Is My Man Card In Question?


Sunday, in all of our services I admitted I use a loofah. Here’s photographic evidence.

I’m not going to lie, I love the loofah. It has revolutionized my shower experience.

I got beat up on twitter pretty bad for my confession and now I think it’s time to set the record straight.

MEN: Be honest. I need a simply yes or no answer from you. Do you use a loofah? It’s time to stand up and be a real man and admit your loofah love.

WOMEN: I would like to hear from you too. Does using a loofah mean we have to give up our man cards? What other activities do you think we engage in that would put our “man card” at risk?

150 Responses to “Is My Man Card In Question?”

  1. Sailor Scott says:

    You do what you gotta do, Pete. We don’t love your for your flawless skin or your impeccably cool hair. We love your for your honesty, and that card is clearly still intact.

  2. sherri says:

    First the MANtyhose, and now this?

    I’m beginning to worry.

    If I don’t return here, you’ll know why! 😉

    sherri’s last blog post..Excuse me, ‘MISTER’!

  3. Cindy Beall says:

    You know, I think that getting manicures probably jeopardizes the man card. Doesn’t mean your nails can’t look nice, because I try to help Chris out there, but going to a salon?

    I dunno.

    Put, Pete, you use that Loofah. Chris uses bath salts when he takes a jacuzzi :)

    Cindy Beall’s last blog post..Online Conference…Don’t…Miss…It…

  4. Adam says:

    Sorry Pete…I don’t think using a loofah is very manly. I’ve never used one and don’t plan on it anytime soon.

    Adam’s last blog post..Retreat Planning

  5. Mario Hood says:

    Yes… I won’t leave you out to hang by yourself Pete. My wife said I needed to use one 2yrs ago… havent stopped since!

  6. Tony York says:

    I recently discovered body wash and bought a spongy thing to go with it. Not sure what impact that has on my man card… but I sure smell good :) (At least my wife and daughters think so.)

    I think its like the 11th commandment or the old testament’s version of the great commission… “Thou shalt lather, rinse, & repeat with a spongy applicator.”

    Tony York’s last blog post..Square Dancing on Round Wheels

  7. Sara says:

    It all depends on the color of the loofah. If it’s grey or black or anything other than pink or purple, you’re fine. I have guy friends that use them, and I don’t think one thing about it. Now, if you use women’s deodorant or shaving gel…I’d probably make fun of you. Yes, I do know a man who uses women’s deodorant. And I had a boyfriend one time that wanted women’s shaving gel, but I wouldn’t let him get any. It weirded me out.

    Sara’s last blog post..I hate storms!

  8. matt zook. says:

    i use both. im a country boy and worked for years in construction and not afraid to say that i use a loofah. although they do come apart too easily. or im just buyin the cheapy kind.

    matt zook.’s last blog post..i double dog dare you!

  9. Helen says:

    Enjoy your loofah. Why is itching from dried skin more manly than taking care of one’s skin issues?

    Helen’s last blog post..It’s the Middle of Lent….

  10. ttm says:

    Loofahs are good. Hygiene is great. More-buffed-than-mine toenails and delicate, Greek sandals with a rhinestone flower between the toes? Not so much.

    Oh, and what’s the deal with guys who obsessively shave/wax their chests, their arms, their LEGS to keep them “baby smooth”? That’s grounds for yanking the man card for sure!

  11. Beth Taylor says:

    If men can shave their legs…heck, their entire bodies, then a loofah is the least of your worries! My sexy, manly husband uses a loofah and so do all three sons. Only a real man admits such things. :)

    Beth Taylor’s last blog post..Faith, Abandonment and Other Easy Things

  12. Josh says:

    I use one…and I don’t worry about my mancard being jeopardized…well b/c I have a wife and a new baby girl….there’s some proof for my mancard….and you have a wife and 2 kids…I think you are proving the mancard…

    I say go with it…but once you come on talking about pedicures and such…I’m out… :)

  13. Tommy Sircy says:

    That’s what those things are my wife and daughter have in the shower.

    Thanks for the info, Pete. Some day when I’m feeling emotional and vulnerable, I’ll give it a try.

    Tommy Sircy’s last blog post..Remembering Arnold

  14. Candy says:

    My husband and grown sons all use a loofah. One son even shaves his arms and legs and has since he ran college track several years ago. No threat to the man card there, but if you need a more subtle method, grab yourself a Scotch-brite pad. It looks more like you’re going to the car wash, nobody will question it, and it works the same if not better! I like the scrubbed look.

    Candy’s last blog post..Random Picture Challenge

  15. vicky says:

    I say, men it is about time you part with your dead skin cells. This is something you really do not need to bond with. It is not just for woman so take some advice, follow Pete’s lead, and bring out the LOOFAH.

  16. Sarah B says:

    My husband has a loofah….makes for smoother skin so keep that man card. When you have more product than your wife (hair and face) than you have to give up your man card…my husband was close but he now has a close shaven haircut.

    Sarah B’s last blog post..Sunday…and Daughter like Mother?

  17. Shark Bait says:

    I think love might be a little strong a word to express our feelings for one another. I do use one, and have never found anything un-manly about it.


    Shark Bait’s last blog post..Twitter

  18. John Ireland says:

    Long live the loofah! :)

  19. andy says:

    Men don’t use loofahs?
    How else are you suppose to wash your body?
    LOL, I thought everyone used them?
    Like shampoo.

  20. I’m a man and I use a loofah. Least I finally know what they are called. I used to call them poofy sponges. Anyway, I have used one for years, even took it on bike tours and now to the Y. I could care less if someone thinks I am a girly man. I know. My wife knows. And I sure smell better than some of the jerks that don’t. I have another confession: I use the same body wash for my head/lack of hair on said head. Go for it Pete! :) I think it takes a man to admit they use one, least one secure in his manhood.

    bill (cycleguy)’s last blog post..Defining Moments

  21. Kyle says:

    its all in how you present it, and what kind you use.

    loofah = what you are holding the the above picture = not exceptionally manly.

    AXE detailer = seriously, google that junk = more clean manly goodness than grizzly adams.

    personally, i’m more of a detailer guy. its like a loofah, but all jacked up on testosterone.

  22. Nate says:

    Dude, I totally use a loofah. It rocks.

    Nate’s last blog post..Peace. . .

  23. Barbara says:

    OH Please…it sluffs the dead skin, it is healthy and let’s your skin breathe…a loofah has no gender. Your man persona is securely intact…I was going to refer to the Reality Show blog but that might be a bad example :) No worries

    Barbara’s last blog post..Time

  24. Alright, since you gave me the privilege of going second, I’m going to admit it… Hi my name is Peter, (hi peter) and I’m a Loofah user. Whew, that feels better. Thanks Pete!

    Peter Gowesky’s last blog post..Carry the Conversation

  25. Pete Wilson says:

    @Cindy Beall, I just knew Chris used bath salts!!

    @Tommy Sircy, I’m going to mail you one. You’re going to love it. It’s time for you to cross over. :)

  26. Carey King says:

    As long as you don’t wear a shower cap!!!!

  27. Sally says:


    This is not a loofah.

    This is:

    What you are holding is what I call a shower scrunchie thingie, and it definitely has crossover appeal in my house to and my husband owns several guns.

    Facts are important when you’re coming out about things!

    For more than you ever wanted to know about the subject, go here:

  28. “Hi, my name is Matt Legere and I use a loofah.” – these words were spoken at a recent Loofah’s Anonymous meeting.

    Matthew Legere’s last blog post..What are you still doing there?

  29. Michael says:


    Been using a loofah for about 10 years and I love it. How else do you use shower gel? Since we are on the confession theme, I will admit that I have also had a pedicure at a resort spa once. Guys, I’m going to tell you something, women keep this from us for a reason. It’s more than toenail clipping, the foot and calf massage that comes with the pedicure is incredible. And contrary to popular belief you do NOT have to have your toenails painted.

  30. Josh says:

    While I’ll admit I had that nervous pit-of-your-stomach feeling when I professed my love of the loofah in church Sunday, I’m feeling much more secure in my decision to do so.

    I’m thinking a tee-shirt/bumper sticker awareness campaign is in order here…

    Josh’s last blog post..The Beauty Of Bagels

  31. David Knapp says:

    I never heard of a loofah. I do use those 99 cent spongy thingies that have a more manly name but I can’t remember what they are called.

    I say use whatever helps us look younger and have better skin. I think it should be okay to use one considering you are a public figure. Who would really tune in each Sunday if your skin looked like Yoda’s? 😉

    Liquid soaps and body lotion are okay but if you ever tell us that you are carrying a man purse around then yes I think it is time to take your man card away. :)

    David Knapp’s last blog post..10 Minute Poppers

  32. Jonathan says:

    I’ve honestly tried but have been unable to make the commitment.

    It’s not the loofah, it’s me. It just doesn’t “feel right.”

    I just need something more substantial when it comes to the critical subject of personal exfoliation. Someday I’ll find the perfect match for me…I just know it.

    Jonathan’s last blog post..Spiritual Physics (part 2)

  33. Scott Lewis says:

    Absolutely! The Loofah is amazing! no more rough wash clothes. My name is Scott Lewis and as a man I will admit I love using the loofah.

    Pete Wilson… I found your site after going to other sites… and I must say I love it. Keep posting! My favorite was the violinist in DC. AMAZING!

    Scott Lewis’s last blog post..One more last full week.

  34. katdish says:

    Well, THANK GOODNESS Sarah pointed out your loofah misconceptions! Now I can concentrate on making fun of you, even though I don’t think I can top Tommy’s comment. That was fairly awesome…

    Nah, I’m not even gonna try to top that one. Do you sing “Just call me angel in the morning” by Juice Newton whist lathering up with your puffy scrunchie?

    katdish’s last blog post..I DO NOT heart grocery shopping

  35. April says:

    Pete…I would say that your MAN CARD is NOT at all in question in my book. I think anyone that uses the loofah will soon see the benefits from it…man or woman. Does a man not want smoother, healthier skin?? Who would pass up THAT opportunity!! :)

    Also..manicures…it seems that some men are afraid of those. I was in fact manicuring my husbands nails last night. At one point he jumped and said, “What are you doing!?” when I was putting ‘cuticle quench’ on his nails. I was all, “Don’t worry…it’s not polish…it’s just like lotion for these dry cuticles!” I think he was a little worried that his MAN CARD was going to be in question!!

    April’s last blog post..Top 5 Tuesdays

  36. John says:

    Dude. You seriously get a lot of comments each and every post!

    And yes. I use a loofa and I’m a MAN, baby. My wife turned me on to it when we were first married. Actually, she forced me to use it…end of story.

    John’s last blog post..Outsourced Evangelism

  37. Starwoodgal says:

    Everyone at my house has their own loofa or ‘puff’ as my daughter calls them. They do create better lather than a wash cloth.

    We have new puffs standing ready for guests. They are cheap so I put a tag on the rope for my MIL or my Mom or my Dad when they visit. No puff sharing!

    Loofa (aka puffs) Rock! You can keep your man card. :)

    Starwoodgal’s last blog post..Recipe: Oatmeal Cake

  38. ashley says:

    By no means does using a loofah put your man card at risk. Jasen uses a loofah too, if he doesn’t I tease him for not using one! I don’t feel like you can get as clean if you don’t scrub with it. I love the loofah! What I love more than the loofah though is exfoliation gloves! Have you seen them before? If not you should try them…trust me you won’t be disappointed!! :)

    ashley’s last blog post..Salt Lake City

  39. Tony York says:


    Hey!! That’s scary because I do sing that song whilst lathering, rinsing, and repeating. I sing it old school style because I can’t get the words right with the newer version.

    I think the new version says, “Closer than my peeps you are to me.” Sounds very Eastery.

    Tony York’s last blog post..Square Dancing on Round Wheels

  40. josh says:

    yes…and I love it…

    loofa users everywhere unite!

  41. Daniel Hall says:

    I tried the loofah thing a few times a while back… couldn’t do it. I think it has something to do with the fact that i feel like i’m rubbing a Chinchilla against my body.

    Yeah. Not my preference. I’m a bar soap guy.

    There was recently a discovery that I have to share. Irish Spring has “MicroBeads” in their bars now! Amazing!

    So, loofah? No questioning your man card… but how do you think the Chinchilla feels?

  42. Ladybird says:

    You can keep your man card! Loofas rock!

    Ladybird’s last blog post..Chicken Noodle Kid

  43. mpt says:

    If a loofah puts one’s manhood in question, then I am in serious trouble. For one, I use the anti-wrinkle cream that Sarah Jessica Parker advertises: Garnier Ultra Lift Pro (spf 20)… and I love it.

    So go ahead and question my “man card”–take it if you want–I got a deck.

  44. Nick says:


    Real men use loofah’s – Everyone that believes otherwise has been lied to.
    I do however only use a black or dark blue one. :)

    Nick’s last blog post..Mad Church Disease By Anne Jackson

  45. No, it does not mean your man card is lost or revoked. A clean man is a sexy man. Seriously.

    kristiapplesauce’s last blog post..Oh Sheep!

  46. Maureen says:

    Ummmm, yes. Its pretty girly! (but pretty) :)

    Maureen’s last blog post..Ulpan Sader

  47. 5th Street says:

    I didn’t think that you had lost your man card until I saw that erotic, sepia photo of you and you sponge! Dang son, why don’t you and the sponge get a room??? I guess you do, every morning!!!

    I think this is an unhealthy relationship for you!!!

  48. i have to be honest, i subscribe to withoutwax but usually am too lazy to come to the blog and leave a comment but i felt that i had to today.
    There is no doubt in my mind that you still have your man card pete. i use one. not because i just loovvee the loofah, but really for practical reasons. if you use body wash and not just a bar of soap, you get a better lather, which to me equals extra cleanliness. i’m not a scientist or anything but i feel like i’m scrubbing extra dirt away using the loofah.
    we’re still men pete. fear not.

    brennan loveless’s last blog post..…man…

  49. Tracie says:

    I think a man doing whatever he sees fit and worries not about his manhood, as he is fastened securely in said manhood, shall forevermore remain in firm posession of his respective Man Card. You use that loofah, buddy.

    Tracie’s last blog post..Oh the Things He Says

  50. Jason says:

    Yes and I am not ashamed.

    Jason’s last blog post..Struggling

  51. david says:

    To be honest, i tried using loofah for a period and I didn’t like the feeling on my skin. IF I use a loofah…i use a loofah, it doesn’t really matters what you think of me ;P

    Using “Steel Wool” (those that you use to remove burned marks on pots) on your skin doesn’t make you more manly!

    I’m glad I’m secured in HIS Love :)

    david’s last blog post..24 hours in a day

  52. Scott Bloyer says:

    Yes I use one and I am not ashamed at all it is the best way to keep my bald head clean. I just make sure mine is either black or dark blue so it is a little more manly.

    Scott Bloyer’s last blog post..Elevation Community Church

  53. kc says:

    Only when the bar of soap runs out.

    kc’s last blog post..The "Church Next" (PT.1)

  54. Alison says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with a man using a loofah! My husband does and he is pretty manly!

    Alison’s last blog post..Calling all Prayer Warriors

  55. nigel says:

    I think I’m the only guy so far to say that I DON’T use a loofah, however there have been several attempts by my sister to get me to use one. I’m not that big a fan of the pink ones, so until I can find one that isn’t, I’ll just use my own two hands.

    nigel’s last blog post..Holy Cow.

  56. Jim says:

    WOW – I never ever in any way have ever used a loofa.

    To quote Seinfeld – “Not that there is anything wrong that”

    Jim’s last blog post..The Visit part 2

  57. Aaron Jackson says:

    Hello, my name is Aaron, and I use a loofah…

  58. jon mark says:

    NOOO…to the “loofah”…just call it a powder puff!!!

    jon mark’s last blog post..sunday setlists…take twenty-nine…

  59. joseph says:

    -10 man points Pete.

    We at the Man Society are going to have to review your membership.

    joseph’s last blog post..Random (Sarcastic) Thoughts Monday

  60. Guys use “detailers”

    …or something

    Chris Sullivan’s last blog post..No Time For Movies

  61. Tony York says:


    Maybe its how you are presenting the subject of this topic in the photo evidence above.

    I would suggest doing your best body builder stance with the ‘scrunchy’ thing held before you as if you are trying to tear it apart. 😉

    Tony York’s last blog post..From Dung to Worship

  62. Brian says:

    Yes. I use a loofah. My wife convinced me to try one several years ago. And I love it. Sorry guys.

  63. Rob says:

    dude, keep rocking the loofah. It does a better job of removing dead skin cells than soap and a washcloth or soap alone. I used to use a loofah, but didn’t feel like spending the $0.99 every month…mine kept falling apart.

    also cool…
    the real deal

  64. joy renée says:

    my hubby definitely uses/loves his loofah.
    i think guys should get extra man props on their man cards for using AND admitting they use a loofah.

    joy renée’s last blog friend!

  65. joy renée says:


    if you spend a little more on one…like say…four bucks, they actually last for many months.

    joy renée’s last blog friend!

  66. Linny Best says:

    I gotta admit, I kinda like it…keep your man card on this one bro…I might just get one for my Dale…and make it a blue one, so it’s a little more manly…at least yours isn’t pink!

  67. DubHow says:

    Ok here’s my dilemma. No, I do not use a loofah… I use a wash rag, BUT…

    I believe that my wash rag gets washed EVERY time I use it. I mean soap and water and it’s rinsed out…that’s the definition of washing something!

    So I don’t change it. This confession hasn’t gone over well with many people, but I am sticking to my theory that it gets washed EVERY TIME I use it and therefore I am a clean boy.

    DubHow’s last blog post..Roger and Me

  68. Becky says:

    How else do you expect to get adequately cleansed, if not with a loofah?

    Don’t worry … I think you’re still a man. Now a clean man!

    Becky’s last blog post..The "Blizzard" of ’09

  69. woody says:

    no pete, no. just look at the word.

    LOOFA, sounds like something a little girl would play with when the Barbies are out.

    run away from the loofa Pete, your man card can return.

  70. Pete Wilson says:

    @Jonathan, “It’s not the loofah, it’s me. It just doesn’t “feel right.”

    I can’t stop laughing. Maybe a little loofah counseling could help.

  71. tam says:

    bless your heart.

    if that was a pic of you actually holding a *loofah*, maybe this wouldnt be so bad.

    but it aint.

    its a woman, scrunchy, poofy, scrubby thing.

    do you have a purple robe too that you prance around in after your bubble bath?

    plush, cotton slipper perhaps?

    next time i come out maybe brandi, you and i can go get manicures together.

    sounds precious doesnt it!?


    tam’s last blog post..will you be my teacher? kthx.

  72. Lindsay says:

    It sort of depends. I mean, did you make that picture black and white because your loofah is pink?

    Lindsay’s last blog post..Awareness FAIL

  73. Tom says:

    Being the authority on Manly things,, I’d have to say that using a loofa is grounds for Man Card Revocation.

  74. Tony York says:


    take some time to read Tam’s post ‘will you be my teacher? kthx’

    You will be blessed.

    Tony York’s last blog post..From Dung to Worship

  75. Gina says:

    @Lindsay, I totally agree, most of his pictures are in color..hmmmmm, anyways, I applaud all you men for finally admitting to the finer things in life. And yes…My hubby also uses the loofah.

  76. […] of diamonds’ 2009 March 31 by tam lil pete asked on his blog this morning if his man card was in question. you see, he uses a scrunchy-scrubby thingy in the shower that he calls a loofah. bless is […]

  77. honey, i think the Old Spice Bodywash you use on your Loofah gives it an extra boost of testosterone! 😉

    brandiandboys’s last blog post..TeeBall Will Never Be The Same…

  78. Ashley Schneider says:

    Why would any man deny a loofah? The suds, the bubbles, the foam. It just makes you feel so much cleaner. Okay, so I am a woman saying this but can Chandler from Friends be wrong? Remember when he discovered the wonders of a bubble bath??? Exactly.

  79. Damon says:

    @Sally & @Tam

    Thanks for beating me to it. My wife calls that thing a “Scrubby”…

  80. Bill Renfrew says:

    Yes, but at least yours is WHITE. Mine’s PINK!!!! (My wife stocks the shower supplies but that’s still no excuse. I’ll turn in my card Sunday. :>(

  81. Robin Goldfeder says:

    Not at all! It just means that you are cleaner than the average smelly guy! Now if you get a manicure or pedicure also, you just might be metrosexual, but once again, this does not threaten your manhood. Guys might just be jealous that you look and smell better than them!

  82. DEb says:

    I think it depends on what “level” you hold your “Man-Card”… different levels for different MEN.. hahaha..

    Do you, by any chance, watch “The Real Housewives of NY?”… just wondering….

    DEb’s last blog post..Ms. ROBIN IS LAYING HER EGGS!

  83. Jason Gordon says:

    I prefer to call it a “lather builder.” Although, if you talk to my wife she would correct me!

  84. Rebecka says:

    It’s perfectly fine to use a loofah! I love them, and so does my boyfriend!
    No need to worry!

  85. Jan Connair says:

    @Sally, thank you for pointing out that that was not a real loofah. I was biting my tongue through the first 20 or so comments, wondering if I should bring that up!

    Pete, maybe you need to get a real loofah. It’s the guts of a dried gourd. So that would be way more manly, wouldn’t it? Practically like using dried tree bark or something equally macho and painful!

    Jan Connair’s last blog post..If You Can’t Say Something Nice . . .

  86. ginger says:

    Hey, you do what you gotta do, right? I would think nothing less of my husband if he used a loofah/scrubby thingy. How important is that “Man Card” anyway? 😉

    ginger’s last blog post..The True Constant

  87. I’ve used one for a while. My college roomates used to make fun of me for it until they bought one one day!

    Jonathan Pearson’s last blog post..3 More Can’t Do’s

  88. Lol. When you mentioned this in twitter, I didn’t realise that you meant THAT kind of loofah. That is a little girly.

    But hey, if you’re happy – that’s all that matters.

    If you start using eyelash curlers, then I’ll maybe think Brandi has something to worry about… 😉

    Brunettekoala’s last blog post..Newsflash

  89. Camilla says:

    My boyfriend uses one… Nothing un-manly about it 😉

  90. Pete,
    That’s not a loofah, it’s a puff. A loofah is a vegetable that once dried it’s used to scrub bodies. I grew up in Brazil and we didn’t have wash cloths, we had loofahs. As a matter of fact, I had loofah growing in the back of my grandmother’s house. But the question is one of perceived pampering. Should a man be pampered?

    I know a lot of guys who get pedicures regularly. Others get facials and massages and some even get “work” done by Plastic Surgeons. It’s a vanity/feel good thing, I admit.

    But how is that different than spending time in the gym and strictly dieting so that you sport a chiseled physique and washboard abs at the pool?

    Maurilio Amorim’s last blog post..How to Market Yourself: Lessons from a 15 yr Old Entrepreneur

  91. gitz says:

    I don’t think it would be bad if you used a REAL loofa [they are hard and scratchy and feel like you’re putting steel wool on your skin]. That’s kinda manly.

    What you have there is a shower poof. That means your man card has flower doodles in the corners.

    My problem with the shower poof is that I don’t think they’re sanitary… you can’t throw them in the washer cuz they fall apart, which means your dead skin cells just sit in it. Yeah, I don’t use the shower poof.

    More importantly… why is the photo in b/w? Is it because your poof is pink???

    [but your hair highlights still looks great, you manly man.]

    gitz’s last blog post..Blog Peep Questions: Round 2

  92. Just saw Tam (@inprogress) post. What she had pictured is what I thought you meant when you said loofah.

    What puts your man card at risk? Well, here in Bonnie Scotland it would be not wearing a kilt, and after that, not wearing it like a true scotsman!

  93. Debbie says:

    I use a “poof” and to be quite honest, I’m sure hubby does to, but I’m not sure if he’d admit it:).

    Debbie’s last blog post..Revival Week — I’m Lovin’ it!

  94. holly says:

    question your man card? For a loofah? No. A clean body has nothing to do with gender – a loofah is simply a more effective wash cloth and better for the environment – don’t have to wash it as often and you use less soap because it lathers so well. So pat yourself on the back for this one!

    However, I’m sure Nate and I could pull together some memories that bring the so-called “man card” into question… :)

    holly’s last blog post.."Daddy, can you tell me..?"

  95. Cheryl F says:

    Loofah – no big deal as long as you are using a manly lather to smell good for your woman. But anything falling into the catagory “metro…” is too far for my man.

  96. Pete Wilson says:

    @gitz and other who have asked, my loofah is not pink. It’s a beige color. After praying about this throughout the day I’m leaning toward getting a gray one which I think would be a little more manly.

  97. tam says:

    no it wont pete.

    its still a shower-scrunchy.

    tam’s last blog post..he’s the ‘queen of diamonds’

  98. gitz says:

    Whew. *wipes back of hand across forehead*

    Glad to know you’ve been saved from the pink. 😉 The gray could really rough up the edges of that man card…

    And I just read Brandi’s post about Gage… I think you’re saved by the fact that you’re teaching your boys to pee freely outdoors.

    gitz’s last blog post..Blog Peep Questions: Round 2

  99. nope. never. won’t. u definitely need to turn in the man card. in fact, just shred it, there is no going back! ha ha ha…thanks for the laughs today!

    @billy_johnson’s last blog post..Rats in The Cellar?

  100. tanilan says:

    That is alright! Aint nothing wrong with using a loofah! People should just be happy you shower.

    tanilan’s last blog post..New Site

  101. Jeremy says:

    I used to use a loofah and body wash all the time. For the past few years though, my wife and I have used bar soap. Just last month I decided I wanted to get some more body wash so I could use the loofah. Our trip to the store tomorrow will reunite me with the spongy experience that I miss…

    I’m confident in my manhood… and happy to use a loofah.

    Jeremy’s last blog post..Government Clowns

  102. Rick Herrin says:

    I agree with maurillio. What you so proudly showed off at church was not a loofah, that was a cute little spongy thing. Real men use loffahs because they scrub.

  103. Steven says:

    I am a proud loofaher.

    Or loofaher.

    Or loofahman.

    Whatever. I prefer the more manly, “lather builder,” name for the loofah.

  104. adam herod says:

    I do use one, but I’m with Nick. You can only use dark, manly colors.

    adam herod’s last blog post..My Twitter Crew

  105. Sully says:

    I’m with you Pete. I use a loofah, and do so quite proudly. A wash rag or just using soap just doesn’t cut it.

    If my man card is taken away at least I will have smooth skin when I am 60.

  106. D.Lake says:

    Used one … but dude – I don’t love it.

    Love you man! Man card suspension … haha

    D.Lake’s last blog post..Community Day of Prayer

  107. Marsha Pursley says:

    Turn in the man card. You should be using bar soap. Bring on the Irish Spring.

  108. Jan Connair says:

    @Pete–Does this mean my “girl” card could be in question because I know how to gap spark plugs, change oil, and flush a radiator? They really need to hand out manuals for this kind of thing when kids hit puberty. Just so we can all be on the same page!

    Jan Connair’s last blog post..If You Can’t Say Something Nice . . .

  109. The only time I use a loofah (or “scrubbie” as my kids call it) is to clean the bottom of the shower when I can’t find anything else to use. Does a decent job too.

    Steve Whipple’s last blog post..Sunday Recap 3-29-09

  110. Christopher says:

    Loofahs are fine as long as you are using something manly like Axe or Old Spice.

    Here is the official rule: If the scent of your body wash, matches anything on the menu of Smoothie King, the clearance section of Yankee Candle or the latest gift basket from 1800-flowers… you are hereby requested to hand over your man-card and report to the Chuck Norris Finishing School for Men.

    Christopher’s last blog post..Beware of Duck Poop

  111. Jack says:

    Loofa? Yes!

    Jack’s last blog post..Pulled my hair out!

  112. Jon Smith says:

    No I don’t. I use a wash cloth… but whatever floats your boat, Pete.

  113. DisneyCyndi says:

    Well I would rather you use a loofah then wear man pantyhose. :)

    DisneyCyndi’s last blog post..Happy Sweet 16 Mary Elizabeth

  114. Danny says:

    Definately a loofah lover. Now, you’ll probably never catch me using a pink one. Hopefully you never catch me in the shower period! Mine is a manly black one. I hope that justifies it. It does way better than soap and a rag. Is that girly to to know that?? Ahhh now I’m all worried… lol!

    Danny’s last blog post..test

  115. Faith Dwight says:

    Pete- Good news: You’re safe on a technicality.

    Technically that is a mesh sponge. This is a loofah:

    I did find that there’s a patent out on a mesh sponge with a loofah attached:

    Now that is taking it to the next level! Congratulations on maintaining your man card!

    Faith Dwight’s last blog post..Freefalling

  116. I keep saying that if I’m ever down that way I’m gonna visit Cross Point because I feel I know all of you.

    Now I feel I know all of you waaaaay too much!

    Paul Wilkinson’s last blog post..The Presence and the Perfunctory

  117. Pete Wilson says:

    @Danny, I hope I never catch you in the shower either. You crack me up. :)

    Pete Wilson’s last blog post..Is My Man Card In Question?

  118. Toby says:

    and until a better way to scrub dirt is invented, I will continue to use it :-).

    Toby’s last blog post..Ya Better Watch Yo Back!

  119. Shannon says:

    Dang. . . I feel so inspired. I’m going to stand up right here on top of my desk, rip my shirt open, revealing my four chest hairs and boldly proclaim. I USE A LOOFAH TOO!!! (after everyone leaves for the day and I’m the only one still here at the church).

    Thanks Pete for the inspiration.

  120. tam says:


    are you implying you actually HAD a man card?

    tam’s last blog post..he’s the ‘queen of diamonds’

  121. Dana says:

    Anyone who uses body wash/shower gel has to use a loofah, it just doesn’t work on wash cloths. I’ve been using one since my college days and will never stop! And I try to make Ken do it because he goes through tootoooooootoooo much body wash by not using the one I got him.

  122. Roye Glass says:

    No, I don’t use one. But based on all of the comments I am missing out. I just added it to my wife’s shopping list. :)

    My concern is that your photo is in black and white! What color is your loofah?

    Roye Glass’s last blog post..Stewardship of your life.

  123. Keep the man card and put a gold star on it…keep your bad self groomed whatever it takes, Brandi will appreciate it!

    Robin Rane’ ~ All Th’s last blog post..Living My Legacy 4~Making My House a Home

  124. Nate VZ says:

    I just threw up after reading this post! This is just further sickening proof of the way that Oprah has penetrated our culture…

    I use a bar of Irish Spring, just as I have since toddler-hood. That is just what all Van Zeeland men have used since the turn of the century. I do believe, however, that the Van Zeeland women use a loofah…so, you’re not alone.

    First, the Starbucks coffee at “Fish Camp”, now a Loofah?

  125. Jeff Loring says:

    Pete Wilson, from the flat ironed hair, the soul patch, or the stratigically rolled sleeves face it dude, you are a true “metro sexual”. Welcome to the club! I love the fact that you have style and care about the way you look. The body is a temple baby, keep it well.

  126. barbara says:

    For the record that is a “net puffy” you’re holding. A loofah is a natural sea sponge. Please remember to throw it in the washer frequently…lots of yucky things hide in the net. btw…man card intact…but you should use a real loofah …you’ll never go back to the puffy.

  127. Jennifer says:

    umm… THAT is not a loofah. That is a scrubbie. A loofah is a natural sponge (it’s a plant much like a cucumber) and is quite rough.
    That being said, yes, the scrubbies make many appearances in our home, however my husband switched over to a crocheted soap bag – exfoliates, holds the bar of soap and holds up substantially longer than a scrubbie.
    I think your “Man-Card” is intact – loofah or scrubbie or whatever you use.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Sunday Setlists – 3-29-09

  128. Pete Wilson says:

    @Nate VZ, I was afraid you were going to read this post. And I can’t believe you had to bring the Starbucks at Fish Camp into this. That was low! :)

    Pete Wilson’s last blog post..Is My Man Card In Question?

  129. David says:

    At boarding school, the guys showers were full of loofahs, body brushes, scrubbies… mainly the rugby players, I might add.

    I’ve used one in the past. But I actually own a real loofah (see Jennifer’s comment above)

    At the moment, I’m liking the soap bag thingy (see Jennifer’s comment again)

    This should not be a surprise to anyone.

    David’s last blog post..Songs, Hills and Hillsong

  130. Mysoul says:

    Not in my mind…If it has anything to do with keeping yourself Clean and feeling Good…That means you are a Better Person(Man or Woman).

  131. Mack says:

    My name is Mack and I loofah now thanks to Pete’s confession Sunday…

    Heck I even shave under my arms…

  132. ANTHONY EPP says:

    You won’t have to give up your Man Card, but you can loose man points should this type of thing continue and then the cardx will self-destruct.

  133. Jake Kaufman says:

    The loofah is man’s greatest secret.

    Jake Kaufman’s last blog post..TONE SETTERS vs. RESULTS SEEKERS

  134. Jason Young says:

    pete-dude, i use one everyday and i ain’t afraid to say it. in fact, mine is pink (maybe that’s going too far:) regardless, i am comfortable with it.

    Jason Young’s last blog post..Use It!

  135. Brian Howe says:

    I can’t imagine showering without a Loofah…

    Brian Howe’s last blog post..Creative Church Conference

  136. Brenda says:

    I think it’s great that you use a scrubbie loofah thingamajig. You probably have healthy skin. But like some of the others have said… it should never be a girly color like pink. And as long as you don’t mind working hard and getting dirty, you haven’t given up your man card. But men without good hygiene are a huge turnoff! Showering, deoderant, teeth brushing, flossing, keeping fingernails and toenails clean and trimmed- all very important. But just don’t polish your nails, even clear.

    Keep yourself in check though… it’s always a good thing when your wife spends much more time primping herself then you do. :)

    Brenda’s last blog post..I’m not an idiot, but…

  137. Shark Bait says:

    Okay Pete. Here’s the thing though. You cannot lose your man card for using a loofah, but you could have it temporarily suspended for telling people you use a loofah.

    Men do NOT talk about what happens in the bathroom. Ever. There’s a reason we go there alone. If men go to the bathroom in groups, it’s because they are having a barbeque in there.

    The first rule of loofah-club is that you don’t talk about loofah club.

    That being said, you can get a temporary reprieve if you pee in the shower while using the loofah.

    Shark Bait’s last blog post..Love is patient, love is kind.

  138. Gina T says:

    I don’t think loofa, whatever, make you any less of a man, I just don’t care for them. I am a washrag girl myself

  139. Paul says:

    Yep.I’ve used a loofah for the 8 years I’ve been married. Should’ve used one for the 20 something years prior to that. There’s no shame in getting clean.

    Paul’s last blog post..Judah’s tree house

  140. Pete Wilson says:

    @Shark Bait, I can’t stop laughing. I promise I won’t get all the guys here in trouble by asking if you pee in the shower. :)

    Pete Wilson’s last blog post..Is My Man Card In Question?

  141. Hal says:

    Hi. My name is Hal, and I use a loofah. (But it’s black, and made by Axe. That makes it irreverent and manly, right?)

    Hal’s last blog Grey Goose packaging from Pentagram

  142. becky says:

    could be around here those are called ‘poufs’ not even a name as manly as loofa….so maybe…but my hubs uses one so I’m personally thinking NOT.

    becky’s last blog post..Judges 11 -12; Psalm 50; 2 Corinthians 1

  143. ed sciulli says:

    NO NO NO!!!

    Bar soap. And no poofy, poofy thingies. I use the hardened hand calluses earned by manly work to scrub off the dirt of doing manly, manly work.

  144. TN says:

    I’ve been lurking around here now and then but have never commented. I need to delurk for this one. BTW, love this place.

    Ok, I’ve just grilled my man to find out if he’s ever used my loofah while showering. At first he said no. Then when pressed harder he admitted that he used it when his hands were really dirty. Ugh! I reminded him that I use that thing on my bits and that was just plain gross. Then he said he did use it on his arms, once. When I told him I thought he was full of you-know-what because really, why stop at just the arms, he confessed that he’d been indeed using my loofah. I’m tossing out my old one and he’s getting his own.

  145. Ariel says:

    Yes. Yes I do.

    And I’m not ashamed. =)

    Ariel’s last blog post..Wednesday Update

  146. David Miles says:

    I posted on this very thing a couple weeks ago but I took it to another level in a post I called “The Sissification of Me.”

    I’m right there with you Pete.

    David Miles’s last blog post..The Woman Across The Street

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