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  1. erichapman says:

    this is awesome.
    i’ll print these out for the next few years.
    my wife and i need to memorize these.

  2. Tommy Sircy says:

    Good grief. I thought this was serious till I looked at all of them.

    I guess the worst mistake I ever made was……..

    You know how every young dad likes to throw their son high into the air? Well…….on a world record throw, I mishandled the catch. But, I’m happy to report, he’s 35 and still in one piece.

    Thanks for the memory, I think.

  3. kc says:

    I did the same thing, Tommy, but it wasn’t the catch that was the problem…it was the ceiling. OUCH!

  4. Brad Beaman says:

    That is so funny. I downloaded the pictures and keep smiling to myself every time I think of a new way of how I will use these pictures.

  5. The guy nursing the baby has nice sideburns.

  6. ncarnes says:

    That is hilarious…I’ve got to repost those on my blog…I’ll give you credit for it of course :)

    Biggest parenting mistake, I am sure I will find out one day down the road as my children are confessing all of their inner demons to a psychiatrist…Truly too many to name!

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  8. Doug C says:

    Great! Now you tell me!

  9. Heather says:

    Ever since we told everyone that we were expecting a baby, I keep getting this email in my inbox over and over and over again. Thank goodness there is a guideline that I can follow! Now I guess I have to get rid of all those air horns I bought.

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  11. Brian says:

    these pics are hilarious..i can’t say i have ever done any of those but the first day we brought our oldest home, i was so lost…to be honest, i still am…still learning everyday because i totally haven’t mastered how to be a great dad yet…

  12. hernseugene says:

    :) funny!!

  13. Can I say that was some funny stuff! I am glad I wasn’t drinking anything while reading these. Yikes that would have left a mark.

  14. jihunpark says:

    wow that is some funny pictures…

  15. Julie Taylor says:

    I especially like the red triangles with the “!” by the no’s. Classic

  16. bekah1976 says:

    Way too funny!
    Too bad for dad, he can’t contribute to the breast feeding!

  17. createdtopraise says:

    Those are hilarious!

    I’ve got six kids and have made too many mistakes to count. The short list:

    1. Left a kid in Wal-Mart
    2. Forgot a kid at a nursing home (permanent scars for that one)
    3. Forgot to pick up a kid from a birthday party

    Hmmmm…seems like a pattern is forming, huh? This is why I started counting heads.

  18. eindoodle says:

    Goodness… I think the worst mistake I’ve made with my son was leaving him with my mother. She walked outside my home so she could be locked out by my two year old. A neighbor had to call 911 for help which led to a broken window and a good laugh.

  19. alece says:

    this made me laugh. a good (and needed) contribution this monday afternoon…

  20. this is great. we have two little girls…this gave us some helpful tips…we were wondering why they cried so much. :) ha

    (although the cage is not a terrible idea. hmmm….?)

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