Jett Meets Taylor Swift

Many of you know of Jett’s (my seven year old son) love for Taylor Swift. His love for her was declared in THIS video we did a few months ago.

Well, this past Saturday two sweet girls from church, Lindsey and Whitney, decided to help make Jett’s day by setting up an opportunity for him to meet her. Thank you girls for making one little boy very happy! The video below is the story of how the day went. So watch it and then I have one question for you today.

So, if you could meet one person you’ve never met, who would it be? Come on, tell us!

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  1. thegibster says:

    It would have to be Matt Redman. He’s written some of the best worship songs in the past 15 years. It would be wonderful for me to pick his brain for a few hours.

  2. Mark says:

    Always fun to see a seven year old’s dream come true!

    Personally, I would love to meet Don (DA) Carson and have a sort of ‘fireside chat’. I learn so much from his lectures already, it would be great to sit down and ask him some questions!

  3. Giant Idiot says:

    First off, “Are you taller than Abe Lincoln?” maybe the greatest question ever. Is Dawson going to be Jett’s wingman when they get older? “Your parents must be awesome” obviously Taylor knows nothing about the WaxyOne and Paris Wilson.

    Is the person I want to meet alive or dead? If they are no longer with us it is Ted Williams. If they are still with us it is Cindy Crawford.

  4. Kristie says:

    This is PRICELESS!! – I love it …… Thanks so much for sharing – as always.

    I would love to come to Nashville and meet you and your cool family – my husband and I may be traveling through on our Harley someday – and would love to hear you preach – as I know God is doing GREAT things through your ministry.

  5. Brody says:

    Great video man….

    I’d love to meet you some time. Let’s get coffee. Does that count?

  6. You may want to coach Jett a bit on his opening lines – I’m thinking “are you weird?” may be a little off-putting to the ladies.

  7. How absolutely precious! Made me cry!!!!

    My dream was to meet Nathan & Christy Nockels of Watermark and my husband made my dream come true at a concert several years ago.

  8. That brief encounter has made me a Taylor Swift fan. Gotta love a girl whose realizes how awesome Jett’s parents are!! :)

  9. Stephanie says:

    Hmmm…my answer to that question has changed over the years as I’ve gotten older. That’s one for me to think about….good question.

  10. jon mckanna says:

    i would like to meet the LA Dodgers management and players…i’m going to see them in Detroit on Friday…so you need to get to work fast PETE!!! maybe these two young ladies from your church could help out???

  11. fullofboys says:

    How exciting for Jett and Dawson!
    Just one person? That is tough…I think it would be Heath’s grandmother. She passed away as we were engaged.

  12. Sarah says:

    pete! that video was awesome. is jett even more in love? at least he has good taste!

    Oh and my answer is Matt Lauer. i love that guy.

  13. Marla says:

    Wingman or not, being friends with Jett has its perks for Dawson. Thanks so much for taking him with you guys. Dawson is still talking about it. Her picture with her “I love Dawson” signature hangs on the fridge so Dawson can see it everytime he’s in the kitchen. (which is alot)

  14. Jason Gordon says:

    Sounds it was a dream come true. Abbie might be jealous!

  15. @ Giant Idiot, No WaxyOne is not taller than Abe. You could Pete on top of Pete and both Pete’s would be smaller than Abe.

  16. Giant Idiot says:

    @Brian you are an idiot the question was not Pete being taller than Abe Lincoln it was a question Jett was going to ask Taylor Swift. Why don’t you trying paying more attention next time.

  17. Giant Idiot says:


    I did notice that Dawson was the more talkative of the two. So I guess Jett will be Dawson’s wingman.

  18. Linnae Hoppe says:

    I’m not going to lie…. Joel St James

  19. Did I just get called and idiot by an idiot? I know what ? he was asking her. It’s called artistic license.

  20. bradruggles says:

    Ok, I wasn’t much of a Taylor Swift fan but I am now. How cool! She seems like a genuinely nice person. I love it that she kissed Jett on the side of the head. Talk about bragging rights! :-)

  21. Giant Idiot says:

    @Brian that is not artistic license that is taking something out of context. You should write for the New York Times or the Washington Post they are doing this stuff to politicians all of the time.

  22. @Idiot man you are so easy!!!

  23. pollyh says:

    @BA–don’t feel bad. He called me stupid yesterday.

    This is way cool. Jett, Dawson, I am so excited you got a chance to see “your” favorite.

    As for me, the one person I’d like to meet is Payton Manning. That shouldn’t suprise any of you out there now, should it!

  24. Harold McKee says:

    That was awesome! Way to go guys.

    Ok, I’m going to pick the one person alive and one person dead deal.

    Alive, Stephen Hawking
    Dead, Martin Luther (I love a rebel)

    Editors Note: I would next like to see a video of GI and BA mud wrestling. (@pete if you got Taylor Swift surely you could pull that off)

  25. amyc says:

    That is the coolest video ever, Jett!

  26. ryan says:

    Uh, maybe I’m weird, but I want to meet Jay-Z. My friend met him while he was president of Def Jam and called to tease me. That ain’t right.

  27. Brook Sarver says:

    Atta boy Jett!

    I’d be a big fan of sitting down Benjamin Gibbard…

  28. Anne Jackson says:

    That was awesome!!!!!

    Once I met Brandi Wilson, my life quest was over!!

    I’d love to have met Oswald Chambers.

  29. Starwoodgal says:

    That is a great video! Did you send it to Taylor Swift? You should.

    I don’t have a “person to meet” list. Sorry.

  30. klampert says:

    you and everybody else I blog with. lol

    redman, batterson, charlie hall

  31. Jack Hager says:

    Dead – Charles Spurgeon
    Living – C. J. Mahanney

  32. Kelli says:

    What a great video!!!!
    I’d love to meet singer/songwriter Sara Groves. Her music ministers to me so deeply.
    And I wish C.S. Lewis were still alive. I’d love to be taught by him.

    Wouldnt mind meeting you and your wife some day. You guys seem like such genuine people.

  33. Pete Wilson says:

    @Brody It so counts. I’ll shoot you an email and we’ll make it happen.

  34. DEb says:

    AWWWW!!!! PP, you are an AWESOME dad!!!!! That’s what I saw on the video (besides the fact that those two boys were just in awe!)

    Who I’d like to meet, BESIDES Bret Michaels AND Madonna….it would have to be Billy Graham (yeah I know, I go from one end of the spectrum to the other.)
    Jesus…who I KNOW I’ll meet one day!!

  35. gofocus says:

    Bruce Lee

  36. Heather says:

    I have NO idea what is wrong with me today, but the end of that video made me bawl! There is just something about seeing a childs dream come true that tugs at the heart strings. Now that I’m a mess….I can’t think of who I want to meet.

    It’s going to be a long day….sigh.

  37. godzgaljen says:

    I cried watching that….he was so starstruck!! She was very sweet to the boys. I guess I like her a little more now. :) She love his name too…she may just name her first son Jett!

    I’d love to meet….
    Dead- Eve…I’d like to have a talk with her.
    Alive- Elisabeth Elliot or Laura Bush

  38. What a sweet video!

    I have a couple people I’d like to meet.
    Alive – Sara Groves, Todd and Angie Smith
    Dead – Ronald Reagan

    I’m enjoying your blog and your wife’s blog too!

  39. Greg Persinger says:

    Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of time and a touch can do.

  40. Sheryl says:

    Great video, how sweeet is that!!

    Not to be a downer but the person I’d like to meet is my dad. You see, he died when I was 9 and I’d like to know who he really is, not just the ideal I have in my head.

  41. Giant Idiot says:

    After thinking about it, as much as I would love to meet Cindy Crawford, I have to change it. It has to be Brad Ruggles and N. Carnes and it is to tough to decide on either one so I am picking both.

  42. Monica H. says:

    Other people have such great people they want to meet…I would just love to meet Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy! I am a HUGE Colt’s fan!!!

  43. pollyh says:

    @Monica–FINALLY–someone who thinks like me. Hallejuah!

  44. @ Harold McKee,i second the motion of having GI and BA mud wrestle.I’d pay good money to go to that event!

    Oh,and i’d like to meet Rob Dyrdek

  45. someday I will have to tell you about how my sister and I collected celebrity autographs from ages 11-17… we each have hundreds. So many fun memories.

    As for who I would like to meet, that would have to be Julia Roberts. I think we would hit it off well.

  46. Tony Chavez says:

    Awesome video man! My son’s name is Jett! So I guess that means that my wife and I are awesome too!

    I’m with Brody on this one. I think it would be cool to meet up with you sometime. I’m from Tulsa though, so maybe next time I’m in Nashville?

  47. Jad says:

    @ Harold McKee: Absolutely disgusting to see BA and GI mudwrestle. However, very entertaining I would imagine.

    @ JWO: Who is Rob Dyrdek.

    @ GI: Eat your heart out…I got to chill with Brad Ruggles for about 10 min. on Sunday.

    As for the people I’d like to meet alive or not:
    Peyton Manning, Robert Plant, C.S. Lewis, JFK

  48. Jad says:

    One further comment:
    I met Pete Rose at a baseball card show when I was a little older than Jett. I was so excited and absolutely idolized Pete Rose. He was the epitome of baseball to me.

    I stood in line with my dad for about an hour just to meet him, have him sign a glossy picture and take a picture.

    When I finally got to the front of the line and it was my turn he refused to take a picture, he was obviously hurried and annoyed, and I heard him curse (to a 10 year old that was a big deal).

    PETE ROSE WAS A JERK. I was crushed. I’m glad Jett had a better experience. :)

    After that day Don Mattingly was my new favorite player.

  49. He’ll never forget that day as long as he lives. That’s awesome that you guys helped make his dream come true.

    I’d love to meet Reese Witherspoon or Oprah. No particularly important reason, I just think they’re super cool. :)

  50. Harold McKee says:

    @jad, in today’s world disgusting is entertaining and I was really thinking @GI could make @BA cry like a baby. At least that’s the word on the street.

    Oh, talking about people you have met. I have met Lionel Ritchie. (I walked around the corner in the MGM grand in Las Vegas and plowed him over.) I was quickly “picked up” by two very big men. Ritchie was an incredible guy, so nice and was apologizing to me.

    I also met Ted Kennedy in almost the exact same way. I was getting off an elevator in DC and turned the corner and we did the chest bump. “without the jumping up and cheering part”. That was embarassing. (He was not as nice as Lionel, that’s what I call him now, Lionel)

  51. Awesome 😀

    I love it. She was so good with the boys too. I love it when someone who’s become a celebrity will still take the time to take a knee and really talk/listen to a child.

    I have a few, but off the top of my head I would love to meet Oprah – just because I’d like to ask her how she broke free of the negative talk show stigma in such a time of people wanting to watch nothing but drama. I respect her for that action. I’m sure it wasn’t easy hearing everyone tell her that it wouldn’t work – that nobody would watch, etc.

  52. Whitney says:

    The video is amazing! I’ve shown it to everyone in my office and everyone thinks it’s so precious. I’m so glad to have been a part of the day and to see how excited those boys were! It makes my job that much more rewarding!

  53. Pete Wilson says:

    @Greg, that was totally my takeaway!! It really was an inspiring day for me. I learned a lot from her dedication to treat every single person the same!

  54. heather says:

    The innocence is precious!

  55. krista says:

    BEST VIDEO EVER. jett is adorable.
    it’s kind of silly, but i want to meet Scott Hamilton. he’s been my favorite figure skater since i was little, and i had my chance back in December, and i chickened out. i’d also like to meet Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell.

  56. katelynjane says:

    If I had a chance to meet anyone, I’d want to meet Stephen King or Francine Rivers. I’m a writer and meeting these people, or any other famous author, would be amazing! I’d LOVE to get their advice and hear their stories. Also, if God was available in person, it’d be pretty amazing to ask him some questions too (:

  57. @krista
    I see Scott Hamilton at the recycling center on a fairly regular basis. I pointed him out to Jett once and he wasn’t impressed one bit. I’ll text you next time I run into him there and you can meet me to sort plastic and glass!

  58. pollyh says:

    And I would like to add to my post. With Manning and Dungy, I would really like to meet Mark Batterson. How cool would it be to pick his brain for 30 minutes!

    @harold–GI may think he’s bad, but it’s all a front.

  59. melissa1970 says:

    Oh that was awesome and precious. Taylor was very sweet to him! I would love to meet some of my ancestors and hear about their lives. And as cheesy as this is gonna sound….I’d love to meet Beth Moore (author of several books and bible studies).

  60. givemejesus says:

    What an awesome dream come true! I gotta love ANY artist who will take that kind of time with her fans and make them feel special. Not a fan of Taylor’s music but now a HUGE fan of her as a person!

    I’d like to meet Max Lucado. I’m a huge fan of his writing.

  61. Nana says:

    I’m not sure who I would pick to meet. I just wish Jett would smile the way he did with Taylor Swift when I’m trying to take a picture of him with his brothers!

  62. Chris says:

    Wow – that was awesome. I have memories of hoping to meet people I looked up to like that when I was Jett’s age and the fact that you got it all on video is priceless.

  63. Pete Wilson says:

    @Nana Well, if you can get Taylor to show up at Christmas this year I bet he would smile for you! Grandad might too! :)

  64. ncarnes says:

    That is awesome! You’re a great dad.

    I want to meet Sylvester Stallone. He has been my childhood and adult hero. (Rambo, Rocky, Over the Top, Cobra, Etc…)

  65. @ Harold, Cry like a Baby? That ain’t the word on 5th Street.

    Second, you WaxyPeople are sick wanting to see two grown men mud wrestle.

  66. Andy Depuy says:

    Guys that was the coolest and now I know that Jett is a ladies man. The person i would like to meet is Martina Mcbride

  67. I’d like to meet Sting or Peter Gabriel and pick their brains for a bit. Or just sit and listen to them for a while.

  68. Lori K says:

    Ever since the “teaser” on your previous post, I’ve been so excited to see what happened when he finally got to meet her. That was totally cute and he will cherish that memory FOREVER!! She’s so down-to-earth – what a refreshing quality from an entertainer! WAY TO GO GUYS!! Whit and Linds are “the bomb” for making it happen!!

  69. cool dad says:

    I’d like to hang with The Edge or Damon Lindelof.

  70. Giant Idiot says:

    @ Harold the only way this mud wrestling thing happens is if it is a tag team bout scheduled for 3 falls. In one corner Ruggles and Brian and in the other corner Me and Anne Jackson.

  71. annie says:

    Saturday Night Live is definitely one of my dream jobs, so I’d say if I could meet anyone, dead or alive, it would have to be Gilda Radner. That was one funny lady!

  72. Matt Clark says:

    That was great!
    Hmmm… who would I like to meet? Maybe Abe Lincoln… I’d like to see if he’s taller than Taylor Swift. 😉

  73. Harold McKee says:

    Hey @BA, why would @GI give you @Ruggles unless he knows something. You know Anne has that tat thing going on so maybe he thinks she is just plain tuffer than graphic design boy.

    So now we have the fight card we just need a date and a place. I’m thinking War Memorial. We should be able to pack it out and have it just be blogged instead of televised. That way everyone can have their own spin on the outcome.

  74. I can’t wrestle a girl, too many place I can’t grab. How ’bout GI and Carnes?

  75. bradruggles says:

    Pete, you really need to do a better job moderating this thing. You’ve got all kinds of crazy talk going on. 😉

    @GiantIdiot – I’m honored (and a little confused) that you would choose to meet me over Cindy Morgan. She’s way hotter than I am and sings at LEAST 500 times better.

  76. Giant Idiot says:

    @Ruggles it is Cindy Crawford and after that mishap I am going back to wanting to meet Cindy Crawford over you and Carnes.

  77. inWorship says:

    Jett’s life is now perfect! “The Kiss!” Love it!

    Who would I want to meet?

    I would love to take a couple of months and meet all my blog friends. That would be amazing!

  78. bradruggles says:

    @GiantIdiot – Cindy Crawford? She ain’t got nothing on me.

  79. kc says:

    SCORE…..that boy didn’t fall too far from the ol’ tree, did he?

  80. Anne Jackson says:

    i am staying out of this one!!!!! :) although i could kick any of your tails. i may be in the 135 class range, but i can take ALL you boys down!!!!

  81. Anna says:

    BOB DYLAN….for sure.

  82. Bethany says:

    So cute. I saw Taylor Swift on Nashville Star last night and the advice she gave the contestants was to, “Treat everyone with respect because you are nothing without your fans.” She definitely practices what she preaches.
    If I could meet anyone it would be a tie between Billy Graham, Louie Giglio, and Chris Tomlin. But, I would definitely hope to have a nice unhurried conversation with them instead of a 30 second intro. Maybe someday…

  83. tam says:

    That boy really melts my heart!

    hmmm, who would i want to meet?

    i’d really like to meet a Giant Idiot.

    You don’t happen to know one do you?

  84. Jennifer says:

    Pete, are you making Matt edit these videos or are you actually doing them yourself?

    I would really like to meet anyone from General Hospital. I have been watching that sometimes stupid show for 15 years now.

  85. CJ Mills says:

    I want to meet Jett – he can teach me how to be cool again….what a stud.

  86. candidchatter says:

    He is so seriously cute.

    I would like to meet…

    I really can’t think of anyone I haven’t met that I would like to meet. Shoot.

    Heidi Reed

  87. Jessica says:

    Im so excited for him.. And how sweet was she! I guess just telling him she has shopped in my store is not cool enough now!

    I want to meet… KENNY CHESNEY! Id marry him :) Or Justin Timberlake…Im such a girl!!!

  88. ncarnes says:

    @Giant idiot, I am honored, but Ruggles is correct. Cindy would not have anything on either one of us.

  89. Your son is so cute! I think I’d like to meet someone who’s seen so much of the world and history, I love to meet Peter Jennings ! He had been right there amidst so many historical events, just the stories would be AMAZING! Honestly, I’m such a people person, and think everyone has something admirable about them, regardless of who they are and the situation they’re in….I believe everyone has an interesting story! After thinking about it a little, I think I would love to meet my father’s mother, Eba. She died when my father was 16, and from listening to the way my father speaks of her, she was a remarkable woman, and I’d want to let her know she raised an INCREDIBLE man!

  90. This is adorable! My girls and I just watched it together. Taylor is one of their favorites!

  91. Levelyn says:

    There are 92 responses to this blog and I don’t have time to read them all.
    I just want to point out (which I am sure someone else already has) that Jett knew exacttly where the kiss landed on his face and “Dad” was questioning that a kiss even happened. The joy of being a child and the joy of living in the moment. I wish every event was that Great. Thank you Pete for sharing. Your son will probably kill you when he is 17.

  92. that is was wonderful. props to you for being a great daddy.

  93. […] What the heck? I thought he took Jett to see Taylor Swift. […]

  94. Whitney says:

    I just watched this again for the 100th time, at least…and it makes me just as excited each time to watch it again! Thanks again!

  95. I am not quite sure who I would want to meet as I’ve been blessed enough to meet most everyone I have ever wanted to meet but…I must say that I have seen Taylor Swift in action several times now, and that is just totally like her! She is the sweetest and most sincere person and she is having the TIME OF HER life doing this! I am SO glad your son got to meet her!

  96. leza strayer says:

    Pastor Pete. I would want to meet YOU. I swear. I read your blog all of the time and quite often it has lifted me up when I am down. I love your way of reaching out to others through worship and ministering. I think it’s awesome that Jett had the chance to meet Taylor. She’s one of my favorite singers as well. Of course, I wouldnt want her to kiss me..but Jett got exactly what he wanted. Keep up the wonderful work Pastor Pete.

    Leza from Hawaii

    p.s. thank you for your prayers during my loss.

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  98. […] got to watch this video. You’re not going to believe it, but it has more hits than my Taylor Swift video!” There are few things that make me as happy as listening to my kids […]

  99. […] to live part-time in a building three blocks from Vandy Law, and is the kind of person that will kiss your seven-year-old kid during an autograph session without it being creepy, was—of course—reported as being in tears […]

  100. Holly Myers says:

    hmmm I would have to say Perry Noble, Francis Chan and I have already met Natalie Grant but hanging out with her would be the coolest:) she is bff fo real! Great story! love those moments:)
    .-= Holly Myers´s last blog ..I can drive and text…. =-.

  101. Allen White says:

    I would want to meet Pete Wilson, of course.
    .-= Allen White´s last blog ..New Blog goes Live 9/21/09 =-.

  102. Jason says:

    That made me cry. There’s very few things I’ve done as a father that make me feel as good as giving one of my boys something they really want badly. The smile on their face is better than money or gold. Way to go, Pete.

    As for who I’d like to meet? Neil Peart (the drummer for Rush.) I’ve been a Rush fan for 27 years and a drummer for a little longer than that…Neil was my “drumming hero.” OK…still is. 😉
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..Pete Wilson is kicking my spiritual butt =-.

  103. Melinda says:

    I enjoyed that gentler moment for Taylor! Thanks for sharing! I’d want to meet Rosalynn Carter.
    .-= Melinda´s last blog ..The Flip-Side of the Generational Divide (in worship) =-.

  104. Abby says:

    how fun was that!?! still chuckling over the kiss part.

    hmmm, if i could meet anyone it would be David Crowder (i’m convinced he & my man would be bffs! how’s that for delusional?) I also would love to meet Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman. love their heart for the orphan & how their foundation showhope, helps couples adopt. we hope to be one of those couples one day. :)
    .-= Abby´s last blog ..Proud Momma Moment! =-.

  105. Abi Byrd says:

    That was the cutest thing EVER!! Thanks for sharing!!
    The person I would love to meet would be your friend Angie Smith. I feel like I already know her from being a Sunday!! That would just be awesome to spend the day together!
    Abi Byrd

  106. Michelle says:

    Bono. I’ve gotta say, I would love to have a real conversation with Bono.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Courage and Cowardice =-.

  107. dubdynomite says:

    There is now way for me to narrow it down to just one, but I would love to meet my ‘blog heroes’.

    It’s a fairly long and distinguished list.

    Since I’m here reading this, that should tell you that you’re on the list too, Pete.
    .-= dubdynomite´s last blog ..Agree to Disagree =-.

  108. Vicki says:

    The video brought a tear to my eye, too! Jett’s automatic response to Dad’s question of what made the meeting so special, and him saying ‘The Kiss’ was just so endearing and sweet. He recognizes the warmth and powerful message of agape love that comes from a little peck on the side of the head….. from a woman of influence:) Parents are teaching him well – good job Brandi and Pete :)

  109. kt :-) says:

    not sure how old this is…but i love it!!! i’d love to meet author, diana gabaldon…among many, many others…

  110. Towel Rails says:

    i really like the music of Taylor Swift, she is really the best singer that i know,:,

  111. One of the greatest days in my life since becoming saved was the opportunity I had to meet you. Attending a worship conferance my homosexual doctor and former poker buddy paid for me to attend to have the opportunity to meet the man who would later write a boook but shared Angie and Todd Smith’s story helped me so much during the pregnancy of my son which died jsut after a short few hours later was. Although our interaction was brief and my husband could join me, it was one moment I will forever cherish and will never forget. Thank you again for that Vimeo interview and your Plan B sermon series will always be a divine part of Quinton’s story and a key factor God used to confirm my desire for a personal relationship with my heavenly Father. This experience will be a part of my testimony forever.

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