Jesus Loves Me

Can we be honest today?

Isn’t it true sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way you thought life was going to work out?

Isn’t it true sometimes God doesn’t show up for you in the way you thought God was going to show up?

In light of the realities of living in a broken world I thought you might need to be reminded of this simple truth today my two-year-old Brewer shared with us last night…

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  1. good perspective, brewer!

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  2. Candy says:

    Too cute for words. Amazing how God will speak to us through the tiniest, most innocent of voices. And a sweet reminder of “those days.” Thanks, Pete!

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  3. Tommy Sircy says:

    I’m adding Brewer to my list of great theologians.

    Isn’t it funny how the simple truths of God’s Word are the most powerful.

    Tommy Sircy’s last blog post..Study Nook

  4. Pete Wilson says:

    @Candy, God uses my kids to speak to me all the time!

  5. Fran says:

    I’ll be hanging on to that today Brewer. Thanks!

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  6. Debra says:

    Precious! Just precious. I am learning that God’s ways are always better than mine, even though there I times I can’t fathom it. Waiting always shows me. And, He is always there … I just have to ask Him to show me His presence when I can’t “feel” it. God is good.

    You might have a little rockstar for Jesus on your hands! :)

    Debra’s last blog post..A Slice of Inspiration …

  7. sherri says:

    -Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Thank you Brewer. I’m sure Jesus is smiling.

    sherri’s last blog post..An Irish Blessing

  8. *~Michelle~* says:

    Rock on Brewer! That boy can jam!

    thanks for the morning smile….


    *~Michelle~*’s last blog post..I wish I had an extra two grand hanging around……

  9. pete wilson says:

    @michelle, you should see him on electric.

  10. Aimee says:

    Your first few questions could not have been more on the mark for me this morning. Thank you — even though I don’t like feeling those ways, seeing the questions, made me feel less alone in the thoughts. Then, Brewer’s song. Thank you for sharing it. Thanks Brewer, for reminding me of a truth I sometimes forget too easily.

  11. David Knapp says:

    Is anybody else having problems with watching the video? I load it up but nothing plays.

    David Knapp’s last blog post..God Is In The Details

  12. Brad Ruggles says:

    What a precious video. He’s gonna love that when he gets older.

    Brad Ruggles’s last blog post..Apple’s Revolutionary New Laptop

  13. NATE says:

    I think he has the gift of speaking in tongues!

  14. Pete Wilson says:

    @David Knapp, I checked it and it seems to be working. Let me know if you still have problems!

  15. britt says:

    what a sweetie

  16. Nikki Jo says:

    Thank you for sharing this – so precious! “we is weak, but Jesus strong” (I’m sure he probably was saying the words correctly, but this is what I heard in my untrained ear, which I thought was pretty fitting).

    Even more so? In my reader, just above this post was another: They kind of went together and really shared something to me today that I needed to hear.

    Thanks :)

  17. Harold says:

    Brew, ya started out and I’m thinking why would he pick this song but you know what, you worked it out dawg. I was really feeling it and I could tell you were feeling it too. Next time though, I would dump your stylist and your voice coach and just let Brew be Brew.

  18. Pete Wilson says:

    @Nikki Jo, Love that! Thanks for sharing that post.

  19. Sarah says:

    Yes and yes. When I was in college one of the priests use to say, “God always answers prayers, and sometimes the answer is ‘No'” Wise words but it’s hard to take.

    Brewer’s got awesome guitar skills.

    Sarah’s last blog post..A Set Apart Life

  20. Maureen says:

    Very True! Tooo precious! I love his added touch with the guitar!!!

    Maureen’s last blog post..I ❤ Jack

  21. Katy says:

    You go big boy! With guitar and all – I am in envy over the budding talent!

    What a great reminder. And yes – my kids are often the avenue through which I am taught so many lessons – simle to complex. God is great!!


    Katy’s last blog post..Pictures and opinions

  22. Vicki says:

    I needed to hear that soooo much today – and through Brewer, too. Child-like faith, untainted, untampered, truth.

    Thank you for sharing your family with us :)

  23. Lisa Martin says:

    Sure did need that reminder today, thanks Brewer! Encore!

    Lisa Martin’s last blog post..Squirrel Stuff

  24. gitz says:

    *melting* Hug that one a little extra for me tonight, k?

    God’s been saying ‘no’ to me a lot lately… I’m just trying to remember sometimes that’s what parents have to do out of love. I didn’t always understand it as a kid and I don’t understand it now, but it doesn’t mean it’s not the right answer.

    gitz’s last blog post..Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

  25. pete wilson says:

    @gitz, I’ll do it for sure.

  26. Tyler Jewell says:

    That was great!

    Tyler Jewell’s last blog post..22

  27. Pete Wilson says:

    @Tyler, Thanks man. How have you been?

  28. Graham says:

    right on buddy! That’s all there is too it!

    Graham’s last blog post..Now That’s Worth Repeating [Nick Charalambous]

  29. tam says:

    i love him.

    tam’s last blog post..skim milk & self-tanner

  30. Jessica says:

    I love brewer! He’s getting so good at singing it too! I think he will be a worship leader :)

  31. karen says:

    OK. THAT was adorable! And oh so timely. I was just complaining about my life when I saw you tweet that led me here. Would you kindly get out of my head?

  32. ckroboth says:

    Too Cute… So who has the better voice you or him? I think we need a video comparison of you singing the same song.

    ckroboth’s last blog post..Separating faith(church) and religion(state).

  33. Kelli says:

    How sweet.
    I always seem to hear God speaking to me through the simple things my son says or does. What a blessing

    Kelli’s last blog post..Are You a Praying Woman?

  34. bluegoose says:

    Too adorable!!! I love the guitar playing little Wilson!!!

    bluegoose’s last blog post..I Saw Something Awesome

  35. David Knapp says:

    I don’t know Pete. It still doesn’t work. I have mac, maybe that is it.

    David Knapp’s last blog post..The World’s Best Cup Of Coffee!

  36. Steve Gwilt says:

    ‘Los’ Wilson, CP’s newest worship leader. One cool guy.

    Steve Gwilt’s last blog post..Temptation and the Accuser

  37. Andy Depuy says:

    The next pastor @ Crosspoint. Brew How can I say thanks for that song today. Thank you & Pete & Brandi I am praying for awsome,wonderful family. I love you all

  38. That is the MOST important song he will ever learn;)

    kelly chorley’s last blog post..Don’t agonize, organize?!

  39. Toby says:

    I have just mentally adopted your son! Finally, a professor of theology I can relate to and understand!

    Toby’s last blog post..Introducing: P-MATE

  40. jenn says:

    So Cute! Coming home from church this past Sunday I was having my daughter Ellie ( 3 years) repeat the verse on the little paper they sent home with me…the verse is I Peter 5:7…so she says “He cares for you…the end…” obviously she added the “the end” but I thought it goes nicely with the verse!! He cares for you! End of story!

  41. Gloria Wise says:

    Phooey, the video didn’t work on this end.

  42. Nate VZ says:

    I have no idea what he said…but, it sounded to me like…”Go Packers!”

    I knew he was a smart young man!

  43. Katie says:

    Too cute! Thanks for sharing the faith of a child.

    Katie’s last blog post..“It’s not you, it’s me”

  44. Pete Wilson says:

    @Nate VZ, that’s exactly what he was saying!

  45. clowe says:


    clowe’s last blog post..First Playdate

  46. Jay Baker says:

    Absolutely awesome! Gotta love kids

  47. Aaannnnddd, that’s exactly what I needed right this red hot second. Hummm, God is good.

    Robin Rane’ ~’s last blog post..Where’s Rambo Mom?

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