70 Left

The more I learn about Compassion and the work they do the more impressed I am. On our way to the first Compassion project Shaun explained Compassion International is three things: church-based, child-focused and Christ-centered.

Today I saw first-hand how that very mission statement is changing lives!

We visited the Mar Thoma Child Development Center which works with 300 kids. It’s amazing what they’re doing here with these kids. It’s clear they are developing them socially, economically, academically and spiritually. All of these things are made possible because of the generous child sponsors like yourselves.

I personally witnessed how your $32 a month can make such a difference not only in the life of the child you sponsor, but in the entire family.

The highlight of my day was my time spent with Subham Pramanik. Subham, who is 7, reminded me so much of my son, Jett. His family has been through so much but has hope because of the education and health development their son is getting through Compassion. I had the opportunity to visit and pray with this remarkable family which is surviving in the most difficult of situations. Please keep them in your prayers.

Here’s the good news. Some 225 kids are currently being sponsored through this project. However that still leaves 70 UN-SPONSORED KIDS. These children need our help.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a child from India CLICK HERE. You can browse through a multitude of kids who need our help.

Here’s a little video of the kids from our time at the project today. You’ll love the parade they gave us as we walked into the project…

Mar Thoma Child Development Center from Pete Wilson on Vimeo.

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  1. Laura P says:

    I have been praying for you, and I look forward to reading each update on your blog.I like seeing what God is showing you,and how he is working through all of you. All of you are such an encouragement to me.

  2. Pete Wilson says:

    Thanks Laura. We really appreciate it.

  3. ash says:

    gotta love being greeted with a parade! those kids’ sweet faces are too beautiful! thanks for giving us a window into their world and the work compassion’s doing there.

    we miss ya! prayers and love…

  4. Robin says:

    Been praying and will keep it up. You know Pete I don’t know very much about Compassion or the work they do, but I trust you and I’m going to do a bit of research and talk to Mike about sponsoring a child. Thank you for your willingness to go and to make us aware of the need and a way to help.
    Blessings to you and the team~

  5. Pete Wilson says:

    @Robin, you won’t regret it. They’re making a huge difference.

  6. Diana says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your team daily. It is special for me to read the updates from all of the bloggers, one because we support a Compassion child in Africa and also I spent two months in India with YWAM about 10 years ago. Seeing your pictures and hearing about the heat (I was there in April and May as well) brings back so many memories. You can’t help but come home changed. Looking forward to hearing more about the work the Lord is doing through you guys.

  7. Susan says:

    Thank you for sharing the the video.
    Keeping you all in my prayers, and also praying that MANY children get sponsored!

  8. Jim Drake says:

    I was worried about the girls with the candles.. whooo…
    I remember my trip to India feeling so alone there. We were in a part that wasn’t open to Christianity…feeling the pain of knowing the hope of christ and not being able to speak of Him. I hope that is not the case for you.

    Praying for you! Nameste’


    Jim Drake’s last blog post..Worship Confessional, April 26, 2009

  9. Emily Rowe says:

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for keeping us updated, looking forward to following your journey. The videos really help me to connect with what your doing. Just amazing. God bless,

  10. Vicky says:

    Beautiful and heartwarming! Love getting to go along with you on this trip of a lifetime! Prayers for all those traveling with you now and for the great work being done :) I can’t help but go now and see what I too can do.

    Vicky’s last blog post..Part Two: My Own Little Miracle.

  11. Paula says:

    That’s so cool! Someday we hope to meet our sponsored child in Haiti and his family.

    It’s definitely a blessing for all when sponsoring a child – and hearing from you that you can see the difference it makes is so uplifting!

  12. Now, that’s what I call an entrance! Too sweet for words. I did indeed laugh out loud at your “parade to the pulpit” comment. Perhaps Matt is working on that right now for your first Sunday back!

    How beautiful are these precious children?! Seriously!

    Eve Annunziato’s last blog post..WHO ARE YOUR VIPs?

  13. Jehan says:

    This absolutely warms my heart! I cannot wait to hear all about your trip and to be a part of this project!

    Jehan’s last blog post..FAVORED FRIDAYS: LISTENING

  14. Pete,
    Awesome – I hope to be going w/ Compassion to Peru in October. Quick Tech question – how did you shoot the video? A Flip HD or something?

    Fred, St. Simons Island, GA

    Fred McKinnon’s last blog post..Monday Muse – I Am Most Likely To Sin When I …

  15. mpt says:

    I love this. Wow. Jess and I sponsor three children, 1 with Compassion and 2 with World Vision. I highly recommend both ministries–well respected, good with their finances, and successful at changing people’s lives. A few years ago I went to Nicaragua with Compassion and met my sponsor-child Carlos. It was amazing! If you’re on the fence about sponsoring a kid, worried about whether or not the money/time does anything to help–I can assure you it does.

    Amazing video, Pete. Amazing.

  16. Maureen says:

    precious. love the video!

    Maureen’s last blog post..Hurting for what I know to be right

  17. Kelley says:

    WOW! What a great video! I sponsored a little guy from that EXACT location just a few weeks ago who was on the list of children who had been waiting 6 months or more! I can’t wait to write to him and say, “I saw your school”. So excited to read your updates.

    And I’m with Jim. Girls in sheer, flowing fabric with candles made me hold my breath! ha! : )

    Kelley’s last blog post..

  18. Loved the video Pete. The girls at the end reminded me of Angie’s girls. :) Miss you guys. Praying often.

    Jessica Turner’s last blog post..I Got It! (Again)

  19. Gina says:

    This just tugged at my heart to see the wonderful things that you are doing. We sponser a child also from Mexico, and now I want one from India.

  20. Pete Wilson says:

    @Jessica, I totally agree.

  21. Sara McNutt says:

    Hey Pete, just praying for you guys in my QT. I’ll have to post on Angie’s blog, but you guys popped into my head to pray for, and the very next verses that I read were about “the rain” and God bringing the rain. Isn’t that funny? Can’t wait to hear all of your guys’ perspective!

    Sara McNutt’s last blog post..Communication and Ativan

  22. Rebecca says:

    I loved their voices and the dancing. The more I read about your trip the more in awe I become of these children and their lives.

    Rebecca’s last blog post..She loved the Suprise.

  23. Pete Wilson says:

    I wish you guys could see the difference between the families that have sponsorships and those who don’t. It’s a stark difference.

  24. Lori says:

    Thank you for sharing this!!!

    Lori’s last blog post..The Noticer by Andy Andrews

  25. Shelly Quigg says:


    I currently sponsor 5 children through Compassion and have been praying about sponsoring another. I have looked online and do not see any children from the particular projects you will be visiting. Do you have child packets or information on the unsponsored children at the projects you are visiting? It would be neat to sponsor a child that you would have firsthand knowledge of from your having met them. Could you ask a Compassion person if there are particular children they are trying to get sponsored at the projects? Maybe a picture and some personal insight would nudge me to make a decision :) I am not from your church but am following the blogs. This weekend I read several months worth of Angie Smith’s blogs and I was extrememely touched and inspired by her relationship with God. Please let her know that she has inspired me to plan less and to “do” more. I would make this comment on her blog entry, but I haven’t seen one yet.
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  26. Becky says:

    What an incredible video! I loved seeing the faces of the children and I had tears in my eyes when I realized the kids were singing in ENGLISH! I can’t imagine what this trip must be like.

    I have been thinking about it for several days, and I just have to talk to my family about sponsoring one of these children! I even had a dream about it the other night. I was going through customs with white bags for the children in India. I am believing that your team is delivering an outpouring of Jesus to that nation.

    Be blessed!

    Becky’s last blog post..My Weekend by the Numbers…

  27. I. says:

    I am getting all very mushy and emotional here.

  28. Donna says:

    Have followed your blog for a while from out here in southern california. Praying for you to be protected during this time and forever changed! My husband went on a mission trip to Africa for the first time last Oct for two weeks and it was overwhelming for him but exactly what God wanted for him to witness! He cannot wait to go back…i pray it will be the same for all of you. SO cool that you have the videos! Blessings!

  29. I love a parade! what a welcome for you. 😉

    Monica @ Paper Bridges’s last blog post..Walls

  30. AmyinMN says:

    Pete- WOW! Reading your words and watching that video has captivated me. Thank you for bringing us along with you all. I am so glad that I was made aware of this trip early on. I am sharing with all those I know about the great need for child sponsors. I know that the children my family sponsor have blessed us in ways I could never explain. As we follow you all we will be praying about sponsoring another child. Thank you for your willingness to serve and allow God to work through you. Praying that countless lives will be changed. Praying for the health and safety of the compassion bloggers. It was fun to see you all “live from India”!

  31. LOVED seeing the kids in your video, and especially your eye-witness account: “I wish you guys could see the difference between the families that have sponsorships and those who don’t. It’s a stark difference.” The children who learn about Jesus today will touch lives that we will never see, and spread the Word to people we will never meet (on this earth). What an incredible opportunity to make an eternal difference! To show them Jesus’ love day by day — what a blessing. Please share more about the people who are working with the kids there at the centers. Thank you!

    Mary Ann Cooke’s last blog post..Facing My Fears

  32. Jill says:


    I read your post and Angie’s!

    After hearing what Scott and Lexi (our 14 yr old daughter) said once they returned from their Compassion trip – we knew just how incredible Compassion really was!

    For some reason I can’t get any of your videos to load – should I view them from IE?

    I can’t wait to hear more about your experiences. Know that I’m praying for all of you every day!

    Praying for the baby without a name and trusting that God has already given her one!

    My heart is continually blessed from what you share here!

    God bless you all and may the eyes of your soul be touched so deeply you never see this world or life the same ever again!


    Jill’s last blog post..Monday Morning Reflections –

  33. pete Wilson says:

    @LIsa, hmmmmm. Not real sure what’s wrong but maybe it will work today.

    Thanks for all of your prayers.

    Let me know if it continues to not work and I’ll see what I can do.

    pete Wilson’s last blog post..This is Why We Don’t Play Criquet in the U.S.

  34. Susan Shisler says:

    We cannot get the videos to upload either..our boys have been wanting to see them. Our little girl, Yenenesh is in Africa.. I hope that someday we can meet her, or have someone blog who meets her. It has been inspiring to read how the money we give each month is making such a difference in children’s lives. I love that we have a face in a picture for the name we pray for…but WOW to see them in person, I will pray for the 70 who still need someone.

  35. Carolyn says:

    Hi Pete, can I hijack you blog for a second?

    I’ve been trying for ages (ever since you and Angie started discussing this trip) to sponsor a child through Compassion. I’m not actually Christian but do like this organisation a lot (for all the reasons mpt lists above). Anyway, the link you guys alwasy give is for the US arm of the organisistion, which never liked the fact that I live in the UK and pay for things in Sterling!

    Anyway, I may be the only person that didn’t know this, but compassion have a UK presence too. :-) (You can also sign up form many other countries around the globe). I just signed up to hopefully sponsor one of the remaining 70 in Calcutta.

    So, for anyone in the UK looking for something truly awesome to do with £21 per month, the address you need is


    Blog hijack over!

    Carolyn’s last blog post..Could you change a child’s life forever?

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  37. Brian says:

    Pete – WE’RE IN! We’ve been wanting to do this for about 6 months and we’re going to jump in with both feet! I just found out how LOADED I am (see my blog), and will use my BANK to bring some Godly BANG for my BUCK! Glad to be aboard!

    Brian’s last blog post..I’m loaded

  38. Melissa says:

    Jad and I had been discussing this since Jarrod and Laura returned from Haiti. Well, last night we finally quit talking about it and took action. Being a new mom of a 4 month old, it just breaks my heart to hear of children who are ill or do not have money for food. When we thought about how $32 a month could change a life, there was no question about what we should do. We easily spend that eating out in one night. So we are now the proud sponsors of Yash age 3 in India and Rolensky age 10 in Haiti. Praying that what God has blessed us with will be passed on to these children and others. Thanks for this post.

  39. Juli Jarvis says:

    Beautiful video! Thank you so much for showing this to us! I’m loving your posts, too!

    Juli Jarvis’s last blog post..Duck Race

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