My Worst Road Trip Ever

I’m not going to lie. Today was a difficult day.

I’ve been sick as a dog for the past 24hrs. I’m talking the kind of sick where you start praying those crazy prayers. Those “God I promise I’ll never…God if you get me through this I’ll do whatever you want… I’ll even go to India and be a missionary.” Oh crap, I’m already a missionary in India so I guess I got nothing.

Against the advisement of some wise people I chose to go on today’s excursion. Trust me when I say the video WILL NOT do it justice.  We took the bus as far as we could go and then jumped on rickshaws. The only good thing about this road trip was the company (Keely on the way there, and Melissa on the way back) and the incredible project where we eventually arrived. It was a child survival project which focuses on helping moms with their newborn through 3 year-old children.

The whole way there I kept thinking, Where in the heck are we going? This is truly the middle of nowhere. I was reminded of this verse in Acts…

Acts 13: 47 For this is what the Lord has commanded us:
” ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles,
that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’ “

Today more than 26,500 children will die of preventable causes related to their poverty. And guess what? It will happen again tomorrow… and the next day… and the next. Around 10 million children will be dead in the course of a year.

How do we live with this? How does this not dominate our minds?

Because for the most part it happens on “the ends of the earth.” Let’s be honest. We simply have less empathy for people who live faraway. Richard Stearns said, “Our compassion for others seems to be directly correlated to whether people are close to us socially emotionally, culturally, ethnically, economically, and geographically.”

This makes total sense. It’s why if you hear a child was killed in a car accident you might find it sad, however if the child was one that lives in your neighborhood…one you saw on a regular basis…one who you knew the name of…it would stop you dead in your tracks.

We’re numb toward “the ends of the earth” and yet God has clearly called us to go there. And not JUST go there, but go there with His light.

You might not be able to jump in a rickshaw and take the “road trip” I took today, but you can be God’s light here. You can go to “the ends of the earth” right now, RIGHT HERE.

You can make a difference.

**I just heard Tuesday was the largest single day of child sponsorship for any Compassion blogging trip ever. You guys are the best.**

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  1. Fran says:

    Pete…First of all..praying for all the stomachs that are a little upset. 😉 have just brought “the ends of the earth” to life. I can’t get it out of my mind.

    Thank you Pete. Thanks to all of you. We CAN make a difference. Praying for the hearts of new sponsors and for all the children that need sponsors.

    Fran’s last blog post..BURNED!!!

  2. Pete Wilson says:

    Thanks Fran. I just ate something for the first time in 24 hours. So far so good. It’s been rough.

  3. Ashley says:

    Thanks for bringing us to the ends of the earth. I’m praying for all of the sickness going around.
    After the clip of the harrowing rough ride (which I cannot imagine actually doing if I was sick), it was beautiful to see the smiling mothers and children waiting to greet y’all. It must have made the ride worth the toll it took on you (or at least I hope it did).

    Ashley’s last blog post..#CompassionIndia

  4. Tony York says:


    I agree that we disassociate with those problems that are ‘out-of-sight’. While you guys are busy being Light there, you are also shedding light here.

    Tell your whole team that there are ‘strangers’ on this side of the pond who are cheering them on.

    Go be Light!

    Tony York’s last blog post..Tenth Avenue North

  5. Donna says:

    So sorry you are ill – praying for you to better and stay well. The video really shows what you said and quoted about ‘the ends of the earth’ it does appear that you are out in the middle of the jungle. What you said is true about us having empathy for our neighbors – but God calls us to have empathy for all!! Bless you heart for continuing on this journey even though you are not feeling well. I know that you are blessing these children and the adults as well as how they are an incredible blessing to you!

  6. Matt Baugher says:

    I’ve been there buddy, in a bus and rickshaw just like that on multiple trips to India. I even ended up in the hospital on my last trip there. You are not alone! But, oh, those experiences are rich, aren’t they? Thankful you’re feeling better.


  7. Jill says:

    Pete – praying for you! I just posted a comment in your last post about our India Compassion Child.

    I’m so sorry you got really sick! Praising God you are now feeling better.

    What a life changing experience this has been!

    Lots of blessings,

    Jill’s last blog post..Wonderful Word Wednesday – Fear Not

  8. Olivia says:

    Those women and their babies… wow.
    I’m glad you went anyway because that was beautiful.
    Praying for your health issues!

  9. Pete Wilson says:

    @Matt, I’m glad to know I’m not alone. :) Will trade stories soon.

  10. pryaying from the whole team! blessing. So sorry you & Anne and others are sick and heartbroken all @ the sametime. Trusting him to use you despite it all!

  11. Derek says:

    Been praying for ya’ll. I guess there’s probably not an over abundance of pepto and white cloud tissue there.

    Derek’s last blog post..Songs that I liked this year..

  12. Dave Carrol says:

    I’ve been on a few African doozy’s like that… I feel your pain.

    It’s a great thing you guys have done with your compassion partnership. I’m thinking about how the blog/ministry/charity thing can be further used now…

    Praying for you guys Pete

    Dave Carrol’s last blog post..The Swine Flu is here… cease lip-kissing immediately or Dotty will kill you in cold blood

  13. diana pemelton says:

    pete..praying the Holy Spirit visits your tummy…oh but the faces of those beautiful women,those children. They are momma’s just like us with hopes and dreams for their children we pray our kids get into great colleges,they pray for clean water and the chance to see tomorrow..i pray you will bring hope that will never dissappoint and water that will quench all thirst…please love them for me..from this mother’s heart. i pray they will see the tenderness and love of Christ in your eyes and touch..i wish i was there with every ounce within me…blessings from our family to you…we miss you! diana

  14. Praying you’re feeling better. Anne, too. Love what you’re doing.

    Momma Mango / Susan’s last blog post..A few words about Compassion

  15. Brad Ruggles says:

    Dude, I must have sympathy sickness because I’m sick to my stomach now too. Either that or I just watched a shaky video filmed from a rickety rickshaw. Yeah, maybe that’s it.

    Praying for you guys.

    Brad Ruggles’s last blog post..Swine Flu Scare…Again

  16. I AM sponsering a child today!!!! Giving up my extra money that I use on Starbucks, clothes, movie tixs, etc. for these precious souls.

    Falguni Patel’s last blog post..Live. And Live Well.

  17. Rebecca says:

    The smiles on those women’s faces – priceless :) xxx.

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Yes Man!

  18. Joni Ruhs says:

    Reminds me of a song called “You Said” by Hillsongs:
    “You said, ‘ask and I’ll give the nations to you’ o Lord, that’s the cry of my heart. Distant shores and the islands will see your light, as it rises on us.”

    Praying for the nations for you.

    Joni Ruhs’s last blog post..Moments of coolness

  19. Good news about the # of sponsored kids. Praise God!

  20. Maureen says:

    way to be a trooper! I’m loving the videos :)

    Maureen’s last blog post..and the winner is……kosher!

  21. Pete Wilson says:

    @Falguni, That’s awesome! I’m so excited.

  22. Abi Byrd says:

    Hey Pete!!
    I am loving all the bloggers updates as they describe each day…my husband and I went to India 2 months after we were married and it changed our lives. I often wonder about the many children we visited in the orphanages. We are close friends with Dr. MA Thomas, with Hopegivers International and that is who hosted us and it was just so amazing!!! I was just telling my husband last night how every single update I read I just look at all the pictures with tears streaming down my face because it is just something you never ever forget, those sweet faces!!! I dream of taking our own children someday when they are old enough to truly understand it all.
    We are praying for you all daily!!!!
    In Christ’s love,
    Abi Byrd
    Also, I have been praying for Brandi as she is single-moming it!!! And for your stomach…I got a bit of that too!!! It will get better!!!!!!

  23. Sarah says:

    I hope all of you feel better! That’s awesome news about the sponsorship. Are all the kids at the last place you visited sponsored now? It’s been on my mind.

    Sarah’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  24. Pete Wilson says:

    @Abi, thanks for praying for Brandi. I know that means a lot to her! She’s a great mom but it’s exhausting on your own.

  25. Kelley says:

    Your “out of sight, out of mind” was SPOT ON. All of your posts (and the rest of the Compassion group) have confirmed for me that THIS was one of the best choices I could have made. : )

    Feel better–nothing is worse than being away from home and being icky-sick.

    Kelley’s last blog post..

  26. Sailor Scott says:

    Wow. I am SO moved by these pictures and videos and stories. And I have a whole new level of respect for you guys for “taking one for the team.” And as I watch these women and children and the church’s interaction with them, I feel as though I am glimpsing a priceless moment in the purest way as God smiles. Thanks for letting us be a part of that moment…

    Love you guys and praying for each of you!

    Sailor Scott’s last blog post..Perspective.

  27. steve jones says:

    Love the video! Thanks for taking us on the journey. Praying you get some good rest and feel better tomorrow.

  28. Thank you for taking us with you…praying for you guys ceaselessly.

    lisa gardiner’s last blog post..Community

  29. Jenn says:


    Great video! Thanks for sharing!

    India can be tough of the immune system. I also got very sick when I was there last January. I’ll be specifically praying for you and everyone else’s health.


  30. Pam Houston says:

    Dear Pete,
    My prayers are with you for “your sick stomach to calm down in Jesus name…Yes! LORD, for your son and servant Pete, and to Your glory Father.” Pete, God bless you for what you are doing in giving us “Siesta’s” over at LPM blog a chance to see, hear and experience the sights, sounds and smiles of India!(We are spared the smells and the heat…) Praise God one smart sister on the LPM Blog shared with us about your blog and I am so grateful for what you are doing to make this so real for we prayer warriors who are back here in air-conditioned homes, and needed a little taste of what you are coping with! Melissa has driven us all to our knees in prayer, and by extension all your Compassion team of Bloggers on mission in India. To have yesterday be the biggest day of child sponsorship for a Compassion trip ever is a direct answer to prayer! And you are such a big part of that. God bless you for being willing to pay the price and show us God’s love in action. I was especially touched by the simplicity of Mother Teresa’s humble room, and her expansive heart that has changed the course of history for her beloved India. My heart went out to you with the “worst road trip ever”, but thankful for the snippets of reality that we don’t get to see unless someone goes and puts the effort in that you have to get the message out, and a picture is worth a thousand words. God bless you Pete, I will be following your blog everyday now, and you can be assured of the power of prayer to supply your need through the Spirit of Jesus Christ. (Phil. 1:19)
    In Him,
    Pam Houston
    Buena Park, California

  31. Tom says:

    Well, I prayed you wouldn’t get sick, but now you’ve had the full “India experience.” I’ll spare you the colorful details of my own vomitorium 18 years ago in India. BTW, you made all your/us viewers motion-sick as well with your travel-cam, so thanks for sharing! As for other sights, do you feel like you are back in the Book of Acts yet, Pete? God is opening doors and your eyes I can tell. I’ll pray harder today for you all.

  32. kc says:

    I remember when I almost died in Vietnam….or at least I thought I was going to die becasue I was so sick. Know that I’m praying for you!

    kc’s last blog post..Follow in India

  33. Pete Wilson says:

    @Pam, Thanks so much! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Melissa on this trip. She’s the real deal.

    @Tom, you were right all along!

    @KC, I remember your story of Vietnam. I thought about it today!!

  34. Cameron says:

    Posted about the “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” concept the other day. Thanks for bringing things into focus for us.

    Cameron’s last blog post..Step In It

  35. Paula says:

    Hey Pete – praying for you to feel better.

    I’m so excited to see what you guys are doing and where this will lead for opportunities for the rest of us to serve – thanks for your leadership!

  36. Kristina says:

    Pete, I can’t wait until I get on the missionary field. Seeing all of those woman lined up brought tears to my eyes, and it gave me chills.
    I will be praying for you, and your team as you do much needed work over in india.

  37. McCall says:

    Thank you so much for allowing us to have a small glimpse into what you & the others are experiencing. I have been so touched just reading everyone’s blog updates. While I have not been on a mission trip to date I am praying that the opportunity will arise some day soon. I have such a heart for missions and hope to be able to go to “the ends of the earth” one day too. Praying for you, the entire team, and all of the sickness going around.

    McCall’s last blog post..Monday Recap

  38. Pete Wilson says:

    @McCall, I’ll be praying God will give you the opportunity soon. It will change your life.

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  40. Mary says:

    Pete, I have to say that your rickshaw cam made me – in your words – “freakin’ sick to my stomach.” :) I hope you are feeling better by now…

    And aside from my video motion sickness, I’m also crying. Again. Dangit, every time I read one of you all’s blogs, I’m crying. What you’re doing – and yes, more importantly, what GOD is doing through you – is just amazing. Thank you so much for going and for sharing.

    Mary’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  41. Oh, the beautiful mommies! The beautiful mommies!

    Melissa Irwin’s last blog post..HOW-DEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  42. joseph says:

    Love the rickshaw cam Pete….what a cool way to take us with you.

    feel better and great job on what you all are doing there.

    joseph’s last blog design my mid-life crisis

  43. paige says:

    praying everyday for ya’ll! & for brandi too.
    would love to sponsor one of the children that keely has photographed ( guess i feel like its even more of a connection somehow)

    do you know if all the orphans at mother teresa’s orphanage are covered

    anyway….praying for you guys several times a day
    god speed

  44. jenn says:

    This makes me think of the song Albertine by Brooke Fraser…the line “Now that I have seen, I am responsible, faith without deeds is dead”…thankyou for showing us…may God forgive us for seeing, and then forgetting…

  45. Ashley says:

    I sure hope you are sleeping good rigth now as I speak. And I pray that you feel better soon and the Lord protects you and the rest of the team from any other illness. I grew up as a missionary kid in the Philippines, so I know how the heat and different food and maybe even the water can make you sick! Been there! God bless you!

  46. Pete Wilson says:

    Totally agree jenn.

  47. Tiffany says:

    This post reminds me of the song Hosanna, during the bridge when it says “Break my heart for what breaks yours.” It is so true that most of the time we just choose not to think about the poverty, helplessness and agony that so many in third world countries are experiencing. Because we don’t want to go there and be broken for those individuals. Can you imagine what would happen if EVERY person who truly loves Christ opened their eyes and allowed God to break their hearts towards those who are suffering? Not just in their homes but in the world? To be, as Kay Warren declares in her book “Dangerous Surrender”, utterly and devastatingly ruined??

    So many more would see Christ. So many more.

    Tiffany’s last blog post..Pardon my dust

  48. Debra Payette says:

    First thanks for taking us on part of your trip. I just called and added a child from India to our sponsorship. (We have 3 already from different countries) Praying!

    Deb from NJ

  49. Wendy Ingram says:

    Sorry your are so sick. Praying for you and for God to bring you healing quickly. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and sharing about “the least of these” in India. Praying for your wife and boys back home….

    Wendy Ingram’s last blog post..Going with the Luke Commission

  50. Jessica says:

    Long time lurker, de-lurking so to speak. I’ve followed your blog for a while (if I lived in Nashville I would so go to your church!) and I even participated in your 28 day challenge. After reading the stories from you, Angie and all the other bloggers I told my husband over dinner tonight we had to sponsor a child in India. He agreed and we both couldn’t be more excited. I work for a very famous church here in London and have even created advertisements for our church board highlighting Compassion. Until I saw what you are experiencing first hand, I never really realized how much of a difference sponsorship could make. I honestly always thought those organizations were a bit of a scam, but I am HAPPY to say I’ve obviously been proved wrong (don’t tell the husband). I can’t wait to get our packet and “meet” our child!

    Many prayers for you and all the other bloggers.

    Jessica’s last blog post..chocolate chip buttermilk bundt cake

  51. You poor thing. Sorry you got so sick. But, once again an awesome post and video in spite of your stomach. Thanks for taking us toward “the ends of the earth.” A much needed trip for all of us.

    Get well soon :) Praying hard!

    Eve Annunziato’s last blog post..WHO ARE YOUR VIPs?

  52. Pat Rowland says:

    praying for you guys and for your stomach. the scenes of your trip contrasted with what we are seeing here (orange conference) are unbelievable. Can’t wait to hear more about it when you get back.

    Pat Rowland’s last blog post..The Best Night of the Week

  53. DubHow says:

    Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you Pete. Also, Ladarius says hey. Told him you were in India. Thanks for taking this trip and opening the eyes of so many.

    DubHow’s last blog post..One foot in front of the other…

  54. Amber L says:

    Praising the Lord for what you’re doing…Your light is shining…keep it up…

    Praying for better health in the following days and for the time that you will take to process everything while there and upon your return…that God would bring focus and clarity so that He is glorified in your life and those around you!

    Amber L’s last blog post..Faithful

  55. Oh my, I read somewhere you fainted. Glad you are feeling better. I hope you don’t push yourself too hard. We NEED you to continue changing lives in Nashville (and beyond) when you get back. Praying for ya’ll.

    Lindsey Nobles’s last blog post..Celebrating Completion

  56. Mac Lake says:

    Hey Pete, Praying for you. I have gone to India the past 2 DOG sick my first time and that is no place to be sick.
    The people love a car horn dont they?!!

    Mac Lake’s last blog post..7 Components of Jesus Leadership Development Strategy, Pt 5

  57. joyce says:

    Technology is truly amazing. I kinda wish I’d popped a dramamine before viewing but thanks for the view from the rickshaw and a peek at somewhere near ‘the ends of the earth.’ It’s a trip we all need to take.

    joyce’s last blog post..Sweetie Darling? British Words from A to Zed, Week 4

  58. Eliza says:

    just sponsored two children! Thanks for bringing this to us. Praying for you guys and your journey.

  59. Harold says:

    Pete I had similar stomach stuff on my first trip to the Dominican Republic. I crawled to and from my bed and the facilities. I feel for you buddy. It was miserable. I admire you still going. I would have been hugging the you-know-what.
    Take Care~

  60. Pete Wilson says:

    @Eliza, Yes!!!!!!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!

    @Harold, I appreciate your prayers bro.Did you get my top secret email by the way. Was just doing some dreaming with you but it’s going to take you coming over here to India real soon. :)

  61. Pete Wilson says:

    @Mac Lake, dude, they can’t get enough of the horn. Thanks for your prayers.

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  63. Leslie says:

    Welp, I found a sweet little girl to sponsor yesterday! So exciting to learn that I was part of something tiny and huge at the same time! God bless you guys! (If you see a little sweetie named Sruthi, give her a kiss for me!)

    Leslie’s last blog post..Compassion Bloggers Trip 150 square

  64. Pete Wilson says:

    @Leslie, I’m so exited or you. I’ll ce looking for Sruthi! I can tell you first hand her life will be changed as a result of your decision to sponsor her. It’s amazing.

  65. Jerry Miner says:

    Pete- Thanks for all you are doing! You are great!

  66. tam says:

    those women are beautiful!

    i saw them standing there holding their babies and immediately thought…i could be there helping them.

    trying to wrap my head around this.

    tam’s last blog post..go girl! like a boy.

  67. Jan Morton says:

    Pete – praying for your health. Yes – Melissa is the real deal – she is a special friend to me. Hey – I am a mom to boys and 1 little grandboy, I visited Brandi’s blog and shared with her some parenting insights from my heart when she asked for insight on “boys and fighting.” Praying for her too while you’re gone – as a Pastor’s wife, been there, done that too. My husband and I sponsor a little boy, Iduar, through Compassion. He lives in Colombia. Jesus lives in me! Amen –
    Feel better – be blessed young man,
    Mrs. Jan

    Jan Morton’s last blog post..Spring Sweetness

  68. Thanks so much to you and Anne for showing me, via your blogs, the good work of Compassion

    My wife and I gathered around the computer tonight with our 3 boys to sponsor a child for the first time

    Our sponsored child is an 8 year boy in India named Navin

    I tucked our 8 year old son into bed tonight and as I started to leave the room he asked, “Dad, what is his name again?”


  69. ginger says:

    I’m with Mary–I can’t watch these videos, look at the pictures or read y’all’s blogs without tears. When the women in the video welcomed you with their musical instruments, well, there I went again. I want to be there, but I’m so glad you can send back your experience for those of us who cannot.

    ginger’s last blog post..How God Uses Suffering–John MacArthur

  70. Brian says:

    Hey Pete – it may have been your worst road trip ever, but it moved us to action! Say hello to Bikki Ajabrao Jangade, the most recent addition to our family via Compassion International!!!

    Brian’s last blog post..Now that I’m loaded…we’re having another girl!

  71. Unbelievable. I cannot imagine making that road trip on any day much less a day when I was sick with the flu.

    Thank you for the amazing work you all are doing!

  72. britt says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling a little better. Thank you for all you’re doing.

    What a cool greeting you got. Is that a traditional kind of greeting or was it more like entertainment?

    I couldn’t understand what the man said when you asked who the ladies were.

  73. Tania says:

    Hope you’re feeling better, but great news about the sponsorship record!

  74. Susan says:

    I am an Indian and I’m wondering how come you guys didn’t just take a cab all the way.People use rickshaws for short trips and also coz it’s cheaper.A cab is so much better.So why put yourselves through all that especially when you are not used to it.
    In the States you have to pay a lot of money for everything,India is much cheaper comparatively….so why not just take a cab?
    You all are doing an awesome job and I applaud you but just had to add my response to this post.

  75. Pete Wilson says:

    @Brian, that just made every single bump worth it. You’re the man!!

    Bikki Ajabrao Jangade will be changed forever!

  76. 3 of my friends ended up in hospital last time they were in India, one of them on an IV drip after getting food poisoning from food they ate on one of their internal flights.

    Not nice, but at the same time, they discovered the power God has to heal through prayer.

    Hope you are all feeling better today.

    Brunettekoala’s last blog post..Confessions of an Emetophobic

  77. That video bears a striking resemblance to what a ride on a “tuk-tuk” would be like in the Cambodian countryside :) Your group excursion (and perhaps my current insatiable love of Indian food) inspires me to want to travel there.

    Michelle Ferguson’s last blog post..Time tested.

  78. Denise says:

    Whew…I think the video should have had a warning…take Dramamine first! All kidding aside, I have been moved by you and your fellow India bloggers. Thank you for taking me places I have never dreamed of going and meeting ones I never knew. Now, this place and these people are etched upon my heart.

    PS: keep that Cipro close!
    PS: Keep the Cipro close

    Denise’s last blog post..Ancient Fears

  79. Pete Wilson says:

    @Denise, no worries. I will.:)

  80. Lori says:

    The women are so beautiful, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this video!

  81. Nick says:

    Whenever you get a chance you should buy the documentary Glue Boys. It is a very touching look at the children in Africa who are addicted to toxic glue. They sniff it to pass out in the streets so they will not feel hunger pains or the cold at night.

    In the video they show a comparison of a 2 & 4 year old that is abducted in America and the Amber Alerts, etc. that go out for them, however in Glue Boys, a 2 & 4 year old set of brothers’ parents die from AIDS and they have to literally raise themselves, eating out of the trash, roaming the streets alone, etc. It puts a lot of stuff into perspective.

    Nick’s last blog post..Update on My Grandpa Carnes

  82. Dana says:

    Just watched the video with my kids. We will prayer for your healing. Please keep sending videos. They really make an inpact on the kids. They now understand what the living conditions are for our 2 girls we sponsor in India. The kids think its about time we sponsor another. Thank you for this ministry to us, stranger, but sister and brothers in Christ.

  83. jennifer Brooks says:

    Hi Pete,
    We are adopting a little girl from an orphanage in India sometime between now and the fall, she is near Orrisa and I am very interested in how your trip goes and what happens along the way. Jennifer

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  85. Robin says:

    Read you were sick this morning, been praying. Pete, I’ve seen things like this on television a million times but coming from you, who I trust, I’ve allowed this to touch my heart like never before.
    You and everyone with you are using your influence in a way that must be so pleasing to God. Blessings to you all~

    Robin’s last blog post..Living My Legacy~8~Leaving A Legacy of Prayer

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