning.

    I am praying for you and for your family.

    I know you do anyway, but listen closely to what God is telling you and know that you have the freedom to let go of some things to put your all in the ONE THING.

    I wish you all the best. God bless you.


    ransom33’s last blog post..THE REAL PANDEMIC ASSAILING THE WORLD

  64. Nick says:

    Definitely praying for you!

    I have a less personal prayer request. Our target date to launch the new church is Sept. 13 and are in a standstill waiting to get confirmation on our meeting place. It is holding us up on a lot of stuff. I’ve been asking God to turn the principal’s heart in our direction. I would appreciate the additional prayers for the same thing.

    Thank you!

    Nick’s last blog post..KFC Great Marketing Gone Bad!

  65. bluegoose says:

    Praying for your whole family during this stressful time!

    My request: my nephew.
    and that my daughter would know beyond knowing what God would have her do next year. She has been accepted at UNT, and that is what her earthly Daddy wants, but she is feeling maybe God is calling her to stay here at jr. college and grow some more.

    Thank you for always thinking of others!

    bluegoose’s last blog post..My Nephew

  66. Pete Wilson says:

    @Susan, I’m going to the Dominican Republic where I get to spend some time encouraging Moises who pastor the church we planted in the Dominican.

    I’ll also be teaching/preaching/training a group of Dominican/Haitian pastors there. Really looking forward to this time.

    Pouring into other pastors is one of my favorite things to do.

  67. Alison says:

    Pete, take all the time you need. I think this community expects you to be on overload just from the India trip…not to mention all you mentioned in this post. Praying for supernatural rest for you and your family.

    Alison’s last blog post..American Idol – "What a Set-Up" Week

  68. Pete Wilson says:

    @Laurie D, I’m praying for you RIGHT now.

    @Patricia, Man, I miss you!! I miss the whole team. Wish we were back around the boardroom table again. Tell Steve I said “hey”.

  69. Good for you. Nothing more respectful than a leader, a pastor and most of all…a man who can be honest and say they don’t always have it all together. Praying for your strength in this time!!

    kara-kae james’s last blog post..marriage keys

  70. Jim says:

    I Prayed for you Pete.
    Now if you could pray for me I would be appreciative. I was told several months ago that I had six months to find a new job because my current church was going in a different direction and so me and the other associate were asked to leave which brings about several different areas of stress. I am candidating at a church in a couple of weeks which is a great thing, but I am praying that it would be a ministry fit for me. I am trying to sell my house which is not going well at all and has me very concerned because the new church would not pay enough for me to have this mortage, so I am desperate for it to sell. My family is doing well with the idea of the move but it has created stress at times at home. I then got a call from my mom and she tells me they have found spots on her pancreas and she is waiting testing.

    I like you do not desire sympathy but I do desire prayer for my mom, my house to sell, and finding the right place to mininster that fits the church, my family, and me.

    Thanks and God Bless!

    Jim’s last blog post..Enjoyment and Relaxation

  71. Brenda says:

    I agree with many of the other comments… thanks for being honest and so real. You are loved and respected for that. And your to-do list is overwhelming just to read! I’m praying for you.

    Brenda’s last blog post..My new routine

  72. Be great if you could pray for my family. I came home last night to the news that my uncle had died very suddenly. My Aunt heard a thud and found him dead, tried to give him CPR etc. Extremely distressting. The post-mortem is tomorrow.

    I’ve been tasked with trying to search for a bagpiper to play at his funeral, though we don’t know when that will be.

    Been a lot of falling out already with emotions running high. My cousin is telling her daughter today – and she really was her ‘Papa’s wee girl’. L (my cousin’s daughter) is almost 11.

    Brunettekoala’s last blog post..So you know those days…

  73. That is an awesome picture and thank you for your transparency.

  74. Justin Davis says:

    Master Pete,

    I think by just having this conversation the pressure of the busyness can lose its grip on you. You are still insane for all that you have going on…but some of the support that has been talked about here can allow you to know you are not alone and there are people who love you and your family. Sorry I am adding to your certain demise this weekend by coming to town 😉

    Justin Davis’s last blog post..Transitions

  75. ally says:

    Praying for you Pete.

    I’d love prayer that I’d be on fire for the Lord and living radically for Him instead of settling for a mediocre spiritual life and relationship with my Father. I resolve to be in the Word more, to pray more, etc., but it doesn’t seem like I’m making consistent changes and I realize I need His help.

    ally’s last blog post..Two Second Dates….

  76. Rebecca says:

    All I know is that your’re going to be okay :) xo

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Heartbroken.

  77. Lisa M says:

    2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

    Lifting you up in prayer, Pete.

    Lisa M’s last blog post..

  78. Fran says:

    Master Pete (hilarious)…
    I could have sworn I posted on this, but obviously I’m clearly losing it. :) I still have you and the entire team on my heart and praying every day for you. Praying for Him to fill you up so you can continue to pour out. What a blessing you are to so many of us and we give thanks for you, your church, and your family. Rest in Him. It’s the only thing to do.


    Fran’s last blog post..It’s time to pray

  79. Pete Wilson says:

    @Brunettekoala, I ‘m so sorry to hear about your uncle. I’ll be praying for your family over the weekend.

  80. Andy Depuy says:

    2 things. 1st thing is you need to get in touch with Brent Gambrell here in Nashville. He has Brent Gambrell Ministries,he just got back from DR,he also makes several trips a year to Haiti.
    2nd thing this is for you & your awesome family.
    My God My Dad
    Has I pray this prayer for one of your sons who reaches out to people & wants to see the world closer to you. I ask you to come & give him & his awesome family comfort,rest,assurance & a calm heart. Let him know that his family is protect by the angels. That you are there for him & his family all the time. Dad I know he knows all this but sometimes we forget how to lay down & just rest & let you just take over,Dad i pray for this great man of God’s Family,Dad let them know that they are more loved than they realize. Dad thank you for letting Pete be so open.& Thank you for letting me call him a great friend. In Your Son’s Name & My Brother’s Name Amen

    Andy Depuy’s last blog post..My Review on The Noticer by Andy Andrews

  81. Harold says:

    Buddy, as I have to continually remind myself, God did not create us to do things for Him. He created us to be in love with Him. We all need to do less and love more.

    Unpack your mind like I am sure Brandi unpacked your bags and inventory what you find. God will tell you what to do with it.

    Praying for you!

  82. Jennifer Sargent says:

    Boy that is what I am needing some despair to signs of hope. I know I have all that in Jesus-but sometimes I just need a little bit more -know what I mean???
    Be praying for you…my request…my husband has left the church-no longer believes the way I do -that entails a whole lot of other requests. We have 3 kids. It’s hard-some days more than other. Thanks for letting me share.

  83. Karina says:

    I pray that you enjoy your family and friends and get some rest in Him. The rest will take of itself.

  84. @Pete – Thanks. Praying for you guys as well, and for the folks you’ll be meeting out in DR/Haiti.

    Brunettekoala’s last blog post..Do you know a bagpiper?

  85. Pete Wilson says:

    @Jennifer Sargent, I’m sure that’s difficult. I’ll be praying for your family.

  86. Melody says:

    Holy cow that’s a lot going on! I’m exhausted just reading about your schedule! (Okay. I no longer feel overwhelmed. I feel lucky.) 😉

    I will be praying for you. Sometimes the devil (as I’m sure you know) can use our busy-ness to attack us, and keep our eyes off the Lord. I pray that through all that you have going on, God reveals Himself to you and gives you the strength to do all He has called you to!

    Melody’s last blog post..No spiders in Heaven

  87. Denise says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart and your need! I, too, enjoy Henri Nouwen. In his words:

    “When, as disciples of Christ, we are able to bear the burdens of our brothers and sisters, to be marked with their wounds, and even broken by their sins, our prayer becomes their prayer, our cry for mercy becomes their cry…And so it is in and through us that others are restored; it is in and through us that they receive new light, new hope and new courage; it is in and through us that the Spirit touches them with God’s healing presence.”

    I would consider it an honor to pray with you…to help you carry this burden to the throne and leave it there. Rejoicing at the signs of hope to come!


    Denise’s last blog post..Falling like rain…

  88. kc says:

    You’ve always amazed me with your drive and acceleration.
    Glad God is teaching you that the break pedal actually exists, too. :-)
    Praying God gives you rest and fuel for the next stretch of road.

    kc’s last blog post..Incredible NEW resource

  89. praying for you, pete

    Melissa Irwin’s last blog post..What I Do Do

  90. Elaine says:

    Praying for my dear pastor Pete. You’re the greatest. I feel humble being a part of a very truthful, praying, community driven church that goes to the end of the earth to minister in Jesus’ name. Elaine

  91. Jill says:


    I am so touched that you shared your heart with us in this way. That you trust it with us to pray for you and stand with you as God puts all the pieces back together for you.

    I pray you take the time needed to reengage into life after seeing all that you did. That you allow God to whisper the deep truths of things you might have already forgotten because they were small at the time or maybe too overwhelming to see. I pray that God speaks these truths to you in such a way that your life and all those around you will never be the same. I pray that from this day on you will lay it all down like never before – that you won’t desire to be in control and keep yourself busy – that you will allow God to direct your steps right down to the minute. I pray that you are comforted by Him and that when you leave once again to pour Him into the newer Pastors in the DR, you will be so refreshed and restored that what they see is a beacon of light so bright they want to grab a hold of it forever!

    Many hugs and blessings to you and your family!

    Jill’s last blog post..Thankful Thursday – Sharing Emotions

  92. jan owen says:

    prayers my friend! Let this press you into God. AND TAKE A NAP!

  93. praying for you all

    daniellehodgson’s last blog post..300

  94. ginger says:

    Treatment-resistant mental illness. I don’t even like to type that, but it’s my reality. My family needs me & I don’t even know if I will be available on a daily basis. It stinks.

    ginger’s last blog post..Never the right words

  95. My prayer would be that we would be sensitive to settle back into life here on this side.

    Thank you for sharing your heart – I will certainly pray for these things listed.

    kristiapplesauce’s last blog post..The joy indeed.

  96. Gina T says:

    Great photo. I will be lifting you up in prayer. You need to pause and take a break!

  97. Pete Wilson says:

    @Ginger, I can’t imagine how haunting that must be. Please know I”m taking sometime this morning to pray for you, your condition, and your family.

  98. beverly says:

    Remember how you felt before the first service at Gower ? God has brought you too far to drop you now. Lean on him and he will always get you through.
    Praying for you Pete

  99. Michael says:

    I listened to your September 5 podcast… and it stirred some things up… pray that I look at the parts that God would have me see.

    Michael’s last blog post..Living with a mask of normalcy

  100. britt says:

    Praying for you, Pete.

    Today I could use prayers. My Mom and I are driving 4 hours to visit my 28 year old niece, who has suffered from BI Polar/Schizophrenia. She has been in and out of hospitals and has refused to see any of us for about 3 years. I’ve been praying for 7 years for a healing and she seems like she’s doing much better and agreed to meet us today for lunch.
    Thanks so much.

  101. andrea says:

    I can sooo relate to this!! As a church planting wife, mom to 4 and moving for the 4th time in 2 years….YIKES!! I love that you are being transparent. It doesn’t make you weak but strong to admit you need Jesus in a freaking huge way. You can’t do it on your own and He will hold your arms up only when you ask. Thanks for keeping it real…

  102. Pete Wilson says:

    @Britt, Wow. I’ll be praying for you guys today.

  103. Helen says:

    Pete, what you do here to encourage us is great. But what you do out there affects what you can do here. Go need to do what you need to do out there. Eventually, if God has something He wants you to share, we’ll still be here checking are blogroll and seeing that you’ve posted something new.

    Helen’s last blog post..An Open Letter to KFC

  104. Tracy says:

    Thank you for the honesty. I love Nouwen and can think and think about any one of his quotes for days. Praying for you and all that is ahead.

    Tracy’s last blog post..feeding my child

  105. pete wilson says:

    @Tracy, isn’t it crazy how much he can pack into a paragraph?

    pete wilson’s last blog post..Hanging On

  106. Tommy Sircy says:

    Pete, I’ve been thinking a lot on this subject since you posted it on Thursday. Of course, I made my initial statement replete with scripture but little thought.

    But the more I think about it, and relate it to my own tendency to bite off too much, I realize no matter how much we think we are leaning on the Lord for strength in the chaos, we will falter without times of solitude.

    The candle cannot be burned at both ends. We are made for community, for service, but God fits us for those ends in times of solitude. Guard those times like a rare treasure.

    I can look back and every time my candle has burned out, it has been because I neglected those times alone with God.

    Now, there is my full two cents.

    Tommy Sircy’s last blog post..A Patch of Weeds

  107. hi pastor pete, just wanted to say thanks for blessing me with your recent posts about india. i will be in mumbai next september and reading your stories made me want to jump on the plane tomorrow. so thanks :)

    grace s. cartwright’s last blog post..stellan, audrey, the orphans of mumbai, and a God big enough for it all.

  108. pete wilson says:

    @Grace, I’ll start praying for you now. It’s going to be a life changing experience. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    pete wilson’s last blog post..Hanging On

  109. Pete — thanks for sharing your heart with all. I can only imagine how difficult this transition truly is.
    Thank you for your obedience in taking this trip. God has used your words (and those of the other bloggers) to change lives across this grand world.
    I know it opened my eyes and made me consider just where God is taking me on this path of life.
    Rest in Him and use this time to draw closer to Him and revive your spirit.
    Thanks again.

    Mary R Snyder’s last blog post..Where’s the Church?

  110. Blessings to you. Thanks for sharing and so true. The Bball video is hilarious. Mountain Man laughed with understanding. 😉

    Carolina Mama’s last blog post..Team Frigidaire Wants You!

  111. (Love me some Nouwen)

    I know you’ve got over a 100 other comments to pray about, but here’s one more to add to the list.

    Drew finishes his second Master’s degree in December. We’re doing the job-hunt thing right now. We don’t even care what continent we end up on, Pete. We just want to do ministry when we get out.

    Thank you for the prayers.

    mandythompson’s last blog post..Because I knew their stories…

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